How Often Should You Shave Your Face?

How Often Should You Shave Your Face?

Different beard trends may come and go, but they will never go out of style. Whether you wish to sport a full-on beard or a rugged designer stub, having a proper shaving routine and knowing how often should you shave your face is only but necessary to achieve your ideal look.

Experts have already debunked the myth that shaving more often accelerates and thickens the growth of your hair. In actuality, beard maintenance is the crucial factor every man is looking for. To add to that, you need to have quality tools and learn the proper techniques, such as wet shaving using a straight razor.

That said, it is understandable why the gents continue to figure out when is the right time to groom their facial hairs. Sadly, there is no cookie-cutter solution to this dilemma as it varies depending on each of their style goals, hair density, and career.

This article breaks down the optimal schedule for your grooming needs:

Shaving Every Day

Facial hair starts to develop during puberty. In the beginning, teens cannot quickly grow a full beard, and hair will often appear in different areas of the face, resulting in uneven and patchy stubbles. However, there is no need to worry since such unevenness settles in the long run as you reach closer to adulthood.

In that regard, some lads tend to prefer keeping the stubbles at bay and having a clean-shaven face. Daily shaving is the ideal shaving schedule for those who wish to maintain a hairless and smooth face.

Before delving into shaving every day, ask yourself if you are ready for the commitment, as this can shift your daily routine. Men who shave daily allocate extra time on their schedule, which means you will have to start your day earlier to ensure that no stray hair is visible on your face before you go to work, school, or meet your loved ones.

That said, why not shave every night instead? Of course, you could if you want to. However, there is a big chance that stubbles already grew as soon as you wake up. Hence, to make it easier, it would be best to shave in the morning.

Besides, shaving every day imposes added skincare benefits. It gently exfoliates the skin and rids your face off dead skin cells, and promotes the skin’s regenerative properties, ensuring that you have smooth and healthy-looking skin.

Skipping a Day or Two

Sometimes shaving every day can be daunting. If you are a beginner, keeping a smooth hairless face by shaving it daily even though there is not much visible hair yet, can be intimidating. That is why it is better to skip a day or two before shaving.

Skipping a day or two is more advisable for gents who do not have thick hairs since growth is not entirely noticeable with thin hair follicles. Besides, it is also excellent, especially for those who do not mind visible minute growth of hair.

Take note that shaving every other day would be best for men who want to have a hairless face but has sensitive skin. This schedule gives your skin time to heal in preparation for your next shave. It also allows hair to grow, giving you more peace of mind that you will not end up with cuts and razor bumps, which can further make your skin situation worse. 

Man Grimacing because of sensitive skinLetting the face rest now and then from shaving is best for those with sensitive skin.

Shaving Once a Week

What if you have extra sensitive skin with acne and other skin problems? How often should you shave? Should you shave every day? According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), constantly shaving can harm such cases.

Caring for your skin should be your utmost priority. Yet, you do not need to sacrifice looking neat simply because you have skin issues. It is recommended that you shave at least once a week.

Also, you should shave once a week if having a smooth look is the least of your priorities. If your goal is to stay groomed without necessarily achieving a smooth face, then weekly shaving is not a bad idea. Instead, it will give you a rugged look without making you seem unkempt.

This shaving routine is also advisable for those who do not mind having a little bit of facial hair and those who want to maintain a stubble beard style. Also, if your hair does not grow fast, shaving once a week is the most suitable for you.

One common dilemma men who shave once a week worry about is looking messy. However, such is only accurate if you let the hair grow anyhow. Trimming the hair around the neck and nose is the key to achieving a clean and neat facade, even with stubble on your face.

Trimming vs. Shaving

Sporting a hairless face or shaving off every hair growth is not the only way to be presentable. Besides, a study by researchers revealed that beards could significantly affect a man’s attractiveness. Tessa R. Clarkson, along with other researchers, discovered that women have a strong attraction for men with beards over those who are clean-shaven.

However, take note that this study also discussed the association of moral disgust and fear of ectoparasites, such as fleas and lice, to beards. Hence, to up your chances at impressing the ladies, it is necessary to learn how to keep your beard well-managed and how often a man should shave. 

Man Trimming His Beard and Man Shaving His Beard with a Straight RazorWhether you're trimming your beard or shaving it all off, it is necessary to learn how often you should do them.


Neat does not always equate to having a clear face. Gentlemen who have a beard can be more than neat. They are bold, sexier, and even more mysterious. Yet, that is only when they trim and maintain their beards properly.

The best way to maintain a beard is to trim it. Use an excellent pair of trimming scissors to carefully and delicately cut the ends of your beard. You can also do this to shape your beard to different styles.

So, between shaving and trimming, none is better. It is all about your preference and grooming techniques. For sure, though, leaving facial hair untouched is not advisable whether you want to have a beard or not. That is why you need to trim your facial hair accordingly, in between your shaving schedule or while growing out your beard.

Are Plastic Razors Good for Shaving?

There is a broad range of skin essentials for women that can cost up to hundreds of dollars. Meanwhile, most men overlook their grooming needs, especially on the face. Instead, they settle for cheap disposable plastic razors for shaving.

Plastic razors may be affordable and more accessible. However, these are not good in the long run. Disposable razors are no longer ideal to use after at least five shaves. Going beyond that will increase your chances of experiencing irritation on your skin.

Wet shaving with a straight razor is ideal for a smoother and no-fuss shaving experience. Using traditional shaving techniques guarantees to minimize cuts, burns, and irritations. This technique is excellent even if you are still a teenager learning the art of keeping your facial hair at bay or an adult looking for a better way to maintain your beard.

Invest in a shaving kit inclusive of a straight razor, bowl, brush, and soap. For those who are new to wet shaving, opt for the Naked Armor Lucan Wood Shavette Straight Razor Kit. It is beginner-friendly and will allow you to easily transition from shaving using plastic razors to mastering the art of wet shaving with a straight razor.

On the other hand, if you are a more experienced fellow or consider yourself a fast learner, you can try Naked Armor’s Straight Razor Kits. It comes in various colors and has a Japanese steel blade, a leather strop to keep it sharp, an animal-friendly shaving brush, an organic shaving soap, and a badger-friendly shaving brush, all curated in a hand-crafted wooden box.

Using a straight razor over a disposable one is more eco-friendly and economical in the long run. Imagine how much you would spend on a razor if you have to shave every day or every week. Having one that can last you a lifetime is the real deal. You can use the sharpening accessories within the kit to make it good as new once it gets dull.

After you figured out the suitable shaving schedule for your grooming needs, the next most crucial step is investing in the right aftershave product like aftershave tonics and balms.

With the proper shaving schedule, techniques, and aftershave essentials, you can easily succeed in having a properly maintained and styled beard, clean-shaven or not.


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