Is It Bad To Shave Everyday: How Often Should You Be Shaving?

Is It Bad To Shave Everyday: How Often Should You Be Shaving?

Daily shaving does not make your hair grow faster and thicker and does not make your skin darker. Although dermatologists and skin experts say these claims aren't true, many guys still ask: Is it bad to shave every day? After all, many guys still think being clean means having a clean shave.

Yet, the fashion industry always has to argue otherwise. You'll even see the ladies searching for "how often to shave woman" as often as men search for when should a boy shave.

Designers have welcomed the end of clean-shaven looks and the acceptance of stubble.1 But stubbles and thin beards aren't always attractive unless you are Ryan Gosling. So, how often should you shave, and how often should men shave to meet social grooming standards?

Shaving Daily

You may be wondering, "Should I shave my beard everyday?"

Shaving every day can be harmful without taking extra caution and proper shaving techniques, especially when shaving on sensitive skin. Despite all that, it is still the best way to go if you have patches of facial hair. Unless you follow the right shaving techniques, dermatologists say shaving daily irritates the skin and causes razor bumps, itching, and burns. It also does not make facial hair grow faster.2

Is It Okay To Shave Everyday

So, you might ask, “should I shave everyday and is shaving everyday bad?” And can it affect your beard growth patterns?

Shaving every day is okay if you are wet shaving and using a razor that can cut closely and smoothly in just a couple of passes. It is also better for those who want to have a cleanly shaved face every day. The best grooming tools for this job are straight and safety razors. Do not even think about shaving with scissors if you want a damn fine shave everyday.

These traditional razors don't have layers of blades where hair and lather can get stuck like cartridge and disposable razors.3 You can quickly tell how close you are to a close shave by the angle of the blade.

We recommend using organic shave soap for a skin-nourishing lather to reduce the risk of razor burn and get a smooth and perfect shave.

Some everyday shaving benefits you can enjoy are skin exfoliation to avoid build up of dirt and dead skin cells and making you look younger and more approachable.4

Tip: Avoid shaving daily if you have sensitive skin, active acne, open wounds, or currently suffering from skin irritation from your previous shave.


Shaving Every Few Days

You do not need to shave every waking morning unless you are an army member. Facial hair grows 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters for 24 hours.5 So, your least worries will be feeling some prickly hair growing or a five o’clock shadow.

Dermatologists' favorite facial hair grooming schedule is shaving every other day or a few days.6 It gives your skin a well-deserved rest, allowing your hair and skin to heal from the microabrasion caused by your previous shave or from a minor razor burn.

It is also great for removing dead skin cells without damaging your skin's surface. Hence, it is the perfect shaving schedule for guys with sensitive skin who prefer keeping a neat look.

Beards On The Workplace

Thanks to celebrities gracing the red carpet with their day-old beards, beard shadows, like 5 o'clock shadow beards are now acceptable, even in some job industries. There are even studies on how having a beard on your Linkedin profile affects your chances of getting hired.7 Case in point, feel free to miss a day or two of shaving.

Tip: Store your razors in a stand to dry them properly and keep them accessible for your next shave without cluttering your sink.

Weekly Shaving

SensitiveSkinManDo not shave on irritated skin, but instead wait at least a week for it to heal.

People with extra sensitive skin, prone to acne and other skin problems, how often do you shave? We hope you are avoiding daily shaving. If this is the condition of your skin, you should shave your face at least once a week instead.

Shaving once a week ensures that you do not shave over any razor bump or ingrown hair. This is because only a tiny amount of hair will regrow during that time, lowering the risk of ingrown hairs.

A designer stubble beard, as seen in editorial catalogs, on runways, and in movies, is easy to achieve with a weekly shave. It's low maintenance and ideal for gentlemen who don't mind sporting a little bit of hair.

How To Get A Designer Stubble

To achieve a designer stubble, you need to grow a beard at least 1-3 mm long and keep it that way.8 Use beard oil and trim and shape your beard regularly to keep the hair healthy and looking good. Also, use a beard comb or brush to distribute the oil evenly and train hair to grow in the desired direction to hide beard patches.

Tip: Define your beard line by shaving your cheeks and under your chin with a straight razor, and you should shave off the hairs beyond that line with a safety razor.

Shaving Less Than Once A Week

Shave less than once a week if you are trying to grow a beard or maintain a beard style. This is also the best shaving schedule for those suffering from severe irritations, like major nicks and cuts, shaving rash, razor bumps, and infected ingrown hairs or Pseudofolliculitis Barbae.

As a bonus, shaving no more than once a few times a week will keep your beard in good condition and encourage healthy hair growth.9 If you want your beard-growing adventure to succeed, use the right products, tools, and methods.

Shaving less than once a week means that you should shave on an as-needed basis. Shave with an electric beard trimmer to keep your beard at the right length and remove stray hairs. Maintain a clean beard line using a straight-edge razor to cleanly shave the regions where you don't want hair to grow.

Tip: Apply beard oil or beard balm to keep your facial hair styled and moisturize the skin underneath to avoid beardruff.

Meanwhile, if you want to know when's the right time to replace or change your razor blades, read this guide.

Trimming vs. Shaving

TrimmingVsShavingWhether trimming your beard or shaving it off, you must learn how often you should do them.

There are other ways to look good than having a clean-shaven look or shaving off every hair that grows. Research also indicates that the presence or absence of a man's beard significantly influences his attractiveness. Tessa R. Clarkson and her co-authors discovered that women are more attracted to bearded males than those who shave their facial hair.10

Nonetheless, it's worth noting that the authors of this study also addressed the correlation between moral disgust and aversion to ectoparasites by discussing the phenomenon of beard phobia. Thus, learning about beard care and how often do men shave can increase a man's success with women.


Being neat and tidy doesn't mean you have to shave every day, and a beard doesn't automatically mean that a man is sloppy or has no other good qualities. Bearded men have improved their game and are now more sexy, mysterious, and daring than ever. However, this is only true for most men if they maintain and clean their beards.

Proper beard maintenance requires regular trimming. Use a sharp pair of trimming scissors to carefully and precisely snip off the tips of your beard. Trimming beards regularly is also the best way to create several trendy styles.

With that, neither shaving nor trimming is better. It all comes down to how you treat your hair and learning how often to shave. You should not neglect your facial hair, whether you intend to grow a beard or not. This is why you should keep your facial hair at a presentable length between shaves and grow out a beard.

How To Get A Clean Shave Every Time

Whether you shave every day, less than once a week or shave in morning or night, you should do it right. Asking, can you shave everyday is not all that matters. If you want a close, smooth shave, it has nothing to do with how often you should shave. It is a compilation of the best shaving techniques, routines, and, of course, products.

Following a traditional wet shaving technique with a classic straight razor is still the best way to shave if you want a smooth or clean-shaven face. So, forget all about your first Gillette razor.

Using quality shaving cream, shaving gel, or a shave soap, proper razor angle, and post-shave routine are also key factors to achieving a close and baby butt smooth shave or bbs despite using an aggressive razor. Avoid using shaving cream alternatives that you think might work, like hair conditioner or bar soap as body hair and facial hair are different.

Here's how to wet shave for a close shave:

  1. Ensure your face is well hydrated, take a hot shower or lay a towel soaked in warm water over your face to open hair follicles, and use a pre-shave oil to soften the hair.
  2. Create a lather with good shaving cream or soap inside a scuttle to keep it warm.
  3. Use a shaving brush to apply the lather on your face and gently exfoliate dead skin cells.
  4. Always shave with the grain or toward your beard's growth.
  5. Shave with only a light pressure and use the razor's weight.
  6. Clean the razor after each stroke.
  7. Shave against the grain to remove any remaining stubble.
  8. Rinse the face with cool water to calm irritated skin and razor burn.
  9. Use an aftershave product, preferably a balm, that can act as a moisturizing lotion to soothe the skin and prevent irritation.
  10. Clean your razor and brush, then store them in a razor and brush stand to dry properly.

Don't settle for anything less if you need a good razor. Remember that plastic razors are disposable and don't last as long as alternative razors made from higher-quality materials, like Naked Amor's signature Japanese steel, famous for its exceptional sharpness and durability.

Buying a better straight razor can save you money in the long run and make shaving more enjoyable, not just for shaving your face but also as a head shaving razor. Additionally, you can replace a thousand disposable razors, reducing your waste. You don't even have to worry how often should you change razors because a straight razor is reusable.

Regardless of your skin type or how much time you have to spare, the Gaheris Straight Razor Kit from Naked Armor has all the shaving products that will help you achieve a smooth, close shave—everything you need for straight razor shaving at home or on the go. You get a blade made of Japanese steel, a leather carrying case, a leather strop, a badger-free shaving brush, organic, shaving gel, soap, sharpening paste, a wooden box, and more to help you get the closest shave possible for your shaving routine.

Add to Cart with a Scuttle for the complete wet shaving experience:


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