Spring Cleaning Tips for Treating Beard Rash

Spring Cleaning Tips for Treating Beard Rash

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Hibernation beard to help ward off the cold during the winter months

If you’re like any of the hairy guys out there, chances are you’ve grown a hibernation beard to help ward off the cold during the winter months. But with spring nearly on your doorstep, it’s about time to start thinking about cleaning up your beard hair or even shaving it off.

That’s because beards in springtime might be uncomfortable for you. If you’re prone to sweating, you can get the sensation of having wet wool on your face. And that’s really not hygienic.

Some men even develop a red, itchy rash that won’t go away easily. So, how long does beard rash last? It can last for one to three days for minor cases, while severe cases can last up to two to three weeks.

These red, painful patches of skin underneath your beard may not be readily apparent to the naked eye, but it is going to feel uncomfortable enough to make you grouchy. And that’s no way to greet springtime.

Beard rash is itchy and can be caused by dry skin

What Causes Beard Rash?

There are many causes of beard rash. During extremely cold weather, for instance, this itchy beard rash can be caused by dry, irritated skin.

The cold temperature draws out the moisture from the skin, leaving it dry. Taking frequent hot showers, as one usually does during cold weather, can also wash off your skin’s natural oils, dry the skin, and make the beard itch.

This condition is further aggravated when the hair follicles are inflamed. This inflammation can be caused by an infection from bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. If you’ve been stuffing yourself all through the seasons’ buffet feasts and not giving enough time to clean your beard for food crumbs and what have you, then that’s probably why you have a rash. Bushy beards particularly are bacterial breeding grounds, since they act like germ sponges, which can lead to skin infections and illnesses.

When the reason for your beard rash is the latter, you may have to go to a doctor to have it checked. They’ll be able to prescribe fungal medication for it. But if it isn’t, here are some tips to get rid of the rashes this spring.

TIP 1: Exfoliate

During the winter months, your skin naturally becomes drier and flakier because of colder temperatures and low-to-no humidity. Not only does this mean more dead skin on your face, but those flakes can move to your beard and become beardruff.

In such cases, the best beard rash treatment is to remedy this is to exfoliate when washing your face and the skin underneath your beard. Exfoliating simply means removing the built-up layer of dry skin to help your face breathe and hold moisture better.

You can do this with any natural exfoliating scrub on the market but if you don’t have time to shop for that, simply rubbing your skin gently with your fingers can dislodge the grime and dead skin cells from your face.

TIP 2: Ditch the Hot Showers

Hot, lengthy showers may be the best way to take a bath during most of winter, but these shower sessions can do more harm than help your skin in the long run. That’s because the hot temperature strips your facial skin of its natural oils.

Taking cooler (or even cold) showers each morning can help preserve your skin’s natural oils, reducing the risk of creating more dry skin. If you absolutely can’t imagine taking a completely cold shower from start to finish, shower with warm water for the bulk of the time you’d normally spend, then finish off the last 15-20 seconds with just the cold water running.

Cold showers preserve your skin's natural oils

TIP 3: Dry Your Beard Properly

Always dry your beard off completely after cleansing, especially if you are using hard water to cleanse. Hard water contains loads of minerals which when left to dry on the skin can contribute to dryness.

When you dry your beard, use a soft towel and pat it dry. Do not rub the towel against your beard because it will scrub the natural oils from your beard and skin.

If needed, you can blow-dry your beard with a hairdryer. Just make sure to set it on a low, cool setting as warm air can irritate your skin.

Dry your beard properly with a soft towel

TIP 4: Rub Pre-shave Oil on Your Beard

This is the secret to keeping the skin under your beard moisturized. A natural plant-based beard oil is best for nourishing and hydrating the skin underneath your beard.

According to a 2018 study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, plant oils such as grapeseed oil contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and wound-healing properties (see claim: “When applied topically, constituents of plant oils…may act synergistically by several mechanisms: (i) promoting skin barrier homeostasis; (ii) antioxidant properties; (iii) anti-inflammatory properties…”)

The oil also acts as a thin buffer that protects the skin from blade friction caused by the razor.

Natural plant-based beard oil like Naked Armor's Hemp & Argan Beard Oil

There are benefits to shaving off your beard in springtime. And we’re not talking about the psychological benefit. For one thing, the shaving action can actually stimulate the skin under the beard. It’ll also guarantee a more energetic, younger, and fresher look for you.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

TIP 5: Shave Your Beard

After going through tips 1-4 and the rash is gone, you can trim your beard or shave it off.

There are benefits to shaving off your beard in springtime. And we’re not talking about the psychological benefit.

For one thing, the shaving action can actually stimulate the skin under the beard. It’ll also guarantee a more energetic, younger, and fresher look for you.

With your beard gone, you don’t have to worry about germs that can live under your facial hair. 

Most importantly, your face will be able to breathe.

Shaving your beard can stimulate your skin and make your face breathe

TIP 6: Use a Straight Razor

And if you want to get the closest shave without any irritation and ingrown hairs, nothing beats a straight razor.

That’s because it only has a single blade which reduces the friction between the blade and the skin. This prevents unnecessary irritation to the skin, especially since you’ve just gone through a beard rash. It’s also versatile enough for any kind of shaving angle that you need in order to shave your beard properly.

Most importantly, its narrow and open profile really gets close to the skin so that it cuts at the base, eliminating the incidence of razor bumps.

Naked Armor's Solomon Straight Razor

Here at Naked Armor, our straight razors are made with the added benefit of having a unique design. They’re made in between a full hollow and a half hollow grind which makes it perfect for any kind of hair texture and any skill level.

They are also luxuriously designed. They’re made from world-class Japanese steel and high-end algum wood. If you’re looking for a dependable and durable straight razor to start your beard spring cleaning, you won’t go wrong with a Naked Armor blade.

For more of our awesome straight razors, check out our site.


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