Five Alternatives To A Disposable Razor

Five Alternatives To A Disposable Razor

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The average human face grows 615 hairs per square centimeter.

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First of all, you got to realize that the average human face grows 615 hairs per square centimeter and we got to do something to contain it (well, some of us do—respect to the bearded men).

I never thought much about it until I read the crazy statistic that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year. Which is straight up crazy.

That is 'B' for billion.

In a 1976 video Gillette tells you to just throw the disposable away—that's a lot of throw-aways since 1976.

I am a surfer, and I have been fighting the plastic war for most of my adult life. After seeing the increase in plastic for the last 2 decades around the ocean I started to look more intently at what I used and how I used it.

I don't really like to shave and if my wife was into it I would just go straight up full beard. But, you know, life is about compromise and I like to keep her happy because my entire world is better that way.

So I got to shave. But, I also want to do my part for the planet and so I looked around at what the best options were for me and I came up with 5 ideas and I thought I'd share them with you.

I am a surfer, and I have been fighting the plastic war for most of my adult life.

— Derek, Founder Naked Armor

Five Alternatives to A Disposable Razor

1) Get An Electric Shaver

I tried this and it sucks. Now, I am not saying it would suck for everyone but my face doesn't like electric shavers at all. I even ponied up and bought the most expensive one I could find.

After each shave, my face ends up looking like my yard after the wind blows, piles of leaves (or in my case stubble) all over the landscape of my rosy cheeks. I just never felt like I could get the right shave from it.

2) Buy Disposable Recycled Razors

I guess this is the easiest change you could make. You might need to plan ahead and buy your razors from somewhere that sells the recycled ones, but this seems like a no-brainer to me.

Preserve offers a razor made from recycled materials. This BPA free Triple Razor comes with two replacement blades and has an ergonomic handle that is 100% recycled #5 plastic and completely recyclable after use.


Schick has also moved to zero-landfill production after it realized that it was sending more than 4 million pounds per year of waste materials for off-site disposal.

However, you are still throwing away a bunch of crap that doesn't necessarily need to end up in the landfill—that razor you’re done with is still not getting recycled. But hey, good on ya if you do make this small adjustment.

3) Use A Straight Razor

This is a win-win for sure, you get a closer shave and your throw-away shavers disappear for good. I wonder what the impact on that 2 billion would be if a ton of men switched to straight razor shaving?

Now, the transition does take some time and you will need a few more gadgets in the bathroom for your shaving ceremony. You also may have trouble packing it for vacations, but it's doable with this guide. Nonetheless, taking the hair off your face should be a celebration and not some mundane routine that you are forced to do by society.

Oops, the rebel in me got out of the box for a minute, but you get what I mean. Using a straight razor is an awesome option and it sure is better on this planet.

BONUS: Switch from canned shaving cream to a non-canned shaving soap, you’ll decrease unnecessary spending/waste from shaving cream cans.

4) Buy Reusable Razors & Replace The Blades

If you're looking to reduce your waste, consider using a safety razor. What is a safety razor? It's a reusable razor and a kind of more portable razors that typically has a metal handle and a replaceable blade. Some wet shavers claim that learning how to sharpen a razor blade extends its lifespan. You'll still have to buy and throw away the blades, but it is much better than throwing away all that plastic after every shave.

5) Get Divorced & Grow A Beard

Well, I didn't say all the options would be easy but damn this would be an awesome one.

I likely couldn't afford to shave anyway after she took all my money, so not shaving fits this option for sure. I am not quite ready for this one but I am just saying, an option is an option.

I did look it up on Google and says that it is easy with only 6 steps, the pictures are hilarious. I added a 7th one that you can actually start way before you file, but you better make sure that's the direction you are leaning.

  • Visit the court clerk's office in the county in which you live.
  • Obtain the forms necessary to file for divorce.
  • File the necessary forms with the clerk's office.
  • Pay the court's filing fee.
  • Always keep copies of all documents.
  • Stay organized.
  • Grow a beard.

Whatever method you choose, it's worth thinking about. If you can rethink “disposable,” or even try and reduce it a tad the planet would thank you. But if you are wondering  "are razor blades allowed on planes?" the answer is unfortunate. Blades are only allowed if they are secured in a cartridge. So, I suggest forgoing your shaving routine for a couple of hours and just get a clean shave at home and pack your eco-friendly razors in the checked-in baggage.

When so many things with that label are destined for a landfill and our oceans—why not take the next step, and shave sustainably?

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