Shaving With Sensitive Skin: Management and Shaving Routine

Shaving With Sensitive Skin: Management and Shaving Routine

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There is no immediate solution for shaving with sensitive skin, but management and religiously following the best shaving routine make a promising result.

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For men with sensitive skin, shaving is not something that they look forward to doing.

Sometimes, we even forget that men can have sensitive skin, too. Those men who have such skin type were more likely to see shaving as a form of torture than self-care. The reasons that cause sensitive skin can vary from man to man, but fortunately, the solutions to make shaving manageable and more accessible on exposed skin are all doable and straightforward.

Managing and shaving with sensitive skin will require you to take a little more care and slow down.

Building the best routine for shaving sensitive skin is uncomplicated. What most of the advertisements and experts on television are saying should not overwhelm you. An essential step you should take is by identifying your skin type, determining skin allergy, set a more effective shaving routine, and map out the rest of the practice from there.

If you happened to find out that you have sensitive skin, you’d notice that you are the target of razor burn, rashes, and other irritations every after shaving.

It’s alright. The good news is that it is never too late to know the best way to shave for sensitive skin. It won’t be forever if you are willing to fix the damage to have healthy and smoother skin.

Skin irritation is just one of the things that men with sensitive skin suffer after shaving.

Red bumps can linger around the neck for a long time, and stinginess resulting from applying skin products are some of the experiences of having sensitive skin. But there’s nothing impossible to a wise man. It is possible to shave with comfort without getting razor burns and ingrown hairs. All you need are the right products and the correct sequence of proper management.

In this article, you will learn:

It is possible to shave with comfort without getting razor burns and ingrown hairs. All you need are the right products and the correct sequence of proper management.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

What is Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, the lipid bilayer—or the skin’s fatty outer layer—that provides protection may be weaker and prone to damage, allowing irritants to penetrate the skin and create inflammation easily. Because of that, your sensitive skin tells you that you should provide extra care and attention to keep its outer barrier intact and functioning well.

Sensitive skin is also defined by how your skin feels. You are sure if it’s typical for your skin to have redness, inflammation, dryness, and itching to different degrees. You also often struggle from skin irritation by environmental elements—such as the wind, sun, and cold—and products like lotions and fragrances. Since your face gets the most exposure to these, it’s the area where unpleasant signs of sensitivity show.

Other potential causes of skin sensitivity include an allergic reaction to products found in the household, dust, or pet fur. Some of the culprits can be stress, temperature changes, the weather, sweat, applying too much pressure in your razor, improper facial cleansing, dehydration, or skincare ingredients that your face can hardly take.

Your sensitive skin can quickly react to almost anything, which sucks, for you need to stay more alert. Due to these reasons, manufacturers and companies make the right tools and products for sensitive skin shaving.

The Best Management and Shaving Routine for Sensitive Skin

Wash Your Face Gently

Shaving with sensitive skin starts from keeping your face clean. However, you do not want to overdo it by washing your face frequently. Dermatologists often see this all the time in men who have sensitive skin.

Some men also tend to use a regular bar of soap in washing their faces, and worse, they think that all sorts of soap can cleanse the same way and see nothing wrong with it. A regular bar of soap can dry out your skin and can even cause itchiness.

Instead, use a gentle face wash that will clean your face thoroughly without experiencing dryness. You know that a particular cleanser is suitable for shaving sensitive skin when your face doesn’t feel tight after washing.

If you have sensitive skin, pick a gentle face wash to clean your face before shaving.


Exfoliation does wonders for your sensitive skin. However, we do not recommend exfoliating your skin every day. Do it three times a week to remove the dead skin cells and other debris on the surface layer.

Exfoliating is a great help to lift the facial hair away from the skin and is an essential step for a close and smooth shave. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using a facial scrub to exfoliate your face. Scrub can irritate your skin and make it even drier. It can be too harsh for facial skin leading to its surface damage.

A gentle exfoliant is a much acceptable way to go. Choose a non-drying one that consists of AHAs, which are derived naturally from fruits. In shaving for sensitive skin, being gentle to your skin is the safest way to eliminate impurities.

Dead skin prevents you from receiving the full nutrients your skin needs.

Pre-shave Care

Aside from cleansing and exfoliating, the best way to shave for sensitive skin is that you need to undergo your skin another session before shaving. If you give extra care and attention to prepare your skin, it will make a difference once you start gliding the razor against the skin surface.

Your facial skin needs a little extra lubrication, so you want to include a pre-shave oil application in your regimen. Pre-shave oil helps soften the hairs and gives a barrier between your skin and the razor to result in a smooth shave. This will also help your razor glide more gently and efficiently. This step is necessary for eliminating razor burn and irritation for sensitive skin.

Pre-shave oils that are best and safe to use have essential oils, like lavender, grapeseed, jojoba, and hazelnut. They give the right amount of lubrication, and some provide a pleasant fragrance that makes a great experience in shaving sensitive skin.

Prepping the skin with a pre-shave oil helps you achieve the comfortable shave you want.

Use a Shaving Brush and Soap

For men with sensitive skin, opt for an organic shaving soap that you can lather using a shaving brush. Using a shaving brush helps lift your facial hair for a more incredible and more effortless shave, and shaving soap improves blade glide and keeps your skin soft. It even elevates your shaving experience if you go with a nourishing blend of ingredients such as babassu oil, lanolin, oat extract, which promote light, creamy lather and provide moisturizing properties.

What makes shaving soaps better is that one soap puck can last quite a while. Load off the top, rinse, allow it to dry, and it will give you many shaves. Shaving soaps are therefore an excellent value for your money.

Creating your lather using an organic shave soap and a shaving brush will do wonders on your sensitive skin.

Shave with a Quality Razor

Sensitive skin and a disposable razor make a combination that can potentially lead to some complications. Shaving with sensitive skin should be like handling ceramics or glass objects that you highly value. Handle your skin with care.

Disposable razors cause ingrown hairs, especially if you have curly and sensitive skin and irritated hair follicles that become inflamed. Switching to single blade alternatives, such as safety and straight razors do not only make for a close and comfortable shave, but they are also economical and sustainable.

Unlike disposable razors that you can only use for a short period and end up in landfills, these single blade razors can last for decades of excellent usage. They move across the skin at a gentler angle, so less pressure is needed.

Single Blade Vs Multi Blade Razor

Single Blade Vs Multi Blade Razor

Use Aftershave

You might be thinking that aftershaves shouldn’t be on this list because they burn your face. While it’s true that some aftershaves burn, you should consider checking the ingredient that causes the burning sensation. If your aftershave has an alcohol content, then it would indeed burn due to its properties. Such a type of aftershave dries out your skin, leading to the irritation every man was hoping to avoid.

However, natural aftershave provides the opposite effect. They are soothing and lotion-based, refreshing your skin and making it touchably soft. Aftershave with cooling extracts of aloe vera keeps razor burn at bay while protecting your skin from the visible signs of premature aging. Aftershave is essential for sensitive skin. It's just a matter of choosing the right product and ingredients for sensitive skin shaving.

Naked Armor's Aftershave All-Purpose Balm With Hemp is great in soothing and refreshing your sensitive skin after shaving.

Naked Armor Essentials

It is indeed a challenge to have sensitive skin, but shaving doesn’t need to be a form of torture that you must undertake just to look good. Shaving is an excellent way of improving your sensitive skin with moisture and relief from irritation. Shaving with sensitive skin the best way is achievable with the right tools and products. Treating your skin like a royal goes a long way in making your sensitive skin feel fantastic.

You may or may not know the causes of your sensitive skin, but you can develop an intelligent approach to dealing with it. Build consistent daily skincare and shaving routine to lessen the chances of unwanted reactions from occurring and reducing the effects. Having sensitive skin doesn’t have to ruin your life. With proper management, attention, and care, you can prevent irritation or skin problems and always look your best.

Naked Armor is passionate about delivering the best products that yield excellent results, from shaving brush and soap to single blade razors and aftershaves. Whether you have normal skin or a sensitive one, you will find all the good-quality items you need to develop the best shaving routine in our shaving products selection. Treat yourself to luxurious shaving sessions with the right products and the best way to shave for sensitive skin.

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