Stop Razor Nick or Cut Bleeding: Home Remedies and First-Aid Tips

Stop Razor Cut Bleeding: Home Remedies And First-Aid Tips

Getting a razor nick is not something to be embarrassed about. Even the best barbers sometimes deal with accidental cuts on their bad days; it simply is part of the trade.

So, if you are a beginner in straight razor shaving, wear it like a badge of honor—unless it is bleeding a lot. That's when you should learn how to stop razor cuts and nicks from bleeding with these home remedies:

MacGyver It Out: Home Remedies

Beginners shiver at the thought of shaving nicks from a straight razor, thanks to Hollywood's take on the single-edged's cutthroat reputation. Experienced straight razor users may shrug at the thought of getting nicked. After all, the trade-off is that a straight razor provides a cleaner and closer shave than a disposable cartridge, with less razor burn and other irritations.

So, when you face the inevitability of accidentally cutting yourself with a straight razor, you don't need to buy products to stop the bleeding, especially for minor shaving cuts. Instead, be like MacGyver and calmly look through your house's grooming supplies for a quick fix.

You can use the following products as home remedies to stop bleeding razor cuts and nicks:

  1. Cold water
  2. Toilet paper
  3. Antiperspirant deodorant
  4. Mouthwash
  5. Lip Balm
  6. Petroleum Jelly
  7. Aftershave


Cold Water

Since you're shaving near the sink, you can get to it immediately if you start bleeding. Splashing cold water narrows and constricts blood vessels, cutting off the blood flow.1 Use the coldest water you can get and tolerate to promote blood clotting and close a minor nick's wound.

Toilet Paper

A small piece of toilet paper placed over a shaving cut stops the bleeding and prevents the wound from infecting. The paper absorbs the blood like blotting paper, but some of the cuts may bleed again when removed. So, while applying toilet paper isn't the best way to treat shaving nicks and stop major bleeding, it does work well for minor nicks.

Antiperspirant Deodorant

Who would have thought putting deodorant on your face could save you from a bloody mess? Antiperspirant deodorants can stop razor cuts from bleeding—they have aluminum chloride, which acts like an astringent to clean and stop the cut from bleeding by making the blood vessels smaller.2 You can stop razor or shaving cuts from bleeding by putting a thin layer of deodorant on your finger and patting it on the wound.


Since mouthwash is antiseptic, it can also stop nicks from bleeding. During World War I, Listerine was used as a surgical antiseptic for surgery on the battlefield.3 There's no question that it will hurt, but it's worth it because it closes the wound and stops the bleeding.

Lip Balm

Lip balms' waxy consistency creates a protective layer over a razor nick, sealing it to promote clotting. The balm's moisturizing components can also benefit your skin as the razor cut heals. To avoid cross-contamination, do not use a used lip balm. Instead, cut or scrape off the topmost layer, rub a small amount on your fingertip, and dab it onto the bleeding area.

Petroleum Jelly

Like Vaseline, petroleum jelly is also an all-in-one holy grail skincare product. It is a versatile product adding stopping razor nicks from bleeding to the list. To stop a shaving nick from bleeding, dab a tiny amount on the nick and gently wipe it away.


Many aftershave products contain astringents such as alcohol and witch hazel. Natural astringents, like witch hazel, constrict blood vessels to stop the bleeding, while alcohol also works as an antiseptic to clean wounds and prevent bacterial infection. Stop the bleeding by putting a few drops of witch hazel toner or an aftershave lotion on your hand or a cotton ball and dab it onto the wound.

You can check out this easy DIY aftershave recipe if you feel extra crafty.

You can also get the same natural benefits of homemade aftershave with our Organic Hemp Aftershave Balm, featuring 100% pure hemp extract and oil plus over ten other essential oils and vitamins, put together to create a nourishing concoction.

When It’s More Than A Tiny Nick And Cut

Bleeding-Shaving-CutTo stop a bleeding shaving cut, apply firm pressure or pinch the open wound together.

Razor nicks and cuts bleed too much because your face and chin have many large blood vessels and have thinner skin than the rest of your body.4, 5 Also, the razor's cutthroat sharp edge cuts neatly, making it difficult for the wound to clot or stop bleeding. Because of this, minor nicks take 5-10 minutes to stop bleeding and heal, while more serious razor cuts can take anywhere from 2–5 days to a month to fully heal if not treated.

That said, below are three of the best first-aid treatments that work best when your razor or shaving nick is a severe gash and more than a tiny cut:

  1. Put firm pressure on the wound using toilet paper for about five minutes.
  2. Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the skin where the bleeding is strongest.
  3. Place an ice cube against the wound for 15–30 seconds to constrict the blood vessels immediately and promote clotting.

Put Pressure

Apply firm pressure on the wound, just like in any cut bleeding profusely.6 To do this, grab some toilet paper and press down on the part where the bleeding is severe; hold it for about five minutes.

When the bleeding stops, treat it like any wound: clean it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and put in some antibiotic cream to prevent further infection. Dying from an infected razor cut is real, and we can assure you of that. Put a band-aid on it and act like it is a badge of honor. Everyone will ignore it.

Pinch It Just Right

If the bleeding does not stop after applying the pressure, use your thumb and index finger to pinch the skin where the bleeding is strongest. Doing so should help close the wound. Afterward, clean it up with hydrogen peroxide and antibiotics, and put a band-aid on it if necessary.

Ice Cubes

If the previous steps fail, raid the freezer for some ice cubes. Press it against the wound for 15-30 seconds to constrict the blood vessels immediately. That should be enough to stop the bleeding.7

More Pressure

If the cut resumes bleeding after you finish the ice cube treatment, you can apply pressure directly above and below the wound. It should cut off the blood flow from the vessels so that it will stop bleeding immediately.

The sight of a bloody mess can be very unsettling. Try not to worry; these measures have been proven effective in stopping bleeding.

Use Professional Products

A styptic pencil's active ingredients, aluminum sulfate and potassium alum, stop razor nicks from bleeding.

The shaving industry has grown to include products designed to stop bleeding from shaving. Suppose you are skeptical about treating nicks using products in your house or do not have what you need at home. In that case, you can always rely on professional products, a styptic pencil, alum blocks, or a special shaving nick roller, specifically for stopping razor cuts from bleeding.8

Styptic Pencil

This is an old-fashioned way to soothe post-shave irritation and treat nicks and cuts. A styptic pencil is a small stick made of an astringent mineral, like anhydrous aluminum sulfate, potassium alum, or titanium dioxide.9

To stop the bleeding, you wet the tip of a styptic pen and press it against the razor cut for a few seconds. Some men don't like to use it because it leaves a white powdery residue when it dries. So, remember to wash it off before heading out.

Alum Block

Alum block is better for beginners than a styptic pencil because you rub it all over your face after shaving. It's an easy way to stop bleeding on your face when you've cut yourself with a razor more than once, which is typical for beginners. Just ensure it's wet before putting it all over your face.

Special Shaving Nick Rollers

Special shaving nick rolls are the most popular and new thing on the market. It works like a styptic pencil, but this one has aloe and Vitamin E to help the skin heal. Unlike styptic pencils, the best thing is that it doesn't leave behind a chalky residue and is easier to apply for treating multiple nicks.10

These products have become increasingly popular among men of all ages due to the convenience they provide and the comfort and relief they offer when shaving.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

If you've gotten to this point, you've done some severe damage to yourself. In the event of a severe razor nick, it is possible that treating nicks at home, first aid treatments, and professional products will no longer be effective.

Go to the nearest emergency room immediately; you've probably just carved up your face and will need stitches. The attending physician may give you a prescription antibiotic ointment to prevent infections.

What Causes And How to Prevent Razor Cuts

Dry shaving exposes skin to razor cuts and irritation.

Nobody enjoys cutting themselves when they shave. But it is unavoidable if you shave incorrectly, especially with a cutthroat single-edged razor. Though your razor does not accidentally fall out of your hand because of a wrong grip, it can still bite you back.

What exactly are you doing wrong? Here are the causes of nicks and cuts and how to get a nick-free shave

Dry Shaving

We can't stress this enough: you should stop if you're still shaving on dry skin. Dry shaving is acceptable when using electric clippers but not when using a straight razor or standard cartridge.11

The best way to take care of your facial hair and prevent nicks is to shave it while it is wet. You can get fewer shaving nicks and cuts by making a thick lather with shaving soap, gel, or canned foam. In wet shaving, the lather is a barrier between your skin and the blade, reducing friction and letting the razor glide smoothly over your skin and hair.

Sometimes, It’s All In The Blade

If your razor still nicks and cuts you despite wet shaving, it's time to rethink your shaving tool. Perhaps the issue isn't your shaving skills and techniques but your razor blade.

When a razor blade is not sharp enough, the risk of razor nicks increases. Sharpen your razor blades regularly to ensure a close, smooth, and nick-free shave. You can keep your razor sharp by stropping and honing it regularly.

Of course, if you use high-quality straight razors, you will have fewer blade issues. Naked Armor ensures that our Japanese steel and stainless steel straight razors will last, saving you time and money while providing a luxurious shaving experience with fewer razor nicks.

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