Stop Razor Cut Bleeding: Home Remedies And First-Aid Tips

Stop Razor Cut Bleeding: Home Remedies And First-Aid Tips

Sometimes, even shaving professionals have their off days and face the dreaded trouble of finding ways to stop razor cut bleeding or razor nicks.

That is why no matter how much of an expert you are in wielding a straight razor, there is always a chance for you to get a nick or two now and then. It simply comes with the territory.

But the trade-off is: you get a cleaner and closer shave when you use a straight razor than your regular cartridge disposable. Hence, shavers tend to shrug off razor nicks. And that is why newbies should not be scared of getting nicked by a cutthroat razor.

As scary as a cutthroat straight razor may sound, it is all in a morning’s work. Nobody dies from wet shaving. Not unless, of course, your barber is Sweeney Todd.

Yet, there is no denying that a razor nick can be pretty inconvenient. Unless you wear a ninja hood to work, you cannot hide them because they are on your face. Sometimes, razor cuts just do not want to stop bleeding. So, you end up rushing to work looking like a slasher victim.

On that note, what does one need to do to stop razor nicks from bleeding?

In this article, you will learn how to stop razor cut bleeding:

MacGyver It Out: Home Remedies

Man Treating Razor Nick with Tissue Paper

When you don’t have professional products to stop razor nick, simply apply small bits of tissue paper on them.

There is a myriad of products specifically for treating razor nicks. But why rush to the store when you may already have first-aid remedies at home?

You do not need to go to the store and purchase all those razor nick-specific products to stop the bleeding. All you need is to rummage through your household’s inventory of grooming products for a quick fix. Much like MacGyver, you can make these items work to stop the bleeding immediately.

  • Cold Water
    The colder the water, the better. Since you are shaving near the sink, you will have direct access to it and use it immediately to respond to the bleeding. The coldness of the water causes the blood vessels to constrict, limiting the blood flow, after which clotting occurs and closing the wound.
  • Toilet Paper
    This is a no-brainer. We are all familiar that applying small bits of toilet paper on the razor nick will help stop the wound, acting as a temporary barrier.

    In some cases, yes, the paper absorbs the blood like blotting paper. But when you remove them because you do not want to walk out of the door with tiny pieces of toilet paper all over your face, some of these nicks will start bleeding again. So, plastering toilet paper is not exactly the best way to stop nicks from bleeding.
  • Antiperspirant Deodorant
    Bizarre as it may be, but antiperspirant deodorants can stop razor cuts from bleeding. Most of the deodorants in the market have aluminum chloride, which acts like an astringent to disinfect the cut and inhibit bleeding by constricting the blood vessels. So, before you grab your deodorant, check the label first.

    However, do not simply run the deodorant on your face. To stop razor nicks from bleeding, you need only to dab your finger on the deodorant and get a thin layer of it on your finger. Then, pat it on the razor nick.
  • Mouthwash
    Mouthwash can stop shaving nicks from bleeding, too, because it has antiseptic properties. War medics used Listerine as a surgical antiseptic on the battlefield during World War I. There is no doubt that it will sting, but it is worth it because it does the job of closing the wound and stopping the bleeding.
  • Lip Balm
    You can also use this to stop the bleeding. The waxy composition helps form a protective layer over the wound, sealing it to start clotting. It also has moisturizing components that can benefit your skin as the razor cut heals.

    But do not use a used lip balm, though, to avoid cross-contamination. Instead, cut or scrape off the topmost layer, then apply it as you would apply the deodorant on the razor nick.
  • Petroleum Jelly
    Petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, is considered an all-in-one holy grail skincare product. It simply has tons of uses, and you can add stopping razor nicks from bleeding to the list. Just dab a tiny amount on the nick and wipe it off gently before going to work.

You can quickly use these home remedies to stop bleeding when you accidentally cut yourself while shaving. But make sure first that you are not allergic to some of the ingredients in the products—although most of these are safe for all skin types—before using them on your skin.

When It’s More Than A Tiny Nick

No one can be an ultimate shaving master in the beginning. So, if you just started growing your whiskers during the onset of your adolescence, we know that you are dealing with more nicks than the average grown-up man.

That said, below are some first-aid treatments when your razor nick is more than a tiny cut but a severe gash:

  • Put Pressure
    Apply firm pressure on the wound, just like you would in any cut that is bleeding profoundly. To do this, grab some toilet paper and press down on the part where the bleeding is severe; hold it for about five minutes.

    When the bleeding stops, treat it like any wound: clean it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and put some antibiotic cream to prevent further infection. Dying from an infected razor cut is a real thing. We can assure you of that. Put a band-aid on it if you want and act like it is a badge of honor. Everyone will ignore it.
  • Pinch It Just Right
    If the bleeding does not stop after applying the pressure, use your thumb and index finger to pinch the skin where the bleeding is strongest. Doing so should help close the wound. Afterward, please clean it up with hydrogen peroxide and antibiotics. Putting a band-aid on it at this point is necessary.
  • Ice Cubes
    If the previous steps fail, raid the freezer for some ice cubes. Place it against the wound for 15-30 seconds to immediately constrict the blood vessels. That should be enough to stop the bleed.
  • More Pressure
    If the cut resumes bleeding after you finish the ice cube treatment, you can apply pressure directly above and below the wound. It should cut off the blood flow from the vessels so that it will stop bleeding immediately.

Seeing a bloody mess can be terrifying. Do not panic, as we assure you that these treatments will help keep the bleeding at bay.

Use Professional Products

Styptic Pencil

Despite being an old-school product, a styptic pencil is very effective in stopping razor nicks from bleeding.

If you do not want to rely on household remedies, though, the shaving industry has grown over the years to include the creation of products designed to stop bleeding from shaving. Here are a few of them.

Suppose you are skeptical about using home remedies or simply do not have what you need at home, which is highly unlikely. In that case, you can always rely on professional products specifically for stopping razor cuts from bleeding.

Here are your options:

  • Styptic Pencil
    This is an old-school shaving product. A styptic pencil is a small stick made of mineral astringent, like potassium alum or titanium oxide.

    You moisten the tip a bit and press it against the razor nick for a few seconds to stop the bleeding. Some shavers do not like using it because it leaves a white, powdery residue on the wound when the styptic dries. So, if you are using one, remember to rinse it off before leaving for work.
    • Alum Block
      Alum block is best for beginners because you rub this entirely on your face after shaving, unlike a styptic pencil. It is a convenient way of stopping the bleeding on your face when you have multiple razor nicks all over, which newbies generally tend to have. Just wet it first before spreading it all over your face.
    • Special Shaving Nick Rollers
      The trendiest and latest product in the market these days is special shaving nick rolls. It is like a styptic pencil, but this time, it comes with aloe and Vitamin E to help nourish the skin. What is best about it is it does not leave a chalky residue, as a styptic would.
      • Aftershave
        While everybody has heard of aftershaves, not everyone uses them after shaving. An aftershave has many beneficial effects that can make your shaving experience even more comfortable and luxurious. It helps bring back moisture to your skin, and, most importantly, it acts as an astringent and disinfectant to your skin. It kills off bacteria that may infect your wound as well. This is the reason why it should always be used regardless of whether one has a razor nick or not and why it is an essential product in your shaving arsenal.

        You can check out this easy DIY aftershave recipe if you are feeling extra crafty.

        You can also get the same natural benefits of homemade aftershave with our Aftershave All-Purpose Balm With Hemp featuring 100% pure hemp extract and oil plus over ten other essential oils and vitamins, put together to create a nourishing concoction.

      Seek Medical Help

      If you have reached this point, then indeed, you have cut yourself big time. Home remedies, first-aid treatments, and professional products may no longer work in a severe razor nick accident.

      It would be best to have someone take you to the emergency room because, in all probability, you have just carved up your face, and for that, you will need stitches.

      Razor Nicks Cause And Prevention

      Man Dry Shaving

      Never shave dry. It will give you a lot of skin irritations as there's nothing to protect your skin from the razor.

      No one enjoys shaving and cutting themselves. But it is an inevitable part of shaving, especially if you are doing it wrong. After all, you can still get razor nicks even if your razor did not accidentally fall off of your hand.

      What exactly are you doing wrong?

      • Dry Shaving
        We cannot stress this enough, but you better stop if you are still shaving on dry skin. Those using electric clippers can get away with dry shaving, but it is a big no if you use a straight razor and even the typical cartridge.

        Wet shaving is the best way to go in terms of grooming your facial hair. Putting on a thick lather from shaving soap, gel, or canned foam can significantly reduce the cuts on your face. The lather acts as a barrier between your skin and blade, reducing the amount of friction, letting the blade glide on your skin smoothly, and conditioning your hair smoothly.
      • Sometimes, It’s All In The Blade
        Are you dry shaving with a dull razor? If your razor still gives you a nick despite wet shaving, then maybe it is time to evaluate your shaving tool. Perhaps the problem is not about your shaving skills and techniques but your razor blade itself.

        When a razor blade is not sharp enough, it increases the risks of razor nicks. By regularly stropping and honing your razor, you can maintain its sharpness, so it cuts hair quickly and cleanly.

        Of course, if you are using high-quality straight razors, you will have fewer problems with your blade. Here at Naked Armor, we made sure that our Japanese steel and stainless steel straight razors last, saving you time and money while ensuring a luxurious shaving experience with fewer razor nicks.

      Check us out to learn more.

      Now, you know why the cuts on your face will not go away. Nonetheless, simply follow the first-aid treatments in the earlier part of this article to ease your frustration about finding ways to stop razor cut bleeding. If all else fails, get professional help.

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