What Is A 5 o’clock Shadow And What To Do With It?

What Is A 5 o’clock Shadow And What To Do With It?

If there is anything that clean-shaven men tend to avoid the most, it would be the ever-dreaded 5 o’clock shadow.

Those who shave daily or are not keen on growing a beard know that maintaining a clean-shaven face is as hard as maintaining a full and healthy beard. And one of the many things that can get in the way is what avid shavers call a 5 o’clock shadow or the stubborn stubbles appearing after a day or two post-shave.

So, if you have not heard about it or want to get rid of them for good, you have come to the right place. Let us help you understand what a 5 o’clock shadow is and what you should do with it.

What is a 5 o’clock Shadow?

Man with 5 o'clock shadow beardA 5 o'clock shadow is the beginning of beard regrowth.

You may not know it, but you already have had a 5 o’clock shadow once, twice, or more during your adult life. First of all, it is pretty common. Secondly, you may know it more as a stubble.

A 5 o’clock shadow is the stubble that grows on your face in the afternoon—hence the name. It disguises itself as a grayish or desaturated hue on the area you just shaved clean this morning, appearing later in the day or usually after a long day of work. Simply put, it is the beginning of a stubble beard, a common problem that many men face and wish to tackle since it can make them look scruffy or rugged.

How to Get Rid of Beard Shadow

You cannot simply stop what you are doing in the middle of the day once your beard starts to grow out again. And you should stay away from the razor until the next day, or else you will further irritate the skin under your 5 o’clock shadow. The best way to get rid of a beard shadow is to let it grow into stubble and then shave it all off. Meanwhile, you can do these tips as you wait:

  • Use makeup
    Want to know the secret to smooth post-shave skin all day? Makeup is the secret of the stars. It may seem too much out of your comfort zone, but you should try it out if you are going to an important event where the face value is a crucial factor.

    Here is a video on how to cover up beard shadow:

    Before trying it out, do not forget to put on your aftershave essentials and hydrate your skin before applying the foundation.
  • Use a straight razor
    Man shaving with Naked Armor's Solomon Straight Razor

    To get rid of your 5 o’clock shadow, choose a straight razor.

    Once your 5 o’clock shadow grows into stubble length, it would only be wise to use a straight razor to shave it off. The razor’s straight edge will allow you to shave at skin level. You will have more control over the angle you are shaving from, letting you shave against and with the grain. In short, you will get the closest shave ever, which is exactly what you need.

How to Maintain a Stubble

Here is the thing with 5 o’clock shadows: they are too short to be stubbles. Lucky for you, because designer stubs and this mid-day beard style are being raved about all over Hollywood. Take, for example, Tom Ellis, Los Angeles’ favorite Devil from the hit series Lucifer. One can say that among his many charms is his well-maintained 5 o’clock shadow.

Although many celebrities are sporting designer stubs, rarely do you see a typical man confidently strutting his 5 o’clock shadow around. Instead, they try to cover it up or shave it off because they do not know how to make it look devilishly good.

But these stubborn, short stubbles need not make you look shabby at all times. All you need is a few grooming tips here and there, and you will end up rocking that 5 o’clock shadow in full glamour.

Follow these steps in maintaining a stubble to make your 5 o’clock shadow look good:

  • Exfoliate your face
    Do men ever exfoliate? Maybe, but not all! And it is one of the crucial steps guys often oversee in their shaving routine. Exfoliating before shaving lets you get rid of the dead skin cells, which make your skin look dull and just straight out ugly.

    The best way to exfoliate your skin before shaving is to use a good ol’ shaving brush to apply your lather. The bristles will lift the hair stuck on your skin and scrub off the nasty skin grave off of your face. When you scrub off the 18 layers (or more) of dead skin, the surface beneath your stubble will look brighter, smoother, and healthier. Plus, it helps prevent razor bumps.
  • Moisturize
    We cannot stress this enough, but you need to moisturize! As ironic as it may sound, water does dry out the skin. Why do you think you get raisin fingers after a long shower? Case in point, shaving draws out the natural oils on your skin, and there can only be two results of this. You either get extremely dry skin, or you get excess oil. Both of which are not good for 5 o’clock shadows.

    When you get dry skin, your face will feel itchy, and you may be prone to beard dandruff. You do not want to be scratching your face mid-day. If so, your stubble will not only look grayish but red as well. Not to mention flaky, thanks to the beard dandruff. You can use Naked Armor’s All-Purpose Organic Balm With Hemp to moisturize your skin daily. Its 100% organic, along with more than ten other natural essential oils and vitamins, will help nourish and condition your skin, keeping it moisturized all day.
  • Dress to impress
    You will never know how much stubble is going to grow in the middle of the day. So, it would be best to prepare yourself for it. The secret is to dress to impress. No, you do not need to be in a full suit every day. A simple neat-looking polo shirt and cotton pants will do. It will significantly help you look like you got yourself together professionally, especially under work-from-home conditions. And what better way to present yourself during a sudden video conference than to rock your stubble with a well-put-together ensemble.

With the new normal the world is currently facing, the rugged look is making a comeback. But that does not necessarily excuse you from keeping your 5 o’clock shadow as it is. Make it work by learning grooming tips and not forgetting aftershave products. Trust us. You will never have to worry about keeping your stubble at bay anymore.

Here at Naked Armor, we got what every gentleman needs to groom their facial locks and more. Five o’clock shadow or full beard—we got your covered, from razors to aftershave care. Check out the essentials below, and do not forget to Add To Cart. 



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