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It works

I would have liked the protruding edges to have been more highlighted, to quickly foam

Thor 7/8" Straight Razor Kit
D.B. (Rialto, US)
First time str-razor shave

Did an extensive amount of research about straight razor shaving, maintaining the blade, and products that aid in the process. Found these kits to be a nice package for someone starting out and very impressed with the results. I went with the Thor razor because of it’s aesthetic, but still managed to get in some good shaves/trims with no cuts. I’m happy to be taking this new and cleaner approach to shaving from here on out!

Solomon 7/8" Straight Razor
Gerald Murphy (Edmonton, CA)
It tightens up the shave den

Thanks so much Naked Armour! The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and balance is fantastic!

Thor 7/8" Straight Razor Kit
Luis Valentin (Wichita, US)
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Shake it

When I first smelled the tonic, I didn't care for it, but as I did it the second time, I liked the masculine fragrance. I discovered that you have to shake the bottle because the first time I put it on my face, it irritated my face a great deal. I found out it doesn't stop the burn immediately, but after 15 minutes, the irritation lessens. I gave it four stars because it causes my face to be comfortable, but after an hour, the irritation persists.

Hunting Lodge Shaving Soap
Matt F. (Bloomington, US)
Hunting Lodge Shave Soap, Shave Tonic, and Beard Oil

I recently purchased the Thor Straight Razor Kit, Silver Fox Scuttle Kit, and shaving products in various scents. These particular products have an outstanding scent. As a hunter, it definitely reminds me of the multitude of lodges I've been in over the years. It's great!!

The soap lathers up great with the heated Naked Armor Silver Fox and the brush that came with the Thor kit. The beard oil has a great consistency and does wonders for conditioning my white haired goatee. And the icing on the cake as it were is the Hunting Lodge Shave Tonic.

Wonderful scent line, and it all works great together.


Hunting Lodge Mustache Wax
B.M. (Manchester, US)
I will stab you with my mustache!

After over a month of use, I have to say this is a wonderful tool to train your mustache with. It doesn't take much and lasts for 6-8 hours. A firm hold with pleasant scent which is not overpowering make this stache wax a pleasure to wear.

No fragrance

At first, I was disappointed in purchasing Solomon aftershave because there isn't any fragrance, but I quickly changed my mind. It takes only a small amount to cool my face, and as I thought through it, I can now wear my favorite cologne when I use it.

King Arthur Straight Razor Kit

I recently purchased the King Arthur Razor kit. Came in a well packaged box, but I did receive the wrong razer. However Laura was quick to correct the issue and had the right razor sent out promptly. Once corrected, contents of the kit are exactly what I was expecting and as advertised. I am a novice when it comes to straight razors, but what I can say is the blade comes very sharp, the soap has a great smell and the brush applies a great lather. I have yet to use the strop, but am looking forward to seeing how it fairs. I would recommend spending a little extra to get the stand so that your brush and razer have a good place to dry. It will save you in the long run. Overall very pleased with the purchase, looking forward to getting more use out of all these products.

Smells like Juicy Fruit bubblegum

As the title says this soap smells almost exactly like Juicy Fruit! The Omnibus base is unmatched on the market currently and I can’t say enough good things about the cushion it provides! Only way for you to understand what I’m talking about is to buy it for yourself and find out!

Blue Eel Strop
Gideon Linton (Charlotte, US)

I really like this strop. It appears to be of high quality materials, but only time will tell how durable it is.

My first straight razor

The razor is great, but the customer service is even better. There was a bit of a learning curve since I was switching from an electric shaver but they helped me get through it. An excellent place to purchase your first straight razor.

Quality Guaranteed

Blade is superb, comes sharpened/honed, oiled, and well presented. I had a stroke of bad luck and dropped my razor from the sink to the tile floor causing a hairline fracture. The team at NakedArmor reached out without hesitation and sent out an exact replacement at no extra charge. This is the definition of standing by your product and I can’t say anything negative about the blade or customer service. This is the closest shave and smoothest without producing razor burn. I highly recommend shaving some cheap cream off a balloon to get the angle and technique down if you are new. The kit I ordered originally came with a very nice soap that makes a rich lather and smells nice. I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.

Blue Eel Strop
Ricardo Mier (Plano, US)
Blue eel strop

I'm delighted with my blue eel strop. Small enough to easily store and yet big enough to get the job done.

Dovo Berlin Barber Aftershave
Timothy L. (Salt Lake City, US)
Love it!

DOVO products never ever let you down and this aftershave is no exception to their standard of quality! Highly recommend!

Solomon 7/8" Straight Razor Kit
GainzSa (Chicago, US)
Great while it lasted

First straight razor ever. Fine craftsmanship, blade was honed/sharpened, rich lather from the soap, ceramic bowl was great keeping the soap warm, and brush was decent but prefer my old one. Started practice with a balloon 2 shaves later no more nicking. My 5time shaving thought I placed it down on my vanity to lather up again and bumped it on the counter onto the tile floor. Blade now has a small fracture in it and don’t feel comfortable shaving anymore with it for the investment I assumed it could handle a 3foot drop at least once but all good things come to an end. Stroke of bad luck I suppose but disappointing none the less.

Hunting Lodge Beard Balm
Eathan Benns (Gettysburg, US)
Complete and utter manliness

Because of Naked Armor I was introduced to the Long Rifle line of soap and hair products. I finally have every scent they offer in a Beard Balm and love them all. Among my new favorites is Voyager, Rendezvous, Brown Bess & Hunting Lodge.

Solomon 7/8" Straight Razor Kit
John DiCrosta (Woodland Hills, US)
Wow, just Wow!

Ok, so I started out with a Naked Armor “Shavette” just to see if I was coordinated enough to shave with a straight razor and loved it. Although I nicked myself everytime, the shave quality was amazing. Then I bought this Solomon set, was a little intimidated by the longer blade but OMG what an amazing shave with no nicks! The shave soap that comes with the set lathers so amazingly in my Naked Armor skuttle for a rich hot lather as well. Definitely a learning curve but oh so worth the time and effort it takes. You deserve the pamper!

Straight Razor Stand
s.L. (Central, HK)
Best stands ever

I won a straight razor stand that I liked so much that I bought the DE stand. I am amazed at how well built they are, AND how well they survive Hong Kong humidity, and even having been accidentally knocked onto the marble floor.

Solomon 7/8" Straight Razor Kit
Rob Owen (Plattsburgh, US)

Wife got me a Solomon shave kit. Amazing!!!! My first time with a straight razor. Took me about an hour but couldn’t ask for a better way to make myself sexy for her!! We’ll maybe one other way but I’ll keep it pg.

Brown Bess Aftershave
Timothy L. (Salt Lake City, US)

Great smell and all ingredients are beneficial! Not a ton of alcohol which means it won’t dry your face out. Definitely recommend!

Griflet 7/8" Straight Razor
D.M. (San Antonio, US)

In the beginning I was skeptical, especially after I got the wrong razor when my order arrived. But the excellent customer service from Laura shined as always! I can tell you this, this razor is beautiful! I love the Spanish point and the multi colored scales with acrylic and wood! It does come “shave ready” but I would recommend and finish gone to better the edge. My favorite originally was the Solomon, the moved the the King Arthur, another beautiful razor. But now I’m absolutely in love with the Griflet! Thank you Naked Armor for producing quality and beauty at an affordable cost!

Blue Eel Strop
Timothy L. (Salt Lake City, US)
Great strop!

Been thoroughly enjoying using this new strop!

Drian Damascus 7/8" Straight Razor
Timothy L. (Salt Lake City, US)
Great product!

Pleasantly surprised by the overall build quality of this thing. It definitely needed some TLC in the honing department when it arrived but customer support more than took care of me with that issue. I’ve made multiple orders with these guys since I purchased the Drian and they’ve been absolutely phenomenal in every way but especially their customer service! Thanks to the crew at N.A for providing the best customer service I’ve ever received from a shave supply company!

Brown Bess Aftershave
Christopher Sigers
Brown Bess

I had been contemplating whether or not I wanted to try the aftershave because the big name aftershaves are usually a little bit overpowering in the scent department and loaded with alcohol which dries out my face more than I like. I only wish I had got the Brown Bess sooner! I have absolutely no regrets with the fragrance and the way it makes my face and head (I shave my head too) feel. I know I will be ordering more of this item in the future. Smells so good I could take a bath int the stuff!!!