Clean-shaven VS. Beard: Battle of Attractiveness

Clean-shaven VS. Beard: Battle of Attractiveness

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Whether you are going for a clean-shaven look or growing out a manly beard, there are few things you need to know.

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Choosing between shaving and keeping a beard can be a tough decision.

If you think only women make decisions on how they’re going to present themselves before a date, and men, in general, are laid-back, well, not in terms of whether they’re going to shave off their facial hair or keep the beard before meeting a woman. Some are torn, and it is a kind of decision that every man has struggled with at least once in their life.

Oh, not just a decision that they have to make before a date, but in certain situations such as meetings, job interviews, or family gatherings. It can be pretty challenging to determine which style is appropriate, stylish, and of course, attractive. Every year or so, the facial hair trends change. It can reasonably be tricky to find out what’s in style and what is old-fashioned.

Believe it or not, bearded men and those who prefer a clean-shaven look are perceived differently on the first impression. While others perceive bearded men as hotter, sexier, and more confident, some people may see a clean-shaven face in a different light. If you prefer no facial hair, maybe you can be taken as someone who chooses comfort over anything else, and they may find you more approachable. Let’s traverse the clean-shaven vs. bearded debate and have a look at the perception of both.

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Choosing either way manifests the type of guy you are in the eyes of different people.

Clean-Shaven Vs Beard: The Sexy Beard

There are various reasons why men keep their beards. It could be that they watched some dope movies where the main characters were portrayed by bearded actors and liked how it looked on them, so they grew theirs, or they just prefer wearing beards and are only allowing themselves to be the man they want to be. Besides, it’s all about the preferences. However, some couldn’t help but wonder what team is more attractive in the eyes of women or people in general. Is it the sexy men with a beard or the group of clean-shaven men?

According to The Economist and ScienceDirect, 12.5% of female participants in a 2017 study said that a beard is the manliest look. Seventeen percent opted for a beard and mustache combo, and 7% believe that a man with a mustache emits the most masculinity. This study showed that the more facial hair a man has, the more masculine he appears, especially to women in the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle.

A beard is so much more than just facial hair. It is a symbol of male dominance. If you have a beard, you are deemed independent, carefree, and sexy. You have an aura of coolness while making your entrance in a room with the confidence of how you look. It has been since the dawn of humankind and continues to be even in 2021. And while beard statistics reveal split opinions over a man’s beard’s attractiveness, there’s something undeniably hot and masculine about a bearded man.

Wearing a sexy beard is being deemed masculine and a symbol of male dominance.

Clean-Shaven Vs Beard: The Clean-shaven Look

Some say that a clean shave makes you look un-manly, whereas keeping your beard makes you look sexy. The latter might be accurate, but the former is not. If this would have been the case, then John Cena, a professional wrestler who originally intended the phrase, “You can’t see me.” would not have looked hotter. The phrase implies that his opponents couldn’t match his wrestling prowess, and it’s true. He has beaten and crushed so many bearded professional wrestlers in the ring throughout his entertainment career. This is to say that a clean shave does not make you look any less manly than other men.

According to statistics on beards, 20% of respondents in a 2018 beard trustworthiness study said that they find clean-shaven individuals to be most trustworthy, while only 3% trust men with a beard. And it’s not just trustworthiness – 4% of respondents think men with beards are intelligent than 18% who believe that men with no facial hair are smarter. While this could not be true at all times in the real sense, how people perceive us is beyond our control.

Putting career into context, beard statistics reveal that 84% of HR representatives believe that clean-shaven employees climb the career ladder faster. A 2009 survey of 500 HR professionals found that 90% believe that good grooming is the most crucial factor in making a solid first impression. Well, it has been a belief that being clean-shaven is considered to be good grooming. However, it should be noted that this study was carried out by Gillette, a company that sells men’s razors.

A man with a clean-shaven look is being deemed more approachable.

Why Go For A Clean-shaven Look?

This is not our final verdict on this debate. You can read more of our article Why Do Women Like Beards to weigh up for yourself. You will like it, especially if you’re up on looking attractive all day and the type of dude who likes pampering his facial hair and is committed to it. The beard trend won’t be going anywhere, that is certain, but trying on a clean-shaven look once in a while won’t do bad considering these advantages.

It makes you look younger.

Do you know anyone who had been bearded his whole life, and suddenly he appeared clean-shaven, and it kind of boggled your mind and thought it was witchcraft because of how his looks transformed? But pleasingly, because he came to look younger than his age and more youthful than he looked when he had his beard. Yes, we witness such transformation everywhere, especially in Hollywood. It happens because shaving reduces the likelihood of developing fine lines and makes your skin look more youthful, healthier, and radiant.

It feels light.

Being clean-shaven has its own advantages that any man can be needing.

Nothing is lighter and more comfortable than finally shaving off your facial hair. You notice how it makes you feel after shaving, like somehow your life becomes more manageable. Apart from the damage facial hair causes to the skin underneath, many men find it uncomfortable to have half their face covered with hair. They feel a certain weight on their face every time their beard grows out, which causes them discomfort. This is another reason why some men prefer keeping their face bare, as shaving makes them feel lighter, more hygienic.

It is easier to manage.

Well, it is easier to manage because there’s nothing to manage at all. Unlike when having a beard and growing one, you need to give special attention to make it clean and grow in a well-defined manner. It is not enough to use a bar of regular soap or shampoo in taking care of your facial hair. Different products such as beard balms and beard oils must be used exclusively to maintain a neat-looking beard. There is also such a thing as a beard comb, and yes, the list goes on. For men who prefer being clean-shaven, they are free from these beard responsibilities.

It takes a lot of time to groom your beard.

If women do a skincare routine, men do have a beard routine, and both take time. Scientists discovered men with beards have more germs in their hairs than dogs carry in their fur. However, this discovery shouldn’t be applied to men in general. Germs that cling to beards is one reason why grooming kits for facial hairs are being sold in the market. If you want to maintain a beard free from germs, the work takes a lot of time, and it must be consistent. Many men invest in high-quality beard grooming kits, and you know, it’s commendable. But for clean-shaven men, there is nothing to fret.

Some women prefer men with a clean-shaven look.

Your beard might look sexy and presentable, but when it comes to kissing, it might feel itchy, and no woman might appreciate it. Also, she might end up being turned off because, for some reason, you’re neglecting to take care of your beard. For a clean-shaven look, kissing is like cake-walking. Some women adore men with beards, and at the same time, women who don’t fancy them at all exist. Some women do not care at all as long as you give importance to hygiene and are organized with your stuff.

Whichever you will choose or not is not a bad decision if you know well enough how great or bad it will make you look. Either way, remember that getting the highest-quality essentials can be of a great help in making yourself look attractive.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

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A beard can look as great as a clean shave if it is properly groomed and maintained. Balming, oiling, and combing are all required to get the beard looking sexy. The perception of the beard changes all the time. Sometimes, it is fashionable to have a stubble beard. At other times you may want to shave everything off to save yourself some time. Ultimately, it is all on you and which style makes you feel comfortable, confident, and most importantly, attractive. In the real sense, both looks are fabulous, especially if you know how to work on them.

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