Returns, Shipping, & Customer Service

What is your refund policy?

We allow a full refund within 30 days after purchase according to the guidelines specified on our returns page.

*** All returns must be unused—used products are not returnable. ***

Once I order, how long before you ship?

Our warehouse requires 1-2 business days to process orders. For instance, if you order on a Monday, your order should ship by Wednesday. If you need it sooner, just send us an email, and we'll try to put a rush on it for you.

What shipping service do you use?

We can ship via USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Do you offer engraving?

No, I'm sorry we don't offer engraving, but our Straight Razor Kits still make great wedding or party gifts.

Where can I set up my Lifetime Warranty?

You can set up your lifetime warranty for your Naked Armor blade here.

Can I order wholesale?

We accept applications for retail and established barber locations.

Email us with the name and location of your retail store for more details. Or you can order from Faire.

We do not sell to E-Commerce or Amazon businesses.


Are the straight razors shave ready?

Yes, our straight razor is sharp out of the box. If it isn't, we will send you a new one or have it professionally honed for you at no charge*. Most of our customers have reported they are the sharpest blades they ever touched.

We still advise that you strop your blade before every shave. The straight razor is a handmade shaving tool that requires you to learn how to keep it sharp while protecting the edge.

*Free honing offer only available 30 days after purchase.

Does your company hone straight razor blades after purchase?

Only within 30 days after purchase. Our blades come sharp and shave ready out of the box and with proper care and stropping, it won't need to be honed for quite some time.

If it's beyond 30 days, you can avail our Straight Razor Master Hone Service.

What grit stone do you recommend for my straight razor?

Our Master Hone specialist recommends finishing hone 12k, combination 4k/8k hone for main honing, 1k for setting bevel.

Where are the straight razor blades made?

The Naked Armor razors are designed in California with the input of certified barbers, the wood in the handle comes from various countries like Brazil, the steel in the blade comes from Japan (61 HRC), and the product is assembled in Asia & Europe.

Is your straight razor a full hollow?

Our blade is between a half hollow and a full hollow.

We wanted to capture the best aspects of both designs so we designed a blade, technologically speaking, crafted as a hybrid between the 1/2 hollow and full hollow.

Our straight edge razor blade is 7/8 wide at the widest point and 5/8 at the tapered end. Once again, we were looking to engineer a blade that met all the best aspects straight razor shaving.

What is the honing progression like in regards to the edge on your straight razors?

King Arthur Straight Razor: 8000 degree grinder

Solomon Straight Razor: 1800 degree grinder

How many shaves can I get out of this straight razor?

You can get a lifetime of shaves from our straight razors. The blade is permanent. This is precision well-crafted instrument of wet shaving that is not disposable and is made to last your entire life. You only need to care for it, strop it occasionally, and every few years have it honed if you drop it or dull it by shaving your wife's legs (highly recommended).

What type of steel do you use on your stainless steel straight razors?

ACRO stainless steel.

  • It's 0.56% carbon, 0.4% silicon, 0.7% manganese, 13% chrome, 0.1% vanadium, and the rest is iron.
  • It has a good anti-rust ability, after heat treatment, and has a higher hardness.
  • It's polished to perfection sharp similar to Sweden's AEB-L.

Is the straight razor designed for both left and right hand use?

Absolutely. The straight razor can be used by a left handed or right handed person—any hand you use with this straight razor blade is great for straight edge razor shaving.

What profile is the blade point on your straight razor?

Aside from the Thor Straight Razor, which has a Spanish point, the rest of our straight razors have a round blade point.

Does the blade have any sort of shake in the handle?

I'd say no, unless you had a ton of coffee before shaving. But seriously, the Solomon Straight Razor has an adjustable screw, you can always tighten it if needed.

What is the angle degree of the blade

The blade angle is 125-150 for all of our straight razors.

What size is the box that the straight razor kit comes in?

The Naked Armor straight razor kit comes in a wood box that is 11' x 8.5' x 3.5'. The wood box is in another box that is a bit bigger—the presentation is great for gifting and feels like getting a present.

Is the box that comes with the kit travel friendly?

You could travel with the box but it would be kinda bulky. There is a leather razor case in the kit that makes a wonderful travel sleeve.

Can I use a straight razor to trim the ends of my hair as well?

For trimming your hair, I would check out our beard kit that has a shavette and an excellent pair of scissors.

You can get one here.

What is the handle of your shavette made of?

The handle of our Samson Shavette Straight Razor is made of metal in titanium blue, black, or silver.

How do you load the Samson Shavette blade?

What replacement blades would you recommend for your Samson Shavette?

We recommend using Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades for your Samson Shavette Straight Razor.

What blades should I get for my Lucan Shavette?

We recommend a DE blade like this.

What heads fit on the 5-Layer Sandalwood Razor?

Any single pin head will fit the razor, like the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men's Razor Blades.

You just need to look at the razor heads and make sure there is one single pin in the middle like the one in the kit.

What country is the scuttle made in?

Naked Armor products are designed in California, USA. We have multi-production points depending on product mix, time of year, and the complexity of assembly. Our scuttle has been developed with the collaboration of both our Europe and Asia partners.

What size soap fits best in this mug?

Shaving soap pucks work the best in our shaving scuttles—a puck looks like a small round disc that you can pop in the mug. Any round shave puck up 100 grams would be ideal.

Are both the brush and razor handles of the Spartan Sandalwood Shave Kit and Spartacus Safety Razor Kit made of sandalwood?


What is the Blue Eel Strop made out of?

The Blue Eel Strop has 2 parts, one is made from cow leather (made from the sources that are already using the rest of the cow) and the second part is canvas. The buckles on each end are brass (strong clamps for a sturdy attachment). Usually, it's best to strop in the canvas a few times to get the blade clean before hitting the leather.

What's the size of the Blue Eel Strop?

Our Blue Eel Strop is 2.5 X 15 inches.

How do you use the strop sharpening paste?

The Sharpening Paste goes on the leather side—it's used to soften the leather and provide more friction in the regular sharpening area of the strop.

Check out this guide: How to Use Strop Sharpening Paste.

What are your brushes made of?

Our brush hair is made from a synthetic technology called Futura, a type of synthetic fiber that can withstand extreme heat and can actually outlast most animal hair.

Futura is very similar to badger hair, and many believe that it is better for wet shaving because of its stiffer nature. The stiffer bristles allow a wet shaver to lather soap in a mug or scuttle with more tension and thus consistency, resulting in a thicker foam and, therefore, better shave.

What are specs for the brush?

The Swedish Wood Brush and Lucan Wood Brush are 3.9 inches tall and is made with Swedish wood, the Sandalwood Brush is 4.1 inches tall and is made with sandalwood, while the Collapsible Brush is 6.1 inches tall and made with an aluminum handle.

All of them have Futura synthetic badger hair. The bristles are stiff and great for creating a rich hot lather, while the scuttle does the shaving cream warmer part.

Why don't you use badger hair in your brushes?

We don't support the killing of animals to shave our faces. In fact, we donate up to 5% to protecting badgers worldwide. However, we cast no blame or judgment if you are into that.

Would beard oil fit where the brush does in the Cador Case?

For sure. A bottle of beard oil would fit in the Cador Case if the bottle is the same size as the brush—or even if it's a little bigger, it would still fit the razor case. There are about 5 inches in length and plenty of width for a normal-sized balm bottle.

Why did you choose to use hemp on your Hemp Aftershave All-Purpose Balm?

The skin is the largest organ in the body. Hemp helps rebalance the traumatized dermis layer of the skin and is an excellent post-shave natural skin-care remedy.

The abundance of fatty acids in hemp oil offers an excellent choice for nourishing the skin and protecting it from inflammation and oxidation. Hemp helps rejuvenate the skin, allowing it to remain healthy through antioxidant properties promoting healthy skin cells.

Can you use the Hemp Aftershave All-Purpose Balm as a lip balm as well?

Absolutely you can use the Naked Armor Hemp Aftershave All-Purpose Balm anywhere on your body.

Why should I use your Hemp Aftershave All-Purpose Balm, rather than a typical aftershave?

Aftershaves don't allow for the healing properties outlined above. As another side benefit, you can also use our all-natural organic balm to clean your straight razor blades and handles.

Will I fail a drug test if I use your Hemp Aftershave All-Purpose Balm?

No, our Hemp Aftershave All-Purpose Balm wouldn't reach your bloodstream since the skin is a barrier to our bodies. It would be absorbed in the skin and muscles/nerves, but not reach the bloodstream so you wouldn't have an issue with a test. On top of that, the content percentage is very low.

Is your Noah's Organic Shave Soap and Puck glycerin-based and meltable?

Yes, they are.

Straight Razor Education

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What is HRC?

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