Are the razors shave ready?

Yes, they are very sharp out of the box. If it isn't, we will send you a new one. Most of our customers have reported they are the sharpest blades they ever touched.

What is included in the Solomon Kit?

Straight razor with biblical handle + Japanese steel blade, strop, leather travel case, badger-friendly brush, handmade organic soap, custom made wood box and lots of awesomeness.

Solomon Straight Razor Kit

Can I call you?

Yes, you can. Just hop on over to the contact page, send us an email or call us at the listed phone number. We love talking with our customers.

Once I order, how long before you ship?

We ship the same day if you order before 1pm PST. Our package will arrive 2-3 days later via USPS with tracking all the way. Need it quicker? Let us know.

If you order on the weekend, your order will go out on Monday.

Where are the blades made?

Our blades are made in Japan by Samurai warriors. Well, it's Japanese steel, but the warriors part is a bit of a stretch.

What's in the Solomon Kit?

  • Blade for the perfect shave.
  • Strop to keep edge sharp.
  • Leather case for travel & protection.
  • Shaving soap for the face.
  • Badger-friendly brush for the soap.
  • Wax for the strop.

Why don't you use badger hair in your brushes?

We don't support the killing of animals to shave our faces. In fact, we donate 1% to protecting badgers worldwide. However, if you are into that, we cast no blame or judgment.

What are the razor specs?

Solid Algum Handle with Golden Copper Bolsters

  • Blade 15.5cm
  • 61 HRC Japanese Steel
  • Hot Vacuum Treatment
  • High Hardness
  • Anti-skid Scale

Is this razor a full hollow? Also, is it 5/8, 6/8 or 7/8?

This blade is between a half hollow and a full hollow. We wanted to capture both designs’ best aspects, so we designed a blade, technologically speaking, crafted as a hybrid between the 1/2 hollow and full hollow.

The Solomon Straight Razor

Our straight edge razor blade is 7/8 wide at the widest point and 5/8 at the tapered end. Once again, we were looking to engineer a blade that met all the best aspects of straight razor shaving.

What is your refund policy?

We allow a full refund 30 days after purchase, and it must be unused.