Straight Razor For Women: How To Shave Your Legs

Straight Razor For Women: How to Shave Your Legs

Straight razor for women? Why not?

A straight razor is not just for men. It can be an excellent shaving tool for women, too, since it lets you achieve an incredibly close shave, nicking the hair from its roots, hence minimizing the possibilities of problematic results.

The most convenient way to use a straight razor for women is to shave off the hairs on their legs. In that regard, throughout this article, we will discuss the following:

Understanding Body Hair and Hair Removal

Your entire body has a total of about 5 million hair follicles, all having significant importance. They are rich in stem cells that permit healing of the skin, which is helpful if you have a cut or wound.

Although it can be seemingly annoying, body hair is advantageous in cold environments as it makes us feel warm. It also protects the body from external elements, such as dirt and sun damage.

You can liken hairs to one of the natural defense systems of our bodies. Yet, many people, especially women, are too keen on removing them. It is an inevitable sad reality as the beauty industry promoted hair removal as an aesthetic enhancement that can significantly affect a woman's confidence.

But, conforming to a particular aesthetic is not the only reason why women choose to rid hair off of some parts of their bodies. Removing hair is also a comforting need, especially during summer or hotter weather.

Also, through the popularization of his natural selection theories, Charles Darwin’s book, Descent of Man, may have encouraged the modern era of hair removal. That is, homo sapiens from his Theory of Evolution is said to have fewer body hairs than their antecedents, which were considered to be more sexually attractive.

In the early 1900s, upper and middle-class white American women associated smooth skin with prudent femininity, which might have strengthened every woman’s desire to shave and appear more feminine.

Like any other dynamic event, there is also an evolution of tools that women use for shaving. Around 3000 BCE in Egypt and India, some of the first razors used were copper. Upper-class Roman women of the sixth century BCE used pumice stones, tweezers, and depilatories to remove body hair.

During the time of Cleopatra, Egyptians used a sugar mixture in practice akin to waxing. Moving forward in the 21st century of the modern era, women are seemingly considering a straight razor as a tool for leg shaving.

A Guide In Shaving Your Legs With A Straight Razor

In this video, Julia throws down a tutorial on shaving your legs using a straight razor instead of shaving legs using a safety razor. It targets women who get a part of their confidence from getting their legs hairless and completely flawless.

"Shave like a boss.", says Julia as she guides you through the entire process in this easy-to-follow tutorial. We suggest you follow by playing the video and watch as she demonstrates each of the steps.

But before you start, here is what you will need to shave your legs with a straight razor:

  • Straight razor
  • Shaving soap
  • Shaving brush

After you got that sorted out, you can follow these steps as seen in Julia’s video:

  • Prep Your Legs - The first thing to do is to prep your base一in this case, your legs. You can either take a warm shower before shaving or use a warm towel to wipe your skin. This will open up your pores and soften the hair, making it easier for the blade to cut.

  • Strop Your Razor - The golden rule in using a straight razor is to strop your blades every time before you start your shaving routine. If you have a recently purchased straight razor, chances are it is not shave-ready, therefore the need for stropping. Also, your blades will bear microabrasions from your previous shave. If you do not strop, these minor dents will eventually become more seriously damaged and harder to fix.

    You can check out our article on how to strop a straight razor to have a more in-depth understanding of the process. Here is an overview:
  1. Find a good leather strop made of elegant leather, thick blue canvas, and quality connectivity brass to ensure that you do not damage your blades. We recommend using a foot-long strop for more control—fewer chances of cutting yourself and damaging your blade.
  2. Hang the strop from a bathroom drawer by one of the hooks on the strip. Hold the handle at the strop’s bottom in your left hand, and pull the strop tight. Hold the razor by its handle, and place it flat on the strop end farthest away.
  3. Draw the blade away from the cutting edge so the razor does not dig into the leather.
  4. Always hold the razor at the same bevel angle consistently throughout the stropping process. Raising the angle or lowering it will affect the razor’s edge in the wrong way, therefore destroying its edge.
  5. Draw the blade toward you, with the edge pointing away from you, and then rotate the razor to draw it away from you, with the edge pointing toward you. Keep the strokes slow and even.
  6. Count the number of strokes you make—start with 15 to 20. Suppose it is still not sharp, do not hesitate to continue to strop. You can see the effect of stropping by noticing the black marks of metal that have come off the blade onto the leather. Practice or use your strop as much as you can. It is the only way to get the hang of it and make it easier for you to do it quickly and efficiently.
  • Create Lather - In the video, Julia uses shaving soap in a cup and swirls a moistened shaving brush around on the soap’s surface to build her lather. But, if you are using a shaving soap in a tin, like Noah’s Organic Shaving Soap, you can also do the same process minus the cup.

    On the other hand, if you want to further your wet shaving experience, we recommend investing in a shaving scuttle and learning how to use it in creating a warm, thick lather. Simply place your soap on the upper chamber after filling up the inner chamber with warm water. Add a few drops of water to your soap and start swirling your brush on top to lather up.

    Either way, do not use a regular bath soap since it cannot produce a thick and long-lasting foam for shaving. And if you can, it would be best to use an organic shaving soap to avoid introducing harmful ingredients to your body like artificial fat content, coloring, and scents.

  • Applying the Lather - Aside from creating a lather, shaving brushes also act as an application tool. Once you achieve the right consistency of shaving foam, scoop some of it and apply it to your legs using the shaving brush.

    Make an up and down motion when putting the lather on your skin. This method will ensure that the lather coats every hair and skin surface. Plus, it is an excellent way to micro exfoliate your legs to achieve a smooth leg to the touch.

  • Find Your Grip - Next is to know how to use a straight razor. To do this, grab your straight razor, open it up, and find a comfortable grip for you. You can try taking two to three fingers. Place your index finger on the top of the handle with your thumb under the blade and pinky underneath the handle.

    You will know you have the proper grip when you can feel a favorable balance between the blade and the handle. The takeaway is to get the edge not to close back into the handle and not slip through your fingers as you shave.

  • Shaving Process - To begin shaving, place the blade parallel to your skin and angle the top of the edge upwards by 30 degrees. Start by taking a few short strokes to make sure that the angle is correct, repositioning your blade as needed.

    It will be easier for you to remove the hair smoothly with a correct blade angle by using minimal pressure. Imposing less pressure on your skin minimizes the friction, decreasing irritation, possible razor bumps, and accidental cuts.

    As a beginner, it is inevitable to cut yourself. That is why you need to be careful in gliding the straight razor. For the midsections of your legs, use longer strokes. Meanwhile, use short strokes when shaving in bony and small areas like your knees and ankles.

Eventually, the lather on your skin will begin to dry out. When this happens, you can wet your blade or add another layer of lather to your legs. This is when a shaving scuttle mug comes in handy as it can hold more lather that you can readily use.

When you are happy with the results and shave off every hair on your leg, grab a warm towel and wipe off the excess foam. This will also let you remove the hair you shaved off that got stuck on your skin.

As a finishing touch, wash your legs with cold water. If warm water opens up the pores, using cold water after shaving will help close the pores. And do not forget to apply aftershave after the shaving process. Doing so will bring back moisture and nourishment to your skin, soothe it down post-shave, prevent razor burns, and kill off acne-causing bacteria for bump-free smoother legs.

Using a straight razor for women to shave can be scary at first. Yet, gliding anything sharp on your skin is generally frightening if you come to think of it. Accidental cuts will always be there no matter the razor you choose to use. So, why not just use a straight razor and guarantee that you will get a closer and smoother shave?

Mistakes You're Making When Shaving Your Legs

There is a great chance you have been shaving your legs for years or quite a while now. Learning how to shave your legs distinctly way back then might be the cause of your problems.

If you are still struggling with unwanted bumps, missed spots, and other unsatisfactory results, here are the mistakes you are unaware of that you have been probably doing, and you will want to change the next time you take your razor.

  • You are Shaving Your Legs in the Morning - This sounds contradictory, but a smoother leg is more achievable when you do the shaving at night. That is because your legs slightly swell as you sleep, allowing the hair to retreat into its follicles.

    What you want to do is to apply body moisturizer onto your legs before bed to hydrate your skin as you sleep. Doing so will make your legs feel silkier. If you have normal skin, choose a body lotion formula, which is more lightweight; for dry skin, opt for a more decadent and more nourishing body butter or cream.

  • You are Shaving Your Legs As Soon As You Hop Into the Shower - Of course, you want to keep your routine and make it constant. While it is understandable, experts suggest staying in the shower or bath for about 15 minutes before you grab your razor and start shaving.

    Therefore, we recommend starting with shampoo, then conditioning and body cleansing routines beforehand. This will make a lot of sense when shaving because this important tip will soften the hair and open up the follicles. You do not want to stay too long. So, be mindful of that. Otherwise, it will leave your skin wrinkled, swollen, which hinders your aim for a close shave.

  • You are Dry Shaving Your Legs or Using Bar Soap - Mastering how to shave your legs means that you know that dry shaving your legs is a mistake. There are times that you are in a hurry, but learn to fight your temptation to dry shave. What you want to do is lather up your legs with moisturizing shaving cream, gel, or shaving soap to guard your skin and make sure your razor will glide easily against your skin.

    Get a cream with skin-softening ingredients like aloe and oat extract to soothe your legs while you're shaving. If you prefer soap over a cream, make sure that it is for shaving purposes. Better yet, pick a shave soap made from natural ingredients. Moisture-rich shaving soap is just as great as a high-quality shaving cream. It is excellent for lubrication between your skin and your blade.

Naked Armor’s Straight Razors

Straight razor shaving is much easier than people think, so do not let anyone scare you into believing you are not capable. If men can use it for shaving, women can too! If you have set your mind on doing it, you will be successful. It is also okay to take baby steps.

A straight razor is a must to have for women who like shaving their legs and, at the same time, are brave enough to try a single-blade, sharp razor. You will get a better shave, and it will be easier to achieve not only smooth-looking legs but also newly shaved legs that feel great to the touch. Be a goddess who helps save the environment by switching to a straight razor.

Naked Armor's Solomon Straight Razor is the ideal straight razor for women instead of shaving legs with a safety razor. It can be an excellent companion in getting the closest leg shave possible. Our razors are suitable for men and can also be versatile and used by women. We guarantee that you will love the results.



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