What Is An Aftershave Balm: Difference From Lotion And Splash

What Is An Aftershave Balm: Difference From Lotion And Splash
What is an aftershave balm? Is it the same with aftershave lotion and splash? They may all be aftershave products, but they have their differences.

Whenever we talk about shaving, our focus revolves around shaving creams and the quality of blades. We often forget about aftershave products and their life-changing benefits.

Also, because aftershaves are not a standard part of a man’s grooming routine, most lads who routinely shave cannot figure out the right product to use. Some would choose an aftershave product only basing their preference on the scent, but that should not be the case since choosing the appropriate aftershave product is vital for your skin's health.

Whenever we shave, pores open up, making our skin vulnerable to bacterial infections. This is the reason why we need an aftershave: to deal with these possible post-shave complications. And since we all have different skin types, aftershaves come in various forms, such as a splash, a balm, or a lotion.

If you want to benefit from aftershave minus the sting, you need to get the right kind. Everyone has different skin types. Hence, the variation of aftershave products helps prevent bacterial infections in vulnerable post-shave skin.

In this article, we will introduce you to aftershave balms and break down the difference between balm, lotions, and splash by discussing the following:
We will examine the ingredients, purpose, and use to understand the differences between these aftershave products. Below is a detailed discussion of each aftershave product.

What is an Aftershave Balm?

Man Holding Naked Armor's Organic Aftershave BalmAftershave balms are creamier, thicker, and semi-solid and best for those with dry, sensitive skin.
Aftershave balms came to be by combining natural ingredients such as allantoin, glycerin, and aloe vera. They can also contain carrier oils, such as jojoba, coconut, and castor oils, wherein jojoba is known to help mimic the natural sebum that sebaceous glands produce.

Do not get confused with aftershave lotion and balms because balms are usually creamier, thicker, and in a semi-solid form. This consistency allows fast absorption within a few minutes after application, providing instant relief and making your beard and skin feel incredibly soft.

Organic aftershave balms with natural ingredients and no alcohol do not pose any burning sensation and are good if you want to soothe your skin from irritation and razor bumps. But those that do have alcohol, such as alcohol-based balms, are good if you’re battling mild acne.

Those who have dry, sensitive skin with coarse hair would benefit the most from aftershave balms. Aloe vera helps improve skin health and nourish the hair. Meanwhile, glycerin and allantois help in hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Thus, it also prevents common problems such as skin irritation, dryness and razor burn, and other aftershave issues because it protects, soothes, and nourishes your skin.

What is an Aftershave Splash?

Man Using an Aftershave SplashAn aftershave splash is the most common form of aftershave, that if you say "aftershave," a layman would immediately think of a splash.

This kind of aftershave product is the easiest to distinguish among the three. An aftershave splash is a liquid-based aftershave product that you douse on your skin with your hand. It usually contains alcohol, but some have little to no alcohol content.

A typical aftershave splash is 70% alcohol, while the rest is allantois and glycerin. Like lotions and balms, it is also great to use to refresh the skin because it is scented. And since it also has allantois and glycerin, aftershave splash also reduces skin inflammation and improves moisture content.

What makes splashes distinct from other aftershave products is the tingling effect and invigorating sensation it causes whenever you apply it on your face. The alcohol and fragrance in the product cause this sensation.

The alcohol helps kill bacteria that often land on the skin after shaving. It is also best to reduce germ transmission, especially for those who share shaving gears with others.

When using an aftershave splash, ensure that your skin is clean from dirt, hair, lather, and shaving oils. Splash your skin with cold water to close open pores before splashing your aftershave product.

If you have dry and sensitive skin, using an aftershave splash is not ideal for you, unlike balms and lotions. We suggest you stay away from it, especially if it has alcohol in it. The alcohol makes skin pores remain tight, giving way to ingrown hair. However, there are now unscented or zero alcohol aftershave splash alternatives available in the market if you are not a fan of the thick consistency of lotions and balms.

What are Aftershave Lotions?

Man Using an Aftershave LotionWhat differentiates the lotion from the other aftershave types is its consistency—not too thick and not too runny.

Sometimes, aftershave balms can be too thick for some people. Meanwhile, splash can be too thin for their preferences. You can find a good balance if you opt for an aftershave lotion. It has a light creamy consistency, unlike its semi-solid counterpart. And it is milder and not too runny, unlike the liquid-based splash because it is alcohol-free.

Aftershave lotions have glycerin, mineral oils, water, myristyl propionate, aluminum starch, and some fragrance. They help curb skin dryness after shaving by closing pores and moisturizing your skin.

Myristyl propionate is a perfect skin conditioner, while the mineral oils help to enrich the skin and improve the scent.

But before you grab that lotion, make sure you do not have acne-prone skin. The amount of glycerin in aftershave lotions can worsen your skin condition. Hence, it would be best to use a standard splash or balm instead of lotion if you have acne.

Using an aftershave lotion is similar to how you would use an aftershave splash. You will have to clean your face first before splashing the lotion on your face. You do not use it as a balm because it has a more fluid-like consistency. And since this product is already scented, you do not need to add cologne to your post-shave routine.

Aftershave Balm, Lotion, Splash: The Differences

You now know what each aftershave product is and what its ingredients are. That said, let us summarize the differences between aftershave balm, lotion, and splash.

 Purpose Alcohol Content Scent Consistency
Balm Aid in nourishing, protecting, and curbing razor burns and irritations; medicated for topical applications; reduce stiffness and pain resulting from muscle pain and sores Little or no alcohol content Subtle scents Semi-solid and thick
Lotion Help eliminate dryness by making the skin feel soft and smooth; comes with no medication and is only used to moisturize the skin to reduce dryness. No alcohol content Strong scents Light, creamy, and a little bit runny
Splash Tightens skin pores and is anti-inflammatory. High concentration of alcohol of up to 70% Strong, tingling, and revitalizing Fluid or water-like

Aftershave Balm Vs. Lotion Vs. Splash

One of the most annoying things about buying any skincare product is getting something not suitable for you. That is why most men have a love-hate relationship with aftershaves because they fail to use or pick the right aftershave product.

You already understand what aftershave balm is and how it differs from lotions and splashes. But, which one of the three is the best aftershave product?

A good splash, balm, or lotion can help eliminate common aftershave problems such as acne, dry skin, inflammation, and razor burns. So, if you genuinely want to know which of the three is the best, ask yourself what your skin needs the most.

If you have normal skin that does not produce excess oil or look flaky, we recommend using an aftershave balm. Here at Naked Armor, we have an organic Aftershave All-Purpose Organic Balm With Hemp, made with all-natural ingredients and packed with more than ten essential oils, specially chosen to nourish and cleanse your skin after shaving.

For those who have dry skin, you can either use a lotion or balm. And if you have oily skin, the splash will work best for you. Ultimately, if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin, stay away from balm and splash.

Partner your chosen aftershave product with the best shaving tools like our Naked Armor Razors to achieve the best results. We have a wet shave razor shave kit that includes everything you need to shave at home or on the road.

We make it easy. You don't need anything else but this kit. 

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