How to Compliment A Nice Beard

How to Compliment A Nice Beard

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How often do you compliment someone?

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Compliments are an awesome way to connect with someone. When it’s meant honestly, it creates a positive energy that connects both the giver and the receiver. It makes the atmosphere pleasant and motivates people to treat each other nicely.

This is probably the reason why Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffyman from New Hampshire started National Compliment Day in 1998. Held every January 24th, this unofficial national holiday is celebrated by saying something nice to your friends, family, and co-workers.

Giving compliments has a lot of benefits. It motivates people to work harder and do a great job. It also spreads happiness. Psychologists point out studies that show that it can make the person giving out the compliment happier as well. If a compliment can make a person smile, all the better for it. Especially since smiling is shown to also burn calories.

Overall, it creates a positive environment. It benefits everyone, especially in the workplace. Studies have shown a link between workers giving each other compliments and them feeling more positive about their working environment.

Here in our own bearded community, wonderful compliments are something that we can’t get enough of! There’s a pleasure to be had in being complimented for the time and effort that we spent in grooming our beards. Women get to be complimented often on their hairstyles but really, men should be also complimented for their beard styles.

Now if you don’t know how to compliment a guy’s beard, don’t worry. We went online to our favorite shaving communities to find out how bearded men would love to be complimented.

1. Try Using Adjectives like Magnificent, Awesome, or Majestic

Telling a guy that his beard looks awesome or any similar adjective can make his day. It takes hard work to groom a beard. Not only do they have to prep it up but they also have to carefully spend time trimming the beard lines with a straight razor. There’s also a proper post-grooming maintenance that a beard has to undergo. That’s why guys with facial hair are very proud of their beards. A genuine compliment will light them up and put them in a great mood for the rest of the day.

2. Ask Him Some Tips

For guys, complimenting a bearded bro by asking him for tips on how he maintains his awesome beard is one way of getting him to be your friend for life. Nothing will make him prouder than being able to share his grooming secrets or convert you into becoming a beard aficionado. In online shaving communities, sharing grooming tips is a time-honored tradition. It helps strengthens the bond among beard enthusiasts. And if you make it a water cooler topic in your office, we guarantee that you’re going to have lots to talk about during your break.

3. Tell Him He Resembles Tony Stark

Or Aquaman, or Black Panther, or whoever blockbuster superhero his beard resembles. Beards are having a resurgence in Hollywood that’s why a lot of celebrity actors are wearing beards and making stylish choices on the types of beard that they wear. And who doesn’t want to be like them?

If you connect and get to converse a bit, you can certainly elaborate. We don’t generally get enough compliments in a day, so we’ll take anything we can get. Kidding aside, sincere compliments will always make our day.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

4. Make a Contest Out of It

Sometimes though, men don’t like to compliment other men because it might be misinterpreted the wrong way. One way of getting around this issue is to compare yourself with him. Most men generally like to respond to this sort of thing. For example, one could compliment a nice beard or mustache by saying "I really like your beard. I wish mine looked that good.'' Or, "Your mustache is really impressive. I'd like to grow one like that but my wife would really hate it.” Before you know it, you’ll be exchanging grooming tips with each other.

5. Give Him a Fist Bump

Or you can just be cool about it.

A fist bump is a cool way to signal appreciation for the guy’s beard or share camaraderie for growing facial hair. Or you can even give him a casual nod, then smile, before telling him he has an awesome beard. Anything more than that can make some guys feel uncomfortable.

If you connect and get to converse a bit, you can certainly elaborate. We don’t generally get enough compliments in a day, so we’ll take anything we can get. Kidding aside, sincere compliments will always make our day.

6. Ask Him How Old His Baby Is

We kid you not. Apparently, among bearding communities, guys refer to their beards as babies. So when you ask him how old his baby is, you’re asking him how long he has been maintaining his beard. He’ll take that as a compliment and a conversation-starter on the many ways that he does in order to maintain his gorgeous beard.

How to Compliment a Nice Beard

7. Grab His Beard

This one is best left for their mother or their kid. Only they can get away with grabbing two fistfuls of his beard while smiling and tugging his face left and right. It’s an embarrassing act of affection that only a loved one can do.

Try doing this to a stranger and you’d probably get punched. Even worse, you can be dragged to the police station!

Luxurious Shaving

Here at Naked Armor, we’d like to think that an even better way of complimenting men is to give them a beard grooming kit to make their beards even more awesome.

Our Shavette Beard Kit has everything you need in order to make a beard magnificent. It comes with a shavette razor which uses replaceable blades to keep the beard sharply groomed and trimmed. It’s the perfect gift that will make the shaving and grooming experience a luxurious one.

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