What She Really Thinks About Men’s Hairy Butts—We Asked Her!

What She Really Thinks About Men’s Hairy Butts—We Asked Her!

Spring cleaning is often about tidying and getting rid of unwanted things in one’s apartment, leaving the space clean and clutter-free.

At Naked Armor, it is all about cleaning men’s hairy parts, even hairy ass cheeks.

Because we like to feel good and always look our best for our lady friends, we asked them the same questions you are dying to know:

What is the deal with body hair on men? Do you like us to shave our body hair or go all-natural—hairy assholes and all?

Today, we are finally shedding some light on what may seem as silly but important inquiries while reminding you of body hair facts and why in the world does hair grow everywhere, even in your butt crack.

In this article:


Facts About Body Hair


To shave or not to shave your body hair depends on your preference and maybe your woman’s preference, too.

Women’s opinions on your body hair will undoubtedly surprise you. But before you reach for your straight razors to forge a path in the jungle on your chest or clear the lawn on your hindsight, let us remind ourselves of a few facts about the hair on our bodies:


  • Fact #1: Body Hair Serves A Function

    The hair on your body is there for a reason: it acts as a temperature regulator, cooling your body when you sweat. It is also there to serve as a barrier against dirt and other bacteria that may enter through your eyes, nose, ears, and anus.

    Sweating is natural and necessary, but imagine what it would be like if we had no eyebrows? We would have tears of sweat running into our eyes every time we went jogging or working out.

    So, for the hair on your butt, as weird as it may sound, it exists because that area down there is sensitive. It serves as a protection from dirt, bacteria, and excess moisture.

  • Fact #2: Hairy Men Are… Smarter (Who Knew?)

    Dr. Aikarakudy Alias, practicing in Illinois, studied American and Indian men and found a correlation between body hair and intelligence. His study also found that Mensa members (the high IQ society) were more likely to have thick body hair.

  • Fact #3: Both Women And Men Trim Their Pubic Hair

    In a 2019 study, researchers found out that 90% of their respondents (women) had engaged in pubic hair removal of some kind in the past. And the most popular method? Shaving, of course.

    Whether for more sex appeal, feeling of cleanliness, or comfort, most of us chose to keep it short down there. Keeping some hair in our intimate areas helps protect our genitals from disease-causing bacterias and lessen the friction imposed during sexual intercourse.

  • Fact #4: We Get Hairier As We Age

    Yep, it happens to men and women; the testosterone in our hormones is to blame for turning the downy hair on our ears, nostrils, and shoulders into a thick layer. That is why grooming and shaving are becoming a necessity if we want to look dapper!

  • Fact #5: Body Hair Doesn’t Cause Body Odor

    Say whatever you like, but do not blame your body hair if you have an unpleasant body odor because many things can come into factor.

    Also, researchers from the Czech Republic already found out that hair does not necessarily affect one’s odor by asking men respondents to shave one armpit and go au naturel on the other.

    In the end, there is only a “transient effect on perceived body odor pleasantness” from shaved armpits, wherein multiple experiments for several weeks show that “axillary hair shaving has an impact on body odor quality and intensity. However, the effect is relatively weak and was not observed in all experiments and also not when the hair was relatively short.”

Now, let’s go back to what our girlfriends told us about their preferences. They don’t all unanimously have the same tastes, of course—it’s different strokes for different folks—but we found out that a few details would scare them away, and we wouldn’t want that, would we, gentlemen?


    What Women Really Think About Men's Body Hair



    Overall, women like chest hair on a man because it is seen as masculine and sexy. Heck, even hair on the belly is fine too that they even have a name for it: a treasure trail!

    Some Like It Smooth, Some Like it Shaggy

    Some like to cuddle up to their man’s chest and run their fingers through it. Even a carpet chest or hairy armpits are acceptable, as long as we keep it clean and free of foul body odor.

    If your chest or armpit hair is very long and tufts are escaping from your collar and sleeves, you may want to trim it a little, but make sure the hair is smooth afterward.

    Here is a fool-proof grooming tip: On the palms of your hands, rub a bit of natural balm and apply it to your chest. It will soften the hair and leave it smelling great. It is also suitable for your skin, as it is anti-acne, anti-bacterial, and won't clog your pores.

    Do's and Don'ts

    So you are off the hook here. There is no need to shave your chest, but if hair grows over your shoulders and back, and if you have a hairy arse, do something about it, dude!

    It has to go!

    Because the hair on the arse is a complete turn-off for women.

    There are several ways of getting rid of it. You can shave, use depilatory cream, or even wax—if you like pain.

    A better (or the best) idea is to use our wet shaving kit and make sure that your straight razor is clean. Ask your girlfriend for some intimate bonding like never before—helping you with some body hair spring cleaning. Women love to groom their men like animals do. It must be something we inherited from our tribal ancestors.

    The bottom line is, if you have a hairy back and butt, you will have bad luck in your love life, but after shaving it, you will feel great and more confident.

    When it comes to our private parts, as we have seen in the facts above, both men and women like to trim down there, so you know what to do: ‘Keep that shit under control.’ Trim those bushes! Keep them clean and fresh.

    After all, it’s only fair that we engage in a bit of manscaping when women are pretty much expected to have hairless bodies.

    One piece of advice we got from them: "If a guy shaves his legs or spends more time grooming than I do, that’s too much." They may want a manicured head-to-toe look on themselves but not on a guy.

    We understand grooming your intimate areas may be taboo or new for you. So, here are Naked Armor’s top three products to help you get started:


    Top Body Hair Trimmers For Men

    1. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 5000



    • Very close and mostly nick-free shaves
    • Great for the groin area/manscaping
    • Effective pull-style shaving head with 3 guards
    • Good battery life and build quality
    • Long handle for shaving the back
    • Durable (and reasonably priced) shaving head
    • Great value for money



    • Fixed shaving head
    • No integrated adjustable guard
    • Only works cordless
    • Noisy

    2. Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer Series 7000

    Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver



    • Extremely versatile (body, beard & hair trimmer)
    • 23 attachments and accessories
    • Excellent build quality (brushed aluminum body)
    • Fantastic battery life (5 hours on a single charge)
    • Cordless & corded use
    • Very quiet during use
    • Reasonably priced



    • Not ideal for sensitive areas
    • Lots of parts
    • No case or counter top organizer 
    • No power cube

    3. Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro


    Convenience and versatility in one. The Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro makes grooming intimate areas easy and fuss-free with its hybrid design that can cleanly trim and shave any hair length.




    • Used wet or dry
    • Shave any length of hair
    • Blade lasts up to 4 months
    • Replaceable blades easy to change
    •  Powerful Li-ion battery 
    • 12 length setting



    • Not a do-all shaver
    • No blade guard
    • Not great for shaping and edging
    • Teeth are so small, hard for coarse hairs

    The Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 removes the discomfort of removing body hair, especially in hard-to-reach private areas. It has versatile options, a back attachment, and three-length trim guards that let you achieve an irritation-free shave.


    The Cleancut ES412 is the OG personal shaver for the most private areas in your body. It was pioneered and continues to be manufactured in Japan with its original quality and craftsmanship. It provides a close, smooth, non-irritating shave with its slotted foil and interior rotating blade.

    What About White Hair?

    If the hair on the head or beard goes grey, this can add style and manliness, and many men can rock that look.

    But white hair on your sideburns and chest hair? It would be best to keep it short and neat. If the white hair is evenly spread out, you will be rocking a salt-and-pepper look, which is excellent, but tufts of white hair will definitely make you look older.

    What About Beards?


    A man with good beard often looks cool and composed.

    Beards are cool. We at Naked Armor can vouch for that, but watch out for the beard burn you may inflict. Ladies are generally fans of the bearded look as long as they do not get a rash from kissing you.

    So keep it smooth, make it look good, and have it feeling soft to the touch by using our Grizzly Beard Kit. And make sure there are no breakfast crumbs nestled in there, either.

    So there you have it: just as a sleek shave leaves you feeling great, so does a little bit of manscaping can go a long way. You will feel good and keep your girlfriend happy.

    Make it playful and do it together; wet shave or straight razor shave, take your pick, but first, you’ve got to teach her how to hold a straight razor properly!


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    • Sydney Martens

      As a woman I’m sure I’m outnumbered on this but I prefer my man’s ass to be hairy. I tell my husband not to shave it and tell him men are supposed to be hairy, women are supposed to be smooth. I like resting my face on his hairy ass after I get done rimming him. He does have to keep his pubes trimmed but I prefer his balls, ass and taint hairy. I love his natural musky masculine scent and taste down there especially when he comes home all sweaty from work or the gym. I like pressing my nose into his hairy nether regions and backside and sniffing away. The smell is so erotic.

    • Nicolas M Lombino

      This is so informative and amazing, I struggle with severe ass hair, It grows uncontrollably for years at a time. It can truly overtake me and turn my life into a living hell, this article has helped me overcome my fear of confronting it in a battle which could possibly result in the shaving of it or of my death by its hands. It has learned how to use scissors.

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