How To Get Stubble: Growing A Beard and Trimming

How To Get Stubble: Growing A Beard and Trimming

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Getting a sexy and neat stubble is a clever way to let a strong jawline stand out.

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A stubble look seems to give out a confident aura.

These days, being clean-shaven is not the only way to look sophisticated and well-groomed. When perfect stubble is achieved, it can accentuate your features, create a mature and sexy appearance, and define your jawline.

Most importantly, if you are fed up with being called a ‘flower boy’ due to your baby-face appearance and want to look masculine, stubble can transform your look positively in an instant. Stubble may still have a rugged feel, but instead of sloppy, it is now considered stylish and the best choice if you’re aiming for a clean, sexy look.

The common misconception in having a stubble is that it doesn’t take work like being clean-shaven.

While it’s true that having stubble doesn’t demand you to shave every day, it does require a routine to maintain its shape and overall look. Don’t make your effort in getting your stubble to go to waste by refusing to do so. Your polished stubble would end up looking scruffy without proper care and maintenance. So, if you want to get compliments on your stubble wherever you go, you should know how to get the perfect look.

Stubble can be anything between a few days and weeks of growth. Stubble can be considered similar to a short beard. However, its shorter length is advantageous as the hairs don’t come away from the skin as much. With stubble, you don’t have to feel the weight of having a beard hanging over your chin just to make yourself look mature and masculine. Creating a manly and distinguished look with stubble is the best alternative that will work like magic for any man, whether you want to impress the ladies or just want to effortlessly look put together.

In this article, you will learn:

A neatly-trimmed stubble can perfect your look.

Stubble VS. Beard

A stubble is becoming more preferred these days since it adds the confidence of having a beard but requires
less maintenance.

For men who prefer lower maintenance facial hair and are less tolerant of what a beard can give, such as itchy patches, getting and maintaining a stubble is better than opting for beard growth. Only that it is essential to note that long and full beards are more intentional and noticeable, so if you like a lot of attention and want many eyes on you, by any means, grow a beard, and you will make heads turn. Personal preference matters here. Follow whichever will boost your manliness and confidence.

Highlighting now their differences, the length is the simplest way to define the two. Your facial hair is considered stubble if it is less than 5 mm long. It can only be called a beard once it grows and crosses that 5 mm length. We’re not telling you to measure your beard to decide. You can quickly tell by its look. If you want to be more specific, it crosses into “short beard” territory. Your facial hair crosses the 5 mm mark around 10 to 15 days of growth from being clean-shaven. Though, it varies from man to man.

There’s also a difference in how they are being taken care of. Again, getting stubble doesn’t mean that you’re free from building a routine that will keep it nice and polished. Regardless of length, facial hair requires nurture, so you need to exert effort in taking care of it. But since we are talking about their differences and now in terms of proper maintenance, we must say that full and long beards demand more intensive pampering than stubble.

You want to start using a beard brush to train the beard to grow in the direction of your choice after around four weeks of growth. A brush helps distribute the natural oils from your facial skin and beard evenly. It is also great for conditioning and cleaning your beard. Around 10 to 12 weeks of growth, you are ready to switch to a beard comb to make your whiskers neat and look fuller. Combing it regularly will prevent hairs from tangling and curling back on themselves.

Having a full beard also requires styling products. You can use beard balm the same way you use beard oil. Both products add softness, shine, and manageability to facial hair. You also want to apply beard wax that acts as a coating to protect the hair against weather and harmful agents like wind and dust. Having these essentials, including the brush and comb, is critical of total facial hair growth phases.

For stubble, it does not require all that have been mentioned that are needed for a full beard. Stubble doesn’t hang over your chin, so brushing and combing would be of no use. However, if you want to keep a stubble, keep in mind that it’s not a joke to maintain a permanent one. To see a poorly-maintained stubble is not a pleasing sight. It looks lazy and unclean and can take a toll on your individuality as a man. You may not need a brush or comb, but you will need to trim, shape, and groom it. If it feels unnaturally rough to the touch, you will also need to soften it. In that case, applying beard oil on stubble is encouraged.

You see, even though full beards may require more intense maintenance, stubble has its different demands for proper care that you must follow and practice. Otherwise, you will be left with messy stubble, which would instead gain negative attention from people you pass by.

Will Stubble Suit Me?

Some men planning to get stubble may not want to learn this, but facial hair doesn’t suit all men. If a man gets facial hair, either it would look fabulous with proper care or look like the worst decision. However, no man will know until he tries, so make sure that you’re doing your experiment right with the aid of research and tutorials. If you think you are not prepared for all the routine of maintaining a stubble, it’s not the time yet for you to have one, or maybe it is not for you.

Imagine the overall appearance when considering getting a stubble. A clean shave may be a better option if it’s coming in patchy and looks bare. If you attempted to have it done for the first time, pay attention to friends’ and colleagues’ comments. Compliments and acknowledgment of your effort are an indication that you can keep the stubble with confidence. It means you are rocking it. Though, by any means, follow the look that you desire to have. Your face, your rules. You will never go wrong with your decision if you know what suits you best and know how to take care of it properly.

If you want to keep a stubble, keep in mind that it’s not a joke to maintain a permanent one. To see a poorly-maintained stubble is not a pleasing sight. It looks lazy and unclean and can take a toll on your individuality as a man.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

How to Get Stubble

Once you’re confident with your decision of getting a stubble, proceed on taking notes of these three steps that can help you with your ‘new you’ journey.

Growing A Beard

If you are clean-shaven, take a few weeks from shaving. Allow your facial hair to grow so that you are able to trim it later on. Within three to four days, you should start seeing stubble growing. On the other hand, if you have a beard right now and want to get a stubble, shave it off and wait for your hair to grow. We highly recommend wet shaving—with its creamy lather, you will surely get a close and excellent shave. When shaving, remember to shave the hair off of your neck.


Once you've got your beard to just the right length, it's time to trim and shape it. Start by carefully creating a line under your chin. Your neck itself should be clean-shaven and tidy below the line. Proceed to trim the area of your beard beneath your cheekbones, carefully forming a downward oval shape. Or draw a straight diagonal line from the beginning of your sideburn to the edge of your mustache. Then tidy up the area below your mouth. Once done, give your overall look a review to ensure everything is looking good.

How to Trim Your Boxed Beard with a Straight Razor

How to Trim Your Boxed Beard with a Straight Razor

Maintaining A Stubble

Finish with an aftershave. This will also close your pores and soothe your skin, which is nice if you have delicate and sensitive skin that is easily irritated by shaving. You may also want to consider moisturizing your skin with beard oil to keep it feeling soft. Trim and shave regularly to maintain your preferred length and keep the edges of your stubble beard neat.

Naked Armor Essentials

Whether you opt for a full beard or tone down and get stubble, it is essential to know that both need proper maintenance once you decide to keep either of them. It’s just a matter of preference in choosing the best type of facial hair to make you feel confident. Stubble is the perfect option for men who desire to put sharpness on their jawlines and cheekbones. Other than that, it is also a safe option if you don’t like being deemed “flower boy” due to your clean-shaven look or don’t like how having a full beard makes you look older than your age.

Here at Naked Armor, we can cater to everything you need, whatever your choice is. In getting a stubble, we highly recommend our Shavette Straight Razor to be your wand in shaping your stubble perfectly and providing a sleek look that will sharpen your jawline and cheekbones. Enjoy a masculine look and a luxurious shaving and trimming experience that you deserve!

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