How To Trim Sideburns Using Different Razors

How To Trim Sideburns Using Different Razors

If bangs frame a woman’s face, beards and sideburns give more definition to a man’s face. You know how to groom your beard, but do you know how to trim sideburns properly?

When talking about sideburns, the usual gear of choice would be an electric razor. After all, that is what barbers of today use. But did you know that you can also use other kinds of razors to trim and style sideburns?

Without a doubt, it’s a yes!

Here is how to trim sideburns using different razors:

The Proper Way to Trim Sideburns

Barber shaving a man's sideburnTrimming sideburns is tricky, but with the correct tool and a helpful guide in hand, you'll be able to master it like a professional barber in no time.

Sideburns are a bit tricky to deal with. You either get compliments or you get weird looks That is why lads opt to leave it to the professionals. Its location is the major turn-off for grooming. It would be best to have a precise tool, hand, and technique to get it right.

The problem is, getting a barbers’ shave can be too costly for some. Imagine shelling out $45 for a clean shave that will become a stubble after a few hours? Not many people will think that it's worth it.

If you plan to save some dollars and learn a new skill while looking stylish, follow the guide below to learn how to trim sideburns using the handiest of razors:

The Perfect Sideburn Length

Before trimming the peninsula of hair on the sides of your face, first, ask yourself if it is the right time for you to cut it.

For the experts at Braun, sideburn comes in all lengths and widths, from stopping at the top of the ear to stopping at the bottom of the ear. There are also mutton chops, among other styles. Either way, it should be based on your face shape and personality.

Sideburns that are 1 ½’’ wide are the standard—the ideal length for the conservative, clean-cut gentlemen. Meanwhile, if you choose to style it wider than that, there is an assumption that you are more of the creative or eccentric type of guy.

For length, men with long faces would look their best with a short sideburn. The opposite goes for those with a shorter face, meaning that longer sideburns would suit them perfectly. Although anyone would look good with medium-length sideburns that lay just above the tragus or the middle of the ear, that is why it is a crowd favorite among the lads back at Badger & Blade.

    Nevertheless, when it comes to the basics of trimming sideburns, you should remember these tips. You should never go above the tragus, choose what compliments your face shape and hairstyle, and leave it natural. Also be sure to choose a sideburn style that pairs nicely with your face shape and hairstyle and do not use your ears as a reference since not all ears are symmetrical—our bodies never are.

    Can You Trim Sideburns with a Plastic Razor?

    The most convenient shaving tool every man has seen is the disposable plastic razor. It’s always available at the nearest store and literally every store you go to.

    For quick shaves, these flimsy plastics get the job done just good enough. That is why they are so addicting! But for sideburns, how good of a job can they give?

    Trimming sideburns with a plastic razor is okay. It’s not great, but it is possible, without a doubt. Check out this video on how to trim sideburns with a plastic razor:

    Andrew’s technique shows us the proper angle to get that distinct sideburn edge. Notice how he emphasized using a razor with a single straight blade and not a dual.

    Once you find the angle, position the razor to where the line is cut and find your desired length—re-angle to where you want to make your first shave downwards. If there are left-over stubbles, back your razor up slightly forward and then come down again.

    Continue going up and only stopping at the line you created to not to mess up your sideburns’ length.

    So, yes. It is possible to use a plastic razor for trimming sideburns. But if we are being honest, it can be difficult to be precise.

    Trimming Sideburns with a Shavette Straight Razor

    The most efficient way to trim your sideburns is to use a razor with a single-edged blade. It can either be a straight razor or a shavette straight razor.

    A traditional straight razor may be too heavy and long to maneuver in such a narrow area. However, it is perfect for those with beards who want to create a more defined sideburn connecting to their beards. See the video below:

    Meanwhile, for our clean-shaven brothers, shavette straight razors are more ideal. For fewer mistakes and better precision, using shavette straight razors from trimming sideburns is the best way to go.

    To trim sideburns using a shavette straight razor, you first have to set the angle of your sideburns by the spine. Use downward shaving strokes while moving the razor upward until you feel the edge hit the hair. Continue until you reach your desired length.

    Or… you can watch this video from Dr. Matt:

    Although he uses a traditional straight razor, the technique also works with a shavette. Make sure you use a shavette straight razor and not a kamisori-style one.

    Best Razor for Trimming Sideburns

    Samson Shavette Straight RazorShavette straight razors are the best razor to use when trimming sideburns.

    The skin on the face is more sensitive than the skin on other body parts. That is why you need to be extra careful when shaving or trimming sideburns.

    Electric clippers and razors are what many prefer to use for trimming sideburns. The problem is these tools do not result in a close-shave finish. Hence, unwanted stubbles may be left, which can look like a sideburn nightmare.

    So, the best razors for trimming sideburns are the shavette straight razors. It has the perfect size for the tight area at the side of your face. Not only that, but you can also easily see the angle you are shaving on, making it quicker to determine the length of your sideburns.

    But most importantly, shavette straight razors can give you a shave similar to a traditional straight razor without the hassle of blade maintenance. It will undoubtedly let you trim your sideburns perfectly and give it the definition you need in one pass.

    Get all the essentials you need to trim sideburns below:

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