Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit
Meliant Straight Razor Kit

Meliant 7/8" Straight Razor Kit

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The Meliant Straight Razor is a resilient and high-quality wet shaving tool with a 7/8" blade made from high-quality ACRO Japanese stainless steel with an HRC of 62-63 and a 25k gold logo stamped on it. The scales of the Meliant Straight Razor is made of Olive Wood with colored resin inset. Olive wood has a multicolored appearance and is more resistant to mold infestation and water than other woods. Its great insulation properties add a more relaxing touch to your shaving grip. The resin inset adds to the scales’ sturdy construction and handsome finish.
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✔️ Meliant Straight Razor
✔️ Leather Travel Case
✔️ Leather Strop
✔️ Badger-Friendly Shaving Brush
✔️ 7oz Organic Shave Soap
✔️ Tin of Sharpening Paste
✔️ Handcrafted Wooden Box
✔️ Wet Shave Guide
✔️ Brand Catalog

Naked Armor Trust
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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Abram Moats (New York, US)
Christmas gift - Thor Straight Razor

Amazing! Abram has wanted a razor for years and I’ve spent months looking at the different companies available—yours was easily the best and a perfect fit!

Great shave and better savings

Used to have to spend 20$ on razors every month. Smoothest shave I’ve ever had and I’ll never have to deal with crappy razors. 10/10 recommend for ladies

J.C. (Port Saint Lucie, US)
Very Nice Kit

First off, let me say this. It is the first time I've used a straight razor, therefore I have nothing to compare this razor to. I'm one of those people that research products before a purchase. Reading reviews, for what they are worth. Most reviews comment on the razor not being sharpe, which was the major cause in less positive reviews.

The Kit arrived within a few day after I ordered it. Looked just like the picture, So I guess I can say you get what you order. Again, this is my first straight razor. it was lighter than I expected, looked good no blemishes that I can see. I also received the ceramic scuttle as a Father's Day promotion, and I ordered the stand. All of which appeared to be good quality, time will tell.

So, the first thing I did was use the strop and paste to get the blade shave ready. Once again I will say this was my first time using a straight razor. Using small strokes to get the proper angle and pressure, I got a nice close smooth shave. Getting the angles and how to hold the razor to get around your face will take time and practice. I will admit there were a few areas that could have been closer, but again I believe this will come in time it's a learning curve. As for the shape of the Thor razor, you do have to be careful with the tip, but is great for shaping and edging which is why I choose it. I must admit felt nice using a straight razor to shave with. If You are thinking of taking the plunge and try a straight razor shave, I'd say do it. It's a different kind of shave, using a single edge blade to remove your facial hair.

S.S. (North Wilkesboro, US)
New guy with a razor

Over all good product,but like anything else there's room for improvement.The logo on the outside of the box needs to be burned in or cut in before it's sealed.You can bearly see it and the woods not sealed were logo is cut in which let's moisture into the wood which over time will cause the wood to rot.Inside the box need to cut the slots for the shaving pieces to fit better I have to pull the brush out by the bressal not the handle.This is the first actual straight razor I've bought,I've been using a straight razor with despable blades for about a year.With that said overall it's a good well made razor,but what level they mean ready to shave out of the box they mean I don't know.What I mean is if you saved last night or two days ago it'll cut fine or shave your beard off sharp right out of the box.I didn't shave for 4 days waiting for it to come so I'd have hair to shave and I had to touch it up with the strop to get it to start shaving more like it should.Im doing the 30 degree and all that and I understand there's a learning curve going from one type of straight razor to a true straight razor.all n all it's a good razor and I like it.Their help videos suck! and was no help what so ever I got more out of reading the manual that comes with the razor and watching other videos I found.

Solid quality introduction to straight razor shaving.

This is such a nice gift set and a complete introduction to shaving with a straight razor! Or at least it would be, if there were a full gift box in which to present it. Mine arrived in the rain with some soggy mess on top that I assume might have once been the top of a gift box, but it was so soggy, smooshy, and wet that I couldn't positively identify it. What's weird is that the bottom of the gift box was in perfect shape, so that's what I'm left with, the bottom ONLY of a gift box, no top, so it makes for a weird presentation. Anyway, it's not the end of the world, but it's still really disappointing since this is meant to be a *gift*.

As for the contents inside, they are fantastic! I got this for my son. He has never used anything like this, but as a well dressed young solicitor, I think it's right up his alley. The razor looks and feels like good quality, though I think it needs to be stropped first. Of course, this kit has a beautiful leather strop, as well as stropping paste. It also comes with shave soap and a brush (which is badger-free. I had no idea others were made WITH badger hair!). It is all nicely presented in a wooden box with a velvety molded insert to keep everything in its place. There is also a booklet in this kit that explains all the ins and outs of shaving.

All in all, I think this will be a perfect gift for our son. He lives in London and we haven't seen him yet to give it to him, but as the recipient, I am sure he'll be quite pleased with it. As the giver, I am mostly happy with it, but that missing top to the box really bugs me...enough to deduct one star. I still recommend this gift set, though, especially as a present for a young man...perhaps one fresh out of college or high school and on the brink of adulthood, where the razors are sharp and the shaving brushes are badger-free!

In Arthurian legends, Meliant was King Arthur’s most trusted and strongest among the Knights of the Round Table. The Meliant Straight Razor honors his knightship by being a resilient and high-quality wet shaving tool with a 62-63 artisan Japanese stainless steel blade and a round point.

A great daily shave starts with a quality straight razor. Use the best traditional straight razor—not just some plastic spoon masquerading as a razor. Naked Armor delivers a smooth and close shave for an awesome shaving experience—100% Guaranteed.

Straight razor shaving is a fantastic way to start your day. Looking great is the best way to happiness. She will love it! This razor was designed using a razor sharp steel and wood style, and thousands of exceptional men have proved its effectiveness just like you.

✅ The Meliant Straight Razor is also available as a single blade + leather case.

Great Shave At Home Every Day

💈 Straight razors offer the cleanest and closest shave you can ever have. You no longer need to travel to the local barber to get a great shave; you can wet shave in the comfort of your own home.

The main feature of this kit is its razor. The Meliant Straight Razor blade is made from high-quality ACRO Japanese stainless steel with an HRC of 61-62 and a 25k gold logo stamped on it. You can buy a cheaper razor, but it won’t be made with quality steel and hardwood.

Meliant Straight Razor Kit

The Meliant Straight Razor isn’t just designed to give you a great shave. It’s meant to have an enduring classic style that can be passed down to your son. Here are some blade basics we learned from the real masters of shaving after working with them to create our awesome razor:

  • start with great steel
  • hone to perfection
  • use hardwood in handle

We crafted this blade with the best steel available in the world and with the highest hardness rating found in any straight razor to create the best face-to-shave ratio.
We started by importing Japanese stainless steel sheets with a hardness rating of 61-62 HRC. You can read about why that's important by hitting this link.

Our Meliant Straight Razor was designed to be sharp and stay sharp with proper razor maintenance. 

You Save $1000 Straight Razor Shaving

💰 You get the perfect mixture of strength and precision with the Meliant Straight Razor and $1000 in your pocket after four years of shaving. Having a smooth manly face comes at a cost, but you can save money by switching to this straight razor—no more running to the store to grab a cheap plastic spoon to shave with.

The statistics show that in 4 years, you'll save $1000 by switching to a straight razor. Not to mention that plastic razors contribute to a disposable, throwaway society. Two billion plastic razors are thrown away each year, thus using a straight razor reduces your impact on the environment by lowering what ends up in the trash.

Everything You Need in One Wood Box

This straight razor shave kit includes everything you need to shave with a straight razor at home & on the road. Let's review what you get in the Meliant Straight Razor Kit:

  • Japanese Stainless Steel Blade
  • Leather Travel Case
  • Leather Strop
  • Badger-Friendly Shaving Brush
  • Tin of Shaving Soap
  • Tin of Sharpening Paste
  • Handcrafted Wooden Box

We wanted to make things easy for you, so we placed everything you need in this kit, but there are a few other things that you might want to consider getting to improve your shave routine further.

Meliant Straight Razor Kit

Straight Razor Stand & Hot Foam Scuttle

✅ STAND: Our zinc alloy razor stand racks your straight razor and brush in the air, enabling airflow to gently dry and remove the moisture from your blade and brush. Additionally, the stand keeps your razor off the bathroom sink counter and will make your wife happy. You need to store your new straight razor in a dry location between shaves.

✅ SCUTTLE: If you haven’t used a hot lather scuttle before, then you are in for a real treat. Preparing the scuttle takes a few minutes, and the result is a hot leather shave, just like at the barbershop. Add hot water, use a brush to whisk the shave puck, and watch the magic later appear like a beautiful genie. When used with a thick layer of wet shaving foam, the Meliant Straight Razor will move smoothly across your face for the closest shave possible.

Available in two styles: Ceramic Scuttle or Stainless Steel Scuttle.

Straight razor care and maintenance will ensure that your razor lasts for generations, and by adding the stand and scuttle to your order, you are creating the ultimate wet shave experience.

  • Buy Kit + Shave Scuttle + Stand
  • Strop the blade a few times the night before you shave;
  • Add hot shaving foam to your face;
  • Shave like a boss—look and feel great.

Made For Gifting

🎁 The Meliant Straight Razor Kit was designed to give every man a great shave. Whether it's for you or someone else, everything comes in a quality handcrafted pine wood gift box.

Straight Razor Gift Set

The pine box may be reused to gift other items or might end up on the shelf in your home. No throwaway packaging—reusable and functional, just like your new razor. Guaranteed to make both men and women happy.

Award-Winning Straight Razor Kit

🎖️ Naked Armor Straight Razors have won premium awards for Best Straight Razors by Gear Hungry and other straight razor enthusiasts.

This blade design falls in a full hollow for excellent edge retention and easy blade maintenance.

Our straight edge razor blade is 7/8 wide at the widest point and 5/8 at the tapered end. Once again, we are looking to engineer a blade that meets all the best aspects of straight razor shaving.

Scale Material: Olive Wood with Colored Resin Inset
Blade Width: 7/8"
Blade Point: Round Point
Blade Material: ACRO Japanese Stainless Steel with 25k Gold Logo stamped on it 62-63 HRC
Blade Grind: Full Hollow

Lifetime & Satisfaction Guarantee

😊 We’re confident that you will love our straight razor, which is why our warranty is simple and straightforward. If you don’t like it for any reason, we will offer you a full refund for all unused products.

Naked Armor razors have kept thousands of men (and their women) happy with awesome-looking faces made for touching and looking great. Throw away your plastic razor and never settle for anything less than what Naked Armor’s awesome straight razor lineup can give you. Buy one today.

Curt Tiffany Food Fund

❤️ Giving back is important to us. Naked Armor donates +1% of all sales to feeding Americans in need. This campaign was inspired by Naked Armor Founder, his uncle died while homeless and down on his luck in 2019. We all need a helping hand once in a while, and Naked Armor is committed to giving back with your help.


Shave Ready

If your new razor does not meet your sharpness standards out of the box, Naked Armor will pay to professionally hone your razor.

Hone Service
Highest Quality
Japanese Steel

We use Japanese knife steel with a hardness 61-65 HRC—the perfect mixture of strength and precision.

She Loves A Straight Razor Man
You Look Great

Straight razors offer the closest shave you can ever have. Wet shaving in the comfort of your own home will make you feel like a million bucks..

Naked Armor Raving Reviews


In terms of bang for your buck, Naked Armor producrts are the best! Invest in quality gear.

Charles C.

Dallas, Texas


Received the straight razor kit today and already used it. Great quality, great customer service. I highly recommend. Throw away your plastic razor once and for all.


Los Angeles, CA


I got the Solomon Kit for my husbands bday and he loves it. He looks so good after shaving and I know that makes him and me feel great.

Kim K

Charleston, NC


I absolutely love my straight razor kit. From the box to the straight razor, everything is gorgeous! Naked Armor did a fantastic job.

Tyler M

Somewhere in Montana