We love getting product reviews! It allows us to get a glimpse of how our products are changing the shaving experience of our customers.

Check out these reviews of some of Naked Armor’s most in-demand products and find out for yourself which wet shaving tool you need to complete your wet shaving kit.


I'm very happy with the product. High quality, everything packed up neatly, very sturdy box,
very decorative.

- Mark of Coach Sixbey

This is a great shave. This is barber-quality shave that you can give to yourself without that much of a hassle at home.

- Becker of DMG Studios

It is absolutely a work of art. It's just phenomenal.

- Jon of GunCollector007

I'm impressed. I highly recommend you go and buy from Naked Armor.

- Elijah B.

Something that my husband has been wanting for a really
long time.

- Kat of Katrionasity

One of the coolest gifts I have
ever gotten.

- Pete


It's doing really well.

- Terin M.

Absolutely beautiful. It cuts perfectly, super close shave. Fantastic product.

- Ben B.

You can feel it's very, very sharp. So it's shave-ready.

- Michael

It's an awesome razor. I love the little case that it comes with.

- Jon of GunCollector007

I'm really happy with
this shave.

- Becker of Becker R's

This has to be the most manly way to shave.

- Justin B.

I like the size, I like the weight, I think it's well-constructed.

- Ken of Ken's Shaving & BS'ing

It has a very nice, sharp, precise edge to it.

- Drew of Drew's Obsessions

This thing is beautiful. It's a good shave, it feels good.

- JP

The sharpest, most efficient blade you
can purchase.

- Pete

After using this for a few days, I've been very impressed with how smooth of a shave it has given me.

- Kevin of PURE Reviews


This is a good beginning razor for anybody trying to learn how to shave with a straight razor.

- Terin M.

The complete kit comes with everything you need and everything works well.

- Jonnie of Jonnie Grooms

My experience using the shavette for the first time was absolutely an interesting one.

- Justin of 30 Day Reviews

The design on it and everything is really nice. Everything looks great on it. Balance is great.

- Dave of Bearded Motivation


The razor is very well-built, very sturdy. Very happy with this."

- Mark of Coach Sixbey

If you are a beginner, this is a really nice
beginner's blade.

- Becker of DMG Studios


Happy customer. I think it's wonderful stuff. I think this is of quality. I would definitely buy it if I was looking for an entire kit.

- Benjamin of Ben Jamin

This makes a perfect gift set because it's laid out so nice. Good deal. My face feels spectacular.

- Glenn of Glenn Helley

The products works well. I would definitely use it again.

- Mark of MC Shaving / Magboy Creations

It was just such an amazing experience. I enjoyed it. It was super smooth. Very close shave.

- Quinn of Uncharted Territory

My experience using this razor was a good one. It's fairly well-balanced and it really has a nice weight to it.

- Justin of 30 Day Reviews

Razor seems pretty smooth. Shaves pretty smooth. Nice kit!

- Ken of Kensurfs


It's easy to apply, it melts very quickly with just the heat of the fingers, and applies very nice and evenly in the goatee or a beard.

- Justin of 30 Day Reviews

It definitely kept my goatee nice and soft and did a really good job moisturizing the skin underneath it.

- Justin of 30 Day Reviews

The ingredients are awesome. It works pretty good.

- Patrick of BeardTastic Reviews

It's really nice looking kit. You get good products inside the box. Overall, it's just a great product.

- Patrick of BeardTastic Reviews

This did the job very well. I've actually got to use it with the straight razor 4 times since I've gotten it.

- Scott of Beard Times With Scott

I really did enjoy using this. I think it's a good kit to use, I think it's a nice kit to give as a gift.

- Scott of Beard Times With Scott

This is all packaged all nice and neat. If I were to have one, I'd be happy with it.

- Mark of Coach Sixbey


Purpose of the scuttle is to keep your lather warm.

- Terin M.

The kit is worth it.

- Mark of MC Shaving

The scuttle cup performed perfectly. I really enjoyed this product from Naked Armor.

- Jonnie of Jonnie Grooms

This was a hit. 10 out of 10. Would recommend this scuttle cup. It kept the shaving cream warm and it built a really nice lather.

- Jonnie of Jonnie Grooms

Fantastic set. This is a lather monster. Nice and warm.

- Mark of MC Shaving

When you get a good shave, nothing like heaven a real lather that you made yourself rather than coming out of an aerosol can.

- Jon of GunCollector007


Does what it's supposed to do. It keeps all your shaving equipment all in one container.

- Justin of 30 Day Reviews

I was able to get just about any type of lather that I wanted to out of the shave soap. Worth the price.

- Justin of 30 Day Reviews

Nice balance and nice feel in the hand. I really like the wood handle, it just feels right.

- Justin of 30 Day Reviews