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Badger Hair Brush vs Synthetic Hair Brush

If you like to shave wet, you surely have used a straight razor and shaving brush together and know that choosing the right kind of brush is pivotal in achieving a superior lather. Although traditional brushes with natural hair have been the most popular for a long time, synthetic shaving brushes have become a strong competitor.

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Multi Blade Razor Vs. Single Blade Razor: Which One Shaves Better?
If you’re a newbie looking at buying your first razor, you can easily be distracted by all the competing arguments for both type of razors. To make things simpler, allow us to give you the low-down on which one gives the best shave. Because at the end of the day, that’s what we are all after, right? A clean and comfortable close shave. Which one shaves better? Single blade or multi blade razor?
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