Unique Christmas Gifts For Manly Men

Unique Christmas Gifts For Manly

It’s the season of long guides on gift ideas and holiday sales once again. Everyone will be raving about the trendiest items of 2022. But, choosing the best holiday gifts for manly men should not focus on the latest it-item. First, they are expensive. Second, every guy you know and the guys they know will have them.

Kick off your Christmas shopping with the best gifts for men with a unique edge only he will have because the special men in your life need one-of-a-kind presents.

  1. Chain Necklace
  2. Phone Case
  3. KeyBar
  4. World’s Strongest Coffee
  5. Dopp Kit
  6. Cast Iron Grill Pan
  7. Straight Razor Kit
  8. Washable Paper Laptop Case
  9. Tie Dye Shirts
  10. Southern Comfort Whiskey Black
  11. Belt
  12. Smartwatch
  13. Whiskey Bullets
  14. Thor’s Hammer Drinking Horn
  15. Craft Beer Subscription Box
  16. Manly Soap Gift Set

The Perfect Gift For The Manly Man

Here at Naked Armor, we’ve curated unique and cool men’s essentials found online that would make the perfect gift for the guys in your life. Whether you’re shopping for your senior dad, son, partner, or friend, these are perfectly adequate gifts with great value that are worth breaking the bank.

Chain Necklace

Chain Necklace

Photo courtesy of Northskull

Men are used to wearing simple fashions, but they do accessorize from time to time. A chain necklace is a great, classic piece of jewelry that would make an awesome addition to any man’s closet.

This luxurious 18-karat skull chain necklace with Northskull's signature style has metal details that make it stand out.1 It is a simple accessory for a low-key guy, but it is quite striking and would look great draped over a plain T-shirt as an addition to a casual outfit to make it more interesting.

Phone Case

Phone Case

Photo courtesy of Otto Cases

When it comes to the trendiest item that all men would want to have, the latest phones from esteemed tech companies are surely on the list. If you know a man who just got a new phone, there is no doubt he will need a stylish case to go with it.

Forget about jelly and plastic cell phone cases. One of the coolest Christmas gifts for men that you can get for any guy is a wooden phone case from Otto Cases.2 We love this Mayan Calendar design, but you can customize it according to your personality. This gift is so versatile that you can get one for your dad, brother, or boyfriend—literally one of the best gifts for manly men in your life!


Key Bar

Photo courtesy of KeyBar

If your man hates walking around with his keys jangling in his pockets, then a keybar is the perfect holiday manly gift. It will stop the noise and consolidate his keys. You can also add other inserts, like a comb, tweezers, or even a USB drive! It’s like a Swiss Army Knife, but for keys.

Each keybar3 is made of high-grade titanium, carbon fiber, and brass, making it durable to accommodate up to 12 keys or accessories! Its artfully designed features are perfect for Pinterest and Instagram feeds because surely any man would love to flex it on their socials.

World’s Strongest Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

Photo courtesy of Death Wish Coffee Co.

With a name like that, who wouldn’t be intrigued? This coffee labels itself as the World’s Strongest Coffee. They roast organic, fair-trade coffee beans to make a bold, caffeinated blend. It has so much caffeine that they'll refund your money if it doesn't make you wide-eyed and hyper. They even sent it to the International Space Station to keep the guys at NASA Expedition 56 awake.

They offer a Chemex bundle, which lets you brew Death Wish coffee to your desired strength. The bundle gift set includes a 6-cup Chemex, filters, and a Death Wish Logo Cork Coaster. You can also opt for a pair of their 16 oz Death Wish Dark Roast Grounds that includes two packs of bold and intense Arabica and Robusta bean blends.

Dopp Kit 

Ezra Arthur Dopp Kit

Photo courtesy of Ezra Arthur

No gentleman deserves to pack his toiletries in a zip-loc bag for family vacations, quick getaways with friends, or, worse, business trips. Plastic is bad for the environment and is not aesthetically pleasing. Plus, if he has a razor inside, a plastic bag will surely not suffice to contain the blade’s cutthroat edge.

This Flat Folio Dopp Kit from Ezra Arthur is a man’s life-changer. It is an awesome gift that sports a classic, vintage look with a space-spacing, compact design.

Ezra Arthur crafted each kit using Horween leather and 100-year-old techniques to achieve a sturdy leather foundation. The surface is stain-resistant, making it easy to wipe clean—a bonus for your man that he'll love if he likes to keep stuff clean.

Cast Iron Grill Pan

Cast Iron Pan

Photo courtesy of Lodge Cast Iron

During the holidays, all the manly men take over the grilling duties. What would be the best manly gift to give to your grill masters? A cast-iron grill pan, of course!

One can never have too many of these. There are many benefits4 to cooking with cast iron cookware. Not only does food cook evenly in a cast iron pan, but it’s also healthier and cost-efficient in the long run.

This particular product, the Cast Iron Square Grill Pan, has low, slanted sides to make flipping easy. It also has raised ridges which help remove fat from food to cook healthy meals. It has a long handle, a convenient hole for hanging, and a helper handle to make transferring the pan easy.

It's foundry seasoned and ready to use on all cooking surfaces, grills, and campfires upon purchase. It’s also oven-safe, making it perfect for cooking your Christmas chicken in the oven.

Straight Razor Kit 

As the year is also about to end, why not give your guy loved ones a unique gift that will spark a new hobby interest? Naked Armor’s best-selling Solomon Straight Razor Kit is an ideal gift idea for guys that will surely leave them speechless and in awe.

Inside, you can find a durable, vintage-style shaving tool, a straight razor, that can replace a lifetime’s worth of razors and trips to the grocery store. Curated with other traditional wet shaving essentials, which also make the best gifts for manly men, the Solomon Straight Razor Kit is an excellent starter kit to achieve an expert barber shave at home and may even be the secret to getting rid of 5 o'clock shadow. It also comes inside a giftable wooden box, making it a perfect manly gift idea even for birthday celebrations.

Washable Paper Laptop Case

Washable Paper Laptop Case

Photo courtesy of The Green Pineapple

What is the best gift for working men? A laptop case, of course. But not just any laptop case, because hardworking gents deserve a special place to keep their workload and paperwork.

The Green Pineapple is a sustainable wellness boutique offering various vegan products and lifestyle services. We surfed through their online store and found this cool vegan laptop case made of washable paper and vegetable-tanned leather, handmade in Tuscany, Italy.

This 14” wide briefcase bag has a cotton lining, three internal compartments, and a zip pocket. It also has an adjustable and removable strap to keep it a perfectly complementary length.

Tie Dye Shirts

Tie Dye Shirt

Photo courtesy of Dyeing Light Creations

Shirts are practical gifts that will leave no manly man disappointed. But there is no need for it to be boring. Ditch the plain shirts as a holiday gift idea! Check out these colorful and striking tie-dye shirts from Dyeing Light Creations. These tees are perfect for lounging at home, as a comfortable shirt for a long road trip, or a camping trip.

Many designs are available on the website using traditional tie-dye patterns. But if you are looking for a literal one-of-a-kind design that only your man will have, head over to their Instagram5 to shop their fun mandala-inspired tees only available for auction.

Southern Comfort Whiskey Black


Photo courtesy of Southern Comfort

 If you’re planning to give liquor as a holiday gift, nothing says special occasion better than a bottle of whiskey.

For whiskey lovers, the Southern Comfort Whiskey Black6 can put the party in your Christmas dinner. It has a robust whiskey-forward profile with subtle spice and fruity accents, and it goes down your throat smoothly but with extra boldness.

Whether you drink it neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail, Southern Comfort Whiskey will make your holiday spirited.



Photo courtesy of Gavere Leather

Men wore belts during the Bronze Age7 to add flair to their outfits and as a piece of clothing to hold their weapons and tools. On the other hand, the modern man considers the belt a must-have to keep his pants up and avoid a plumber's crack.

Belts make for the best gifts for manly men or older guys, like your dad, grandfather, boss, and your husband. Why not make it extra special by getting the men in your life an artisan or handcrafted real American belt?

Gavere Leather has been specializing in creating traditional custom-made leather belts the traditional way since the 70s. Their Name Belt Eagle and American Flag is a 1 1/2" wide belt made with heavy-tooling leather featuring a time-honored patriotic design. He'll surely love the beautiful two-tone airbrushed facade that creates a classic color that would pair well with any outfit or occasion.



Photo courtesy of MTM Watch

We love this watch because it’s a stylish tactical watch. It’s analog, but it also features a stealth-like digital information panel that one can customize through an App that has to be downloaded from the Special Ops website.8 So you can view more than just the time on this watch.

It can easily connect with any IOS or Android smartphone, enabling live time communication and messaging. Its watch hands can transform into an all-terrain compass, so you always know your way around. It’s also water-resistant up to 100 meters.

You can get this high-tech wrist piece in your choice of silver, gray, or black titanium. This is an awesome gift for a man who appreciates the importance of combining cutting-edge technology and refined aesthetics.

Whiskey Bullets

Whiskey Bullet

Photo courtesy of Sip Dark

After a long day, a shot of whiskey helps relax your body9 by calming your nerves. As your blood flows more freely, more oxygen reaches your organs, making you feel more at ease.

The best way to enjoy whiskey, aside from being served on its own, is to have it on the rocks. But the problem is, sometimes ice dilutes the depth of its flavor.

Sip Dark10 has developed a solution for that. You and the manly men in your life will enjoy your drinks more with their stainless steel bullet whiskey stones. Aside from looking great, these bullets do not float to the top of your glass and do not make your drinks taste or smell weird. Your guy can use it to make his beer cold with it too. But, most especially, they can be name-engraved, which makes them the perfect gift idea for guys!

Thor's Hammer Drinking Horn 

Drinking Horn

Photo courtesy of Grimfrost

Looking to give something that has practical use but, at the same time, is a conversation starter? You should check out this artisan-crafted drinking horn from Sweden, perfect for the manliest men with an edge.

Designed by a trio of Swedish guys using high-end reproduction,11 this is a carefully polished and cleaned top-quality drinking horn that is safe to drink from. He can use it as a pint glass to drink his beer with.

It’s handmade from cattle horns and decorated with a hand-carved Thor’s Hammer design to give it more authenticity. It can hold one pint of mead, beer, or whatever drink you have in your household.

They also sell a Drinking Horn Stand to accompany this product, so one doesn’t have to hold this drinking horn all night. Best paired with a Viking beard on Christmas Eve while munching on delicious snacks.

Craft Beer Subscription Box 

Craft Beer Box

Photo courtesy of Craft Beer Club

Mass-produced beer may be more conveniently available, but nothing beats the taste of an excellent craft beer. The brew is different, and the taste feels more intense. Plus, every beer lover enjoys all kinds of artisanal flavors with limitless possibilities.

And guess what? Manly men in your life will love to get a constant supply of brews. So, for this Christmas, one of the best gift ideas for guys is a craft beer subscription box from Craft Beer Club.12

Guys, and women, too, are in for a fantastic curation of small-production craft beers from their statewide breweries, including their award-winning, flagship, or most popular beers. Not only that, but each box also lets you take a deeper dive into learning about the art of making the perfect brew from the included info guide.

Manly Soap Gift Set

Squatch Gift Set

Photo courtesy of Dr. Squatch

The range of scents available is quite limited when it comes to products specifically for men's bodies, such as body wash and other types of body care.

The vast majority of brands only provide a few different options, which, unfortunately, only come in a handful of varying base scents you cannot switch between daily. Is it not boring to smell the same every day? Manly men love to experiment with new fragrances, so one of the best gifts for men is a soap gift set.

At Dr. Squatch, you can pick from many fragrance options.13

Their original gift basket comes with their classic manly-scented soap with fragrances like Pine Tar, Bay Rum, and Grapefruit that will surely excite every guy's olfactory senses and leave them smelling irresistible. These artisanal soaps also come in aesthetic packaging, which makes them manly gifts that are sure to be appreciated in any man's bathroom.

Holiday gift-giving should not be a source of stress. Hopefully, one of the places we've suggested will have the perfect gift for your loved ones and be worth your hard-earned cash.

Have a happy gift-giving!


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