The Ultimate Guide to Giving Your Man A Sensual Shave

The Ultimate Guide to Giving Your Man A Sensual Shave

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Do you want to do something special and romantic for your man this season?

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Preparing an intimate dinner is well and good (after all, no man in his right mind would turn down food). But that’s been done countless of times and in different variations. If you want to do something special, we suggest giving him a sensual, close shave. It may be a refreshing take to stop other ladies from checking out his beard.

When you think about it, making a sexy date night out of something as ordinary as wet shaving will certainly give a exciting spin on the routine. According to relationship experts, couples tend to be happier if both are willing to participate in an exciting activity that’s different from their normal every day life.

And what can be more different than you showing up in sexy lingerie with a bowl full of shaving lather?

Besides, men generally don’t mind playing out their James Bond fantasies. You can surprise him by being Moneypenny to his James Bond and act out this scene.

With that in mind, here’s our very own guide to giving your man a sensual shave:

• Set the Mood
• Rub the Beard Sensually
• Take Your Time Shaving
• Do Some Finger Foreplay
• Finish with Aftershave

The Ultimate Guide To Giving Your Man A Sensual Shave - Setting the Mood

Surprise your man when he gets out of the hot shower by making the atmosphere inside the bathroom romantic. Light a few scented candles, and dim the lights. Just don’t overdo it since you need to be able to see clearly what you’re shaving.

Make sure you have all the things that you need: a straight razor, some fresh towels, the requisite shaving products and aftershave. If you have a luxurious wooden kit to put these in, it’ll be even better because they add a luxurious feel to the experience.

Dress comfortably or in this case, lightly. After all, you’ll probably be getting wet from all that shaving. Heck, why even dress up at all? We’re sure he won’t mind.

The Ultimate Guide To Giving Your Man A Sensual Shave - Rub the Beard Sensually

Half the secret to getting a good shave is in preparing the beard well. This is why men take hot showers, or else put a hot towel on their beards, before shaving. The hot moisture softens the facial hair and opens up the pores so that shaving will be easier and comfortable.

After the shower, have him relax in a chair while you begin your shaving “foreplay”.

Begin by applying a pre-shave oil on his beard. A pre-shave oil moisturizes the skin so that it will have less drag along the blade, protecting the skin when you begin shaving. It’s actually easy to make; check out this recipe if you want to make one.

Now this is where the fun starts. Put a small amount of oil and gently rub your hands together to warm the oil and your fingers. Start by gently pressing two fingers from each of your hands on your husband’s temples for several seconds simultaneously. Then, slowly glide your hands down his cheeks at the same time, making circular motions as you rub the oil down his sideburns.

When you’ve reached his chin, continue stroking down the oil into the facial hair along his neckline. To tease him, use one index finger to trace his lips softly. The outer edge of the lips are packed with sensory neurons, so it will easily elicit strong pleasurable responses from him.

After putting on the pre-shave oil, you can now apply the shaving lather. You can prepare the shaving lather beforehand or you can let him watch you prepare the lather sexily. Either way, we recommend that you use a shaving scuttle to keep the lather warm for a long time. Warm lather adds to the luxurious feel of the shave.

Use a shaving brush to apply the lather slowly on his face. The richer the lather, the smoother the shave will be, and the less discomfort he will have. Plus, sitting on his lap while applying lather on his beard will definitely be a sensual experience!

The Ultimate Guide To Giving Your Man A Sensual Shave - Take Your Time Shaving

Shaving is a delicate business. Therefore, if you plan to shave your partner using a straight razor, you need to learn how to hold the blade. Because nothing can be more of a downer than accidentally cutting your partner’s face up. You’re not after all recreating the Red Wedding scene.

A good home shave can take five or six minutes. Take your time and be deliberate. Start off by shaving the sideburns one at a time. Draw the razor along the direction of the hair growth and use firm, long and careful strokes. You will need to rinse the razor as often as you can because the lather can interfere with the sharpness of the blade.

Now here’s our sensual tip. If you need to do a second pass over an area, we recommend giving it some light strokes with your fingers before shaving it again. It will help increase the blood flow to the skin, rejuvenating it. It’ll also give your man the shivers in all the right ways, if you know what we mean.

Some of the more tedious areas would be at the bottom of the chin and the moustache area. To shave this area properly and comfortably, we suggest stretching the skin over the angle of the chin. Stretching it upwards will give you more area to shave with.

For the corners of his mouth, let him open his mouth and led the blade pass over the corners. Afterwards, you can give him a teasing nibble on his lips as his reward for being so obedient.

The next part is the most tedious so it’s better to save it for last. Shaving on the neckline can require some creative angles using the straight razor. When you shave it for last, you allow the pre-shave oil and the shaving lather to have some extra time setting in. This means that the hair will be even more easy to shave off.

Define the neckline by shaving carefully and smoothly along the grain. Ideally, a good neckline should naturally extend from the curve of his ear. This means that the hair should pass about an inch above the Adam’s apple, in the area between neck and head.

The neck is a highly sensitive area so any stimulation will be easily magnified. We’ll leave it up to you to add your own sensual trick on this area. As long as it’s pleasurable, we’re all for it and we’re sure your husband will too. Just don’t accidentally slit him.

The Ultimate Guide To Giving Your Man A Sensual Shave - Do Some Finger Foreplay

A man’s face can be quite the erotic playground. Once you’ve finished shaving him, that clean-shaven face will beg to be touched. Gently stroke the face by using your finger tips to lightly draw tension away from the center of the face. This will stimulate the blood vessels in the skin to circulate fresh blood to the face.

Continue caressing down the front of his neck. Cosmopolitan recommends using a fingertip to trace circles around his now clean-shaven Adam’s apple in a wide, fluid motion. Next, brush your lip around the hollow of his smooth throat and massage the area with your tongue via wide, soft circles. Sounds lovely, eh?

The Ultimate Guide To Giving Your Man A Sensual Shave - Finish with Aftershave

Now before you go on to full blown making out (something that didn’t happen to poor James Bond in that iconic scene), give your man a splash of aftershave to end the shaving routine. This is a very important step because an aftershave seals the deal by closing the skin pores and sanitizing the skin of all bacteria that may have remained. It also provides additional moisturizing so that his chin feels baby smooth and clean. There are a lot of aftershaves in the market but if you want to DIY one to give it a more personal touch, you can try this recipe.

Quality Shaving

For the ultimate luxury in shaving though, we recommend that you use a high quality straight razor for your partner. Here at Naked Armor, we pride ourselves with producing world-class stainless steel razors that provide a comfortable and easy shaving experience. Our blades come in elegant boxes, filled with artisanal shaving products that complement the Naked Armor sensual shaving experience.

Never use a second-rate, copycat straight razor. Unless you want your sexy date night to end up in an emergency room at the hospital. To check out our razors, click here.

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