Is It Better To Shave In The Shower?

Is It Better To Shave In The Shower?

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“Shaving every morning, that’s nightmarish. I spent my teenage years covered in tiny little bits of toilet paper.”

Alan Moore

It is likely that you fall into one of the two categories, those who shave before and those who prefer shaving before showering.

However, is it better to shave in the shower?

This article goes through the pros and cons of this topic to help you understand and choose the best option.

Much of the difference comes from using an electric shaver or razor and on the benefits of prepping the skin before shaving.

Pros Of Shaving In The Shower

For those who like shaving with a razor or cartridge razors, it is best to shave in the shower. It has more benefits than demerits and the shower sets the environment right for a smooth shave.

Shaving in the shower is actually a safe and enjoyable shaving routine; the skin will be relaxed, the pores will be open, and because it’s a wet environment, the razor will be able to glide smoothly even with less shaving cream. This results in a smoother closer shave.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

Getting Clean

Shaving while in the shower reduces the chances of infecting a wound just in case your fingers suddenly accidentally slip and you nick yourself with the safety razor. The hot water will instantly clean away the dirt and sweat from your skin and the cold. Meanwhile, if you’re into cold showers in the morning-will instant close any wound. The cold water will help tighten the skin, making it easier to shave with.

Shaving in the shower is actually a safe and enjoyable shaving routine; the skin will be relaxed, the pores will be open, and because it’s a humid environment, the razor will be able to glide smoothly even with less shaving cream. This results in a smoother closer shave.


The warm moisture in the shower will also make it easier for you to exfoliate. Most men overlook the importance of exfoliating; but when you are in the shower, you will be scrubbing your body clean. So it will be a no-brainer to include your face while you are at it.

Use a soft bristle brush to scrub your face gently. This will remove excess dirt, dead skin cells, and oils while exposing the tiny hair trapped under your skin.

If this were a shave done outside of the shower, you would need to have a warm, damp cloth to relax and warm your face.

Exfoliation reduces the instances of ingrown hairs since the scrub exposes them for cutting. When you exfoliate before a shave, not only do you achieve a closer and smoother shave, but it also gives you a soft natural glow.

Prepping The Skin

Taking a shower is an optimal way of preparing the skin for shaving. It will make it easier to shave because the skin pores will be open and the razor will be able to shave off the hair in just a few passes.

This will prevent pulling and tugging on the root that would cause skin irritation and razor bumps.

Softening Hairs

The facial hair is built differently from the rest of the body hair. Some men have very tough hair almost as strong as copper piping.

Shaving this without prepping can be a tall order. When you shower first, the hair will get softer and easier to shave.

If you generally have straight hair, the water moisture will make the hair strands heavy enough so that they fall in one direction, ready for shaving.

If you have curly hair, the warm moisture will make it pliable and easy to manage. So that when you shave, it won’t leave you uncomfortable or irritated.

Saves Time

If you use a wet electric shaver or cartridge razor, then shaving in the shower is the best option to save time.

A cartridge razor will get the job done fast since the razor can be pre-set for the best cutting angle. The double-edged safety razor, however, is not recommended for shaving in the shower.

Cons Of Shaving In The Shower

There are downsides to shaving in the shower. However, one can still find ways to work around them.

Electric Shavers

If you are used to shaving with an electric shaver, it may be risky to do it in the wet environment of the shower.

Not that I’ve heard of anyone dying from electric shaver induced electrocution, but electric shavers often don’t have the reputation of doing well in a shower.

That’s because electric shavers find it difficult to shave wet hair off the skin the way razors do. It may take you twice as long to finish shaving with best results.

Nevertheless, if you’re determined to proceed, then use a rotary shaver because it shaves the hair better.

They are also easy to clean under the shower.

Unless you want to stick to a cartridge razor.

Difficult To See

When you’re in the shower, it can be difficult to see what you are doing. The hot steam clouding the shower room will make most of your shaving a guesswork at best.

This can result in missed patches or make you pass the razor over the same area more times than necessary.

You can work your way around this by using an anti-fog mirror. As the name implies, it won’t fog in the shower so you will be able to clearly see all the spots that need shaving on your face.

Damages The Razor

Water is the bane of razor blades. Regularly shaving in the shower will damage your razor faster than shaving outside the shower. That’s because the blades are prone to rust.

More so, if you’re using a cartridge disposable. Cartridge blades are generally made from disposable metals, and so they dull even more quickly when they are used in a shower.

If you’re using a safety razor, the blade must be rinsed and pat dry with a towel after every shower to prevent rusting.

Bottom Line

Everyone likes taking a hot shower, and rightly so because the benefits are many. Not only is it hygienic, but it also feels good.

It is also a convenient way to shave without all the lengthy preparations that go with the usual morning before-the-sink shaving.

Those with thick facial hair will find this as a convenient and quick alternative to soaking their beards in warm water to make the hair manageable for shaving.

Shaving in the shower will also give you a smoother and cleaner shave much like using soap or shaving cream on dry facial skin.

You can shave in the shower. The benefits more than outweigh the drawbacks. However, it’s best to use the proper accessory. And that means, using a safety razor.

A safety razor will give you a level of precision that a disposable won’t. And because it requires a fewer pass, it will result in a better shave without irritating your sensitive skin.

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