Is It Better To Shave Before or After Shower

Is it Better to Shave Before or After a Shower

Many people believe that their pores open up during or after a shower. That is why many men incorporate their shaving routines in the morning as they take their baths. But is it better to shave before or after a shower?

One of the few things men dread is getting cut while shaving. Imagine this, you are half-awake, stepping into the shower, you start to shave, but your focus is a blur, then you cut yourself. It is a pretty common situation that many men go through, especially those who are new to the game.

Those horrid nicks, razor burns, and cuts not only turn your faces into ravaged battlefields but also worsens skin conditions such as acne. For a teenager, that is almost like a death sentence.

Thankfully, you do not have to hate shaving. Let this article find the proper schedule for you and let you know the benefits of shaving before or after a shower.

Before starting, note that first shaves will always be characterized with nicks and burns but will improve over time.

Shaving Before A Shower

While much preparation results in a better shave, it does not result in a faster shave. The truth is, it is a lot quicker to shave first, immerse yourself in the shower, then head out the door. For people with soft hair with open skin pores, it is best to shave before a shower.

Before shaving, wet your facial hair for about three to five minutes, then apply a warm wet washcloth. The warm moisture helps to soak your whiskers, reducing their hair strength by about 80%. It will also help open up skin pores and softens bristly beards for easier and smoother shaving.

Aside from that, shaving before a shower is also the most convenient and quickest way to get a clean mug. All you need is a good shaving soap or cream and an electric shaver. Electric shavers work pretty well on damp hair. Shaving freshly showered hair, on the other hand, would require a traditional straight-edge razor.

Shaving After A Shower

Everyone has different hair textures. Also, there are some parts of the body where the hair tends to be more thick and dry. Nonetheless, shaving after a shower is the best way to achieve a great shave if you have dry hair.

There are scientific and health reasons for this. When you swipe a sharp razor over dry skin, you are doing a deep exfoliation. You are technically creating a recipe for red bumps and burns to occur, leaving your skin swollen and unattractive.

Also, shaving over dry skin removes skin hair follicles and exposes the skin to bacterial contact. Hence, you are more likely to experience mild to severe skin itchiness and irritation, resulting in discomfort, which can ruin your day.

That is why shaving after showering should help make things much easier and gentler for your skin by reducing skin irritation and razor cuts while also allowing for an overall excellent shaving experience.

When you shower with warm water, your skin relaxes, pores open up, and the shafts of hair follicles become soft. The warmth and water soften and expand the hairs and relax the facial muscles to achieve a gentler and closer shave. Due to this, barbers use a warm towel on men’s faces before shaving.

Warm water makes it easy for a straight-edge razor to glide over for a close shave. There are also plenty of pre-shave products available that can open up the pores, but a shower is even more effective. The steam does the work, plus it is free. Simply put, you get several advantages when you shave after showering, such as:

  • Less tugging and pulling of hair roots – Because a straight-edge razor cuts close to the skin, the hair cuts are precise and clean.
  • Exfoliation - A warm shower removes excess oils and dead skin cells, which help make a close shave.
  • Better hygiene - Clean skin means less transfer of bacteria over your skin. When showering, it cleans out all the bacteria, leaving behind smooth and healthy skin.

The only downside is that you will have to rewash your face to remove all the hairs that may be stuck on it. No dude wants many random hairs attached to their face, chin, neck, and chest throughout the day.

Therefore, you must spend more time cleaning yourself after shaving, or else those tiny hairs will settle on the collar of your shirt and irritate you all day long.

Should You Shave Before Or After A Shower?

Should You Shave Before Or After A Shower?

Now that you better understand the pros and cons of shaving before or after a shower, you might be wondering if is it better to shave before or after a shower? To be honest, it all depends on you, your preference, the situation of your skin, and your hair’s texture—as previously mentioned.

It is vital to choose the perfect method of shaving that suits your skin and needs. There is no strict method concerning the right time to shave your facial hair. You just need to keep in mind the trade-offs between shaving before the shower or after. Either way, make sure to use the right tools and safe products to shave your beard.

Remember, if you have dry hair, it is good to soften it first by washing it with warm water and using a straight-edge razor to give you a clean shave. If you have soft hair, any modern razor and a good shaving soap will do the trick.

Shaving Your Head

When it comes to shaving your head, it is best to shave it soft and wet. That means washing it with warm water to open up the skin pores and make the hair easier to shave. Hence, it would be best to try shaving in the shower.

Use a straight-edge razor to minimize accidental cuts, razor burns, and nicks. You should go to the barber for this as they have extensive experience in using the straight razor to give a clean shave. However, it would be best to try and learn a new skill like using a straight razor, which lets you shave easier on complex areas of the body.

Shaving Your Pubic, Bikini, and Legs

Only a few people feel comfortable shaving their pubic, bikini, and leg area. Precision can be hard to achieve since these are areas that are hard to reach comfortably. Aside from that, there are benefits to having pubic hair. Meanwhile, for men, shaving their leg hair often does not feel right. After all, hair in these areas exudes manliness.

However, if you decide to shave your pubic, bikini, and legs, note that they have varying hair textures. The hair on your pubic area is coarser and thicker. Hence, it is better to follow the guidelines mentioned in shaving after a shower. On the other hand, you can shave your legs while taking a bath, as the hair follicles are thinner.

Shaving Your Chest, Armpits, or Hair on Other Areas

Women spend most of their time in the salons, waxing the hairs on their armpits, chest, and intimate areas. However, men often go to the barbershop to get their beards styled or to experience a luxurious shaving experience than what they would enjoy at home. But their chest and armpits are often left untouched.

Yet, not all men are the same. Some are blessed to have a forest of hair over their chests. Sometimes, the amount of hair becomes uncomfortable and may affect their confidence. There are also instances that excessive hair can be hard to manage and may add extra effort in cleaning. So, they choose to shave it off for hygiene and personal preference.

Again, if you shave these areas, it is better to know first the texture of your skin and the situation of your skin. Also, do not forget to use suitable materials and products for each area. Armpits can be more sensitive to having bumps and prickly hair after shaving than the chest. Know what may work for you and incorporate it into your routine.

Water Temperature for Shaving

Man with nice beard showeringWhether you get yourself a hot or a cold shower depends on your preference and needs.

Water temperature can play a role in determining how clean your shave will be. Not knowing the right water temperature for shaving can leave your hair and skin dry or burned.

Hot water has steam that opens up pores and softens your skin. However, too long under the hot shower will cause your hair to become dry, and your skin prunes out. Besides, washing your face with warm water allows for better absorption of your facial products.

On the contrary, cold water can make your hair look shiny and healthy. The ideal temperature for a cold shower is anywhere between 70°F (21°C). When you shower with cold water, you enjoy health benefits, such as improved circulation, increased endorphins, and a revved-up metabolism.

Like shaving before or after a shower, the temperature of your water also depends on a few factors. For example, use cold water if you are using an electric razor. This method will stiffen the whiskers helping the razor to shave through the hair quickly. On the other hand, it would be best to use warm water when using a straight-edge razor to soften the hair.

Shaving Before Shower Vs. Shaving After Shower

To reiterate, the answer to whether one should shave before or after taking a shower will depend on your need condition, hair type, and personal preference. Regardless of whatever method you choose, remember to do proper pre and after-shave care.

Whether you decide that shaving before or after you shower is the right choice for you, what is more necessary is to enjoy the process. There are numerous times a man feels more like a man than having a great shave. So, make sure it is an enjoyable and satisfying experience, not just a task.

It is not only the time of shaving that makes a shaving experience suitable for men. Shaving according to best practices will give you a closer and seamless shave that last long for you to enjoy the pros of a clean-shaven beard. It will also prevent nicks and burns and even reduce your risk of infection.

Shave your face slowly and in the direction of your hair's growth with your straight razor. Straight razors work wonders whether you choose to shave before or after the shower as it provides the closest shave possible. Be especially mindful of your jawline and neck, as those areas may be more prone to cuts.

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Happy Shaving!



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