Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor
Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor

Henson Aluminum AL13 Tan Medium Safety Razor

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The Henson Shaving AL13 tan medium razor made from aerospace-grade aluminum provides a wider blade gap than the Al13 mild razor for those who desire slightly more blade exposure and medium aggression for coarser hair. The Henson Shaving brand name honors William Henson the man who patented the first de razor (T-shaped) in 1847. Fabricated using AS9100 aerospace standards the same aerospace processes used to create low earth orbit satellites, the Mars Rover, and the International Space station. The accurate blade exposure combined with the innovative head design, higher aggression blade gap, and shaving angle is what makes the Henson aluminum razor an excellent razor and a shaving experience unlike any other safety razor, consistently offering a smooth shave, every time.

See the full Henson Safety Razor Collection and pick your favorite.

Henson shaving out of Ontario Canada went back to the drawing board to redefine the wet shaving experience, reimagining the relationship between the razor head and the blade support. The blade support creates a DE razor that simultaneously is aggressive in nature but at the same time a truly comfortable shave.

The Henson shaving aluminum al13 razor feels nimble is lightweight weighing only 37 grams yet in control with the unique staggered diamond pattern knurling and always provides a good shave with no razor burn. The medium blade Gap in the 3 piece design head is set to .68mm while the exposure of the blade is kept at .001" to an exact degree of tolerance. Normally this would yield a razor on the aggressive side, however, the substance of the Henson Al13 design mitigates the consequences of the unwanted aggression by the engineering of the head. This is how the Henson Al13 razor achieves good safety and futuristic high shaving performance simultaneously. This level of detail and the most accurate blade exposure combined make the Henson Al13 perform unlike any other safety razors, shearing facial or body hair precisely at skin level rather than cutting beneath the skin. 

While the rest of the competition builds in allowance for casting and painting, Henson Shaving required and achieved a remarkable less than five ten-thousandth of an inch (0.0005) tolerance on critical dimensions through the machining and anodizing process. This means the blade sits straight every single shave.

Whether you are currently purchasing disposable razors, razor cartridges at the drug store, or have signed up for a subscription program, investing in any Henson razor will have you seeing cost savings within the first year. On average a daily wet shaver will get a month's worth of shaving with 5 razor blades that are included. Purchase the HK-compatible 100 piece bulk pack and you will enjoy 2 to 3 years' worth of cost savings!  

New Version

Softened edges and added bevels - The edges of the baseplate and top cap have been softened in an effort to reduce any unwanted sharpness from the outer edges and corners of the razor head. Also, a large bevel has been added to the outer corners of the razor head. These changes improve comfort, control, and precision during shaving, especially when maneuvering around obstacles, such as next to the nose and mouth.

Channel Design - The lather channels in the baseplate have been reshaped and the center webs of the lather slots have removed, resulting in improved hair and lather evacuation.

A few other minor changes will be noticed by the very keen observer such as the widening of the overall diameter of the handle has been increased by 0.010”. Also, the textured portions of the handle have been made more pronounced. Both of these changes improve overall grip and handling of the razor.


  • Closed Comb
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Medium razor aggression with zero shaving irritation
  • For finer hair and sensitive shaving areas, the AL13 milder razor is recommended
  • Three-piece safety razor design 
  • Designed and manufactured with extreme precision in mind with exacting tolerances
  • Lightweight handle and balance for precision and maneuverability
  • Unisex for Men and Women 
  • Great for sensitive skin-Less chatter reduces razor burn and skin irritation
  • 5 Pack of double-edged blades included
  • Available in Aerospace Aluminum, Steel Blue, Jet Black, and Copper


Safety Bar: Closed Comb
Aggressiveness: Medium
Compatible with any standard DE blade
RK Shaving Stainless DE Blades are recommended
DE Safety Blades can be recycled in most metal recycling depots


Length: 4.01 inches (104mm)
Weight: 1.03 ounces (37g)
Made in Ontario, Canada


Handle material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Razor head material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum


Shave Ready

If your new razor does not meet your sharpness standards out of the box, Naked Armor will pay to professionally hone your razor.

Hone Service
Highest Quality
Japanese Steel

We use Japanese knife steel with a hardness 61-65 HRC—the perfect mixture of strength and precision.

She Loves A Straight Razor Man
You Look Great

Straight razors offer the closest shave you can ever have. Wet shaving in the comfort of your own home will make you feel like a million bucks..

Naked Armor Raving Reviews


In terms of bang for your buck, Naked Armor producrts are the best! Invest in quality gear.

Charles C.

Dallas, Texas


Received the straight razor kit today and already used it. Great quality, great customer service. I highly recommend. Throw away your plastic razor once and for all.


Los Angeles, CA


I got the Solomon Kit for my husbands bday and he loves it. He looks so good after shaving and I know that makes him and me feel great.

Kim K

Charleston, NC


I absolutely love my straight razor kit. From the box to the straight razor, everything is gorgeous! Naked Armor did a fantastic job.

Tyler M

Somewhere in Montana

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