The Best Way to Shave Arse

The Best Way to Shave Arse

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As butts go, everyone wants a smooth arse. Men and women alike.

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As we grow old, some of us get hairier due to the testosterone hormone.

And yet, there’s no guarantee we can have it smooth and clear all through our lives. Some of us get hairier as we age. Blame that on the testosterone hormone. It turns the downy hair on our ears, nostrils, back, and bottoms into a messy thicket of hair growth. That’s why manscaping is often necessary if you want to look dapper.

But why would you want to look dapper?

Well for one thing, hair on the arse is a complete turn-off for women. You won’t get much action in your love life if you’ve got a messy jungle growing on your butt. It doesn’t look good and we doubt any woman would like grabbing a hairy ass.

Is Shaving Ass a Thing?

In fact, among spa treatments, getting a shaved arse is no longer a novelty, because it has become more accepted and popular among men every year.

According to the International Spa Association, the number of men who indulge in spa treatments has shot up 29% since 2005. It's also not particularly surprising that their grooming habits extend down under as well: when skincare brand Nivea for men surveyed male respondents of all sexual orientations, it found out that about 79% of men shaved “below the neck” at least once a month..

Even more revealing was the fact that more guys are apparently taking their razors way, way down than just chest hair. The same survey revealed that about 10% of guys regularly shaved their arse, while 24% said that they had even searched YouTube for instructions on how to shave arse. Some are even willing to pay professional services to do it. Now that’s a job description: ass shaver professional.

Among spa treatments, getting a shaved arse has become more accepted and popular among men.

Are There Benefits to Shaving Arse?

The obvious one is of course, that it looks good. We’ve all been conditioned on how smooth skin looks clean and sexy. That’s why clean-shaven men are more likely to pick up one’s attention. That’s also true for down there.

A clean ass is a sexy ass. You’d have a greater sex life if you’ve got a smooth bottom. Of course, some women prefer a furry bottom but unless you frequent a bear convention, you won’t get a lot of action.

For health reasons, it’s also hygienic to shave your ass. When you’re sweating, that fur jungle you have down there collects sweat and odor. It makes you smell so much worse than you would if you just cleaned things up a bit.

A single razor blade can easily shave off hair with little blade friction.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

What is the Best Way to Shave Arse?

First things first, shaving your arse requires that you take note of each part differently. The arse region is composed of two cheeks, a crack, and a hole. Each part deserves its own consideration. Also, not all guys are equally hairy in all three places. So shaving in each area may require different tools.

That being said, no matter what razor you use, shaving comes with a risk of cuts. That’s why here at Naked Armor, we always recommend the safety razor as the best way to shave your ass.

Putting Safety First

There’s a reason why single razor blades provide a better result in shaving. Unlike a cartridge razor, whose multi blades often tug hair and scrap skin, a single razor blade can easily shave off hair with little blade friction.

But because traditional single razor blades are sharp, it can easily cut skin too. And trust us, you don’t want to accidentally mutilate your bottom. That’s why a straight razor is out of the question.

This brings us to the safety razor. It's got a single sharp blade but has a protective guard to safeguard the skin from accidental cuts, and irritation. It's a god-sent design, especially for every day shaving. It’s also convenient to hold. And that’s important when you’re shaving your ass on your own.

That’s because shaving buttocks can be an awkward experience. Our bodies are simply not designed to enable us to shave our backside. Our recommendation is to squat, back against a wall, over a hand mirror. That will enable you to see what you’re doing, and if you take your time, you should be able to manage. Just don’t think it will be easy until you get a little practice.

For a more detailed guide, you can check out this illustrated guide. Just always remember to lather up with a natural oil-based shave soap and use light, quick strokes to gently shave your ass.

A safety razor has a protective guard to safeguard your skin from accidental cuts. That is why when shaving your arse, it's the best razor to use.

Get a Naked Armor Shaving Kit

To make shaving your arse an easier and comfortable experience, get a wet shaving kit. More so if you’re a newbie to shaving. We find that it’s the best and practical way since a wet shaving kit has everything one needs in order to get a smooth bottom.

You might even want to check out our very own Naked Armor Spartacus Safety Razor. It has a chrome tip for proper weight distribution and a handle made of sandalwood, the second most expensive hardwood in the world. It comes with its own shaving kit that includes an organic shaving soap and a badger-friendly shave brush. It’s everything you need to make shaving your arse a pleasurable and smooth experience.

Shaving bum hair need not be a clumsy and inconvenient experience as long as one has the proper tools to do it. If you pick a Naked Armor kit, it won’t be just a comfortable experience but a luxurious one.

For more of our high-quality shaving products and tools, check out our site.

Naked Armor's Safety Razor Kit

Naked Armor's Spartacus Sandalwood Safety Razor Kit

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