Should Men Shave Their Armpits?


Whether it was out of boredom or mere curiosity, surely you have asked yourself this once or twice: “should men shave their armpits?” After all, gender inclusivity is all the rage in the 21st century, wherein society no longer frowns upon men with smooth, hair-free underarms.

Before you start grabbing that razor or whatever tool you wish to use to remove the hair on your underarms, know first the pros and cons of shaving armpit hair. Consider first what you are getting yourself into—you may be losing a sense of masculinity or not, and if it will have a significant effect on your hygiene.

Today, you will learn if men really should shave their armpits—or not.

Risks of Shaving Your Armpits

Women have long been indulging themselves in many hair removal techniques for the underarms. However, for some men, the idea seems novel and bizarre. You do not find many men talking about shaving armpit hair, only trimming them once in a while unlike following a definite shaving schedule for their beards.

But if women can get away with it, what is stopping you, as a man, from getting rid of the hair under your arms? The ladies may have mastered the art of keeping their pits hair-free, but men who are new to this kind of self-grooming do know that there are risks involved.

Here are the risks of shaving your armpits:

  • Getting Significant Cuts

    When it comes to shaving, underarms are unfamiliar territory. If you have not done this before, chances are, you will get cuts that are more than just a nick. Not to mention, the uneven crevices under the arms are not the best to thread with a sharp razor. So, if you plan on shaving your armpits, it would be best to use slow, even, and sure strokes with a razor you trust.

  • Razor Burn and Bumps

    What happens next after you shave an unfamiliar area? You would get razor burn and bumps, especially if your tool of choice were not sharp enough. As a result, you end up doing multiple passes to get a clean shave. Also, since the underarm can be a hard-to-reach area, you cannot shave at skin level on your first try, which leads to razor bumps and ingrown hair.

  • Armpit Stubble

    Even if you were to shave your armpits clean successfully, there is no doubt that the hair will still grow back. And when they do, it is not a pleasant experience. After a couple of days, you will get stubbles under your arm. The ends of these stubbles are at an angle, given that is how they are after your razors yanked out their heads. These newly sprout hair will be pointing straight up, giving you an unbearable itch for days. If you can bear with that, you are good to go.

    Do note that these risks are all the same risks you will experience if you shave any other area of your body—even your face. If you are new to shaving, you will cut yourself for sure, and you will not get a clean shave at first. And unless you are under any permanent hair removal process, there is no doubt that you will get stubbles. So, do consider that if you are scared to touch the forest beneath your arms.
Man with hair on his armpits
There are maybe risks when shaving any areas of your body, but with the correct shaving tools, you can avoid such risks and get the full benefits of shaving.

Is Armpit Hair Important?

Many people seem to feel icky about the sight of armpit hair. Some even deem it unhygienic to let it grow out untapered. And some think that these unruly tresses offer no significance at all, but they do.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Marta Camkiran, an esthetician at Haven Spa, says that underarm hair “reduces friction between the upper and lower arm during vigorous labor or motion, covers exposed parts of the body with vital arteries, and facilitates the release of sex pheromones.”

There you go. Technically, armpit hair is important because of three reasons:

  1. It helps protect your skin from rashes and irritations during vigorous physical activities;
  2. The hair helps the vital arteries under your arms out of sight;
  3. It enables you to find a possible mate by releasing sex pheromones.

If you are already in a stable relationship, there will be no harm done if you shave off every follicle on your pits. But if you are still getting to know that lady from your latest evening rendezvous, you may want to hold off shaving your armpits until you have wholly imprinted your scent on her. Yet, again, remember that you need to refrain from using deodorant to unleash your sex pheromones. Either way, you can just stick to your favorite cologne.

Why Should Men Shave Their Armpits?

Experts have already disclosed that having armpit hair better your chances of finding a lifetime mate. So, would it not be better if you simply leave it alone? Why should men shave their armpits?

There is no doubt that having armpit hair does not correlate with hygiene and body odor, but it can help. Least to say, there are benefits of shaving armpit hairs that you will surely enjoy. Here are some of them:

  • Less Sweating

    Before you get your hopes up, shaving off your armpit hair does not affect how much sweat your underarm produces. Sweat production comes from an internal process involving body temperature, sweat glands, and your nervous system. But yes, shaving armpit hair does help decrease sweating on the outside. Your skin can better absorb your antiperspirant of choice since the barrier—armpit hair—is no longer there, hence working better and helping keep your pits dry.

  • Solution to Sweat Stains

    Although sweating is a natural bodily phenomenon, people are still judgmental when they see a man at the gym drenched in sweat, especially under the arms. So, if that is your problem, maybe it is time to clear the lawn on your pits. Thompson Tee mentions that “hair accumulates and holds moisture more than your naked skin,” making you sweat faster.

    So, when you shave your armpit hair, the sweat under your arms will dry faster. Not to mention, again, your deodorant will work better in inhibiting your sweat glands, hence the fewer sweat stains.

  • Manageable body odor

    Natural sweat is odorless. What makes you have a musky smell is the bacteria. And that is why many people think that armpit hair is unhygienic. Remember, it is dark under your arm, and with the hair trapping in your sweat, it becomes an ideal home for odor-causing bacteria. Thus, it is better to keep your armpit hair at a practical length or shave it all off if you are worried about your body odor.

    On that note, if you are suffering from excessive sweating, sweat stains damaging your confidence, and unfavorable body odor, you might want to consider shaving your armpit hairs. Plus, ridding your underarms off of thick and long hair can be a refreshing upgrade to your hygiene preferences.

How to Shave Your Armpit?

Shaving armpit hair is easy, assuming that you have the proper techniques and the right tools. After all, do not forget your armpits are an unfamiliar place with an extremely sensitive facade, hence the possibility of having razor bumps and burns.

If you have not done this before, you are in luck. Below is everything a man needs to shave his underarm hair:

  • Trusty Razor

    The most common type of razor people use to shave their armpits is disposable cartridge razors. But why would you want to be boring and conform to the norms? If you feel adventurous, level up your shaving experience and get a clean shave by using a shavette straight razor or a straight razor.

    Here at Naked Armor, we have different kinds of reliable straight razors. Our modern take on a traditional Solomon Straight Razor has high-quality Japanese steel blades with an HRC rating of 61-65—harder than a kitchen knife and even an ax. However, we recommend you get a smaller razor, like our Shavette Straight Razor, with sharp-out-of-the-box disposable blades that can give you a close shave as a straight razor would.

    Using a shavette will let you have better control over the angle of the blade of which your razor will shave. It will allow you to shave at skin level, hence less room for mistakes, razor bumps, and burns.

    Wave Tribe - How to Use a Shavette Razor
  • Shaving Soap, Mug, and Scuttle

    Do not ever try shaving on dry armpits. You will irritate the skin, and it is a great way to induce post-shave skin complications. To achieve a smooth shave, you need shaving soap and create a lather using a shaving scuttle mug. The lather will act as a barrier between the highly sharp razor and your skin. Plus, it will keep your skin and hair moisturized throughout the process, giving you a smoother shaving experience.

    Check out our guide on how to lather shaving soap.

  • How to Shave Armpits?

    There are two things you want to avoid when shaving your armpits: cuts and bumps. To achieve that, you will have to follow these steps:
  1. Raise your arm back, and reach for the opposite ear. If you are shaving your left underarm, reach your right ear, and vice versa. Doing so will stretch the skin on your pits, making it easier to thread over.
  2. Apply your shaving lather, making sure that all of your armpits are covered.
  3. Hold your shavette straight razor properly, and slowly shave against the grain.
  4. Once done, shave within the grain ever-so-slightly. It will make sure that you shave off everything, leaving no room for an ingrown or two.
  5. Wash off the excess lather and dry.
At this point, putting on your deodorant will be tempting. But, do not. Instead, you can use an all-purpose organic aftershave balm to soothe the irritated skin and bring back the nutrients it needs. It will help prevent razor burn, and it will help disinfect the area, keeping odor-causing bacteria at bay.

    Again, there is no harm done in shaving your armpits. After all, the hair will grow back in a day or two. But it is worth a shot if you are, again, dealing with some hygiene issues or want a new look for your pits. Do not forget to check out every shaving essential you need from Naked Armor and click Add To Cart.



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