Learn How To Shave Your Back To Help A Bro Out

Learn How to Shave Your Back to Help a Bro Out

To be honest, when was the last time you shaved your back? And do you even know how to shave your back?

The truth is, back shaving is difficult—when you do it on yourself. But when someone else does it for you? It is the most rejuvenating feeling. That is why there is no better way to have an intimate bro bonding experience than to help another fellow shave his back.

And do you know who would appreciate getting their muscle mane tamed? Our noble veterans. So, if you know anyone who has served in the army, surprise them with a grooming session on Veterans Day.

But before you start your personal back barbershop, here are a few reminders you need:

Why Do You Need to Shave Your Back?

Man with a cap in the outdoors with his bare backHaving a clean-shaven back will give you the confidence to go bare in public especially when it's hot out. 

Out of sight, out of mind. No one knows that you have back hair aside from yourself and your partner. So, why bother getting rid of it? After all, the process is such a hassle, and you cannot even do it yourself comfortably.

Undoubtedly, shaving your back is not a necessity—even shaving in general. So, there is no need to shave every day. Body hair is there because it serves a purpose—to help regulate our temperatures and keep dirt and bacteria away.

Sometimes, however, body hair often gets in the way. Here are some of the reasons why you need to keep your back hair groomed:

  • Uncomfortable
    Having too much hair on your back can be uncomfortable. Instead of sleeping like a baby at night, you are scratching here and there because the hair keeps tickling you. It can also make you feel hot and sweat more during the day—talk about ugly sweat stains on the back of your shirt.

  • Wear anything anywhere
    Got a favorite tank or muscle tee? Or want to flaunt your incredible back muscles? Sorry, but the hair on your back gives us a dim view. When you go hair-free on your back, you can confidently wear anything anywhere, even go topless to impress some potential dates or lifelong partners.

  • Be sexier
    Talking about partners, no one likes too much hair on the back. Your significant other may not say it to your face, but sometimes, an unruly mane can get in the way of sexy time. When we asked the ladies what they think about men’s body hair, here’s what we found out: a little fuzz can be enjoyable, but a whole forest can be a bit too much.

Case in point, there is nothing wrong with having hair on your back. But, if you want to have better nights, more confidence, and a more enjoyable time with your partner, it would be best to shave your back and other intimate areas once in a while as part of regular shaving routine.

How to Shave One’s Back?

If you are alone, the easiest way to shave your back is to get a body shaving tool. These are razors with long handles that you can adjust to reach your back and shave as if you are using a back scratcher.

Here is a good example:

These kinds of razors are great for dry shaving. Although it looks convenient, we do not recommend it. The best way to shave your back is still by using wet shaving techniques with the help of someone you can trust.

Back shaving

Do not let your veteran loved one shave his own back. Below is a guide on how you can give the best back shaving experience ever:

What you will need:

  • Organic shaving soap
  • Scuttle mug
  • Shaving brush
  • Shavette straight razor

What you will do:

  1. Prepare your lather by creating your shaving foam on a scuttle using your shaving soap and brush.
  2. Make sure the surface is clean to prevent dirt from causing post-shave infections.
  3. Cover the back with a warm towel to soften the skin and hair for a more effortless and relaxing shave.
  4. Apply the lather using your brush in a circular motion, which will also help exfoliate the surface.
  5. Start at one side first by shaving the side of the neck by stretching the skin upwards and dragging the razor downwards. Use short and careful strokes.
  6. Shave the nape down to the back following the growth of the hair. Do this in sections and short and careful strokes.
  7. Wipe your blade clean every time you finish shaving a section of the back.
  8. Do a second pass for a closer shave and shave opposite to the hair’s growth.
  9. Wipe the area clean of any lather residue, and apply a warm towel on top.

Wet shaving entails no redness because there is a barrier between the skin and the blade. It will also lead to fewer skin irritations, which you want to avoid at all times.

Post-shave care

Woman Applying Splash on Man's BackApplying aftershave will surely make a difference on your skin compared to when you just let it be after every shave.

Whether you are shaving your back or not, you can have bumps on the back. These tiny hills are what we call keratosis pilaris, which appear on your back, shoulder, and upper arms, due to the overproduction of keratin. It does not hurt, and you will not even know that it is there until you touch your back or look at it in the mirror.

That is another reason to shave your back. You can lessen these bumps by micro-exfoliating the area, taking a warm bath or applying a warm compress (like the towel on the wet shaving process above), and moisturizing the area.

After shaving your back, it is crucial to apply an aftershave. You can start with an aftershave splash to serve as an astringent, then follow it up with an organic aftershave balm to bring back the nutrients and prevent post-shave skin irritations like razor burn, razor bumps, and even bacne.

Whatever you do, do not just shave and go. Trust us. Your veteran loved one will not be pleased.

Best Razor for Shaving Your Back

As we said, using razors specifically for back shaving is great, but you cannot guarantee a close shave, and we are a bit cynical about the redness that you get from dry shaving.

Case in point, the best razors to shave your back with are single-blade razors with a sharp edge, like a straight razor, a shavette straight razor, or a safety razor.

The sharp edge ensures that you get a clean shave on your first pass. Meanwhile, the single blade is easier to level on your skin, giving you complete control of the shaving angle, thus resulting in a closer shave.

You can get your back shaving essentials here at Naked Armor. Our Silver Fox Scuttle Kit comes with a trusty shavette, stainless steel scuttle, Swedish black wood shaving brush, organic shaving soap, and more.

Do not forget to give one of our shaving kits to your veteran loved one. It is an excellent addition to the personal grooming session this Veterans Day.



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