How to Overcome Fear of Razors and Shaving

How to Overcome Fear of Razors and Shaving

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Maybe it’s because of Sweeney Todd and his murderous cutthroat but some men have an aversion to using razors.

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If you're work requires you to be clean-shaven, then you're in a tight fix if you're afraid of razor and shaving in general.

That’s not a problem if you don’t need to have a close shave regularly. But if you are one of those guys whose workplace requires them to sport a clean mug, then you’re in a tight fix.

Because if you don’t shave, you’ll look sloppy and messy. And did you know that if you put down your razor and stopped shaving forever, your beard will grow long by at least 27.5 feet?

Now that’s not a look that we’d recommend here at Naked Armor.

Since fear of razors is a real thing, we’ve put together some tips on what to do in order to overcome your irrational fear of razors so you can get on with a great shaving routine.

A straight razor has a scary reputation because of its sharp blade, but once you get over the fear, you'll find out that it's the only razor capable of giving a close shave.

Tip 1. Prepare Your Facial Hair Well Before Shaving

Most of the fear of shaving comes from the idea that the razor will also cut the skin. When hair is dry or coarse, there is an increased chance that there will be accidental cuts from the razor blade.

In order to prevent this, you need to prepare your face before shaving.

When we say prepare, we mean washing facial hair with warm water and exfoliating the skin. Doing this both cleans off all the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells that are on your face.

More than being hygienic though, washing and exfoliating also starts the process of softening the beard. It makes it easier to shave the hair off.

Use warm water to clean your beard. It opens the skin pores while also keeping the skin moisturized.

When your facial hair is adequately prepped this way, you would have less chances of cutting your skin because the hair has been softened and ready for shaving.

Tip 2. Trim Hair Before Shaving

If you’re prone to facial hair that grows thick and lush, always remember to trim it first before shaving.

Big bushy beards are impossible to shave directly with a manual razor. So you need to buzz off your beard with an electric razor or trim them down to a stubble with a scissor. Once the hair growth has been thinned, it will decrease that uncomfortable “tug and pull” feeling which results from the hair getting caught between the gaps of a multi-blade.

If you've got a bushy beard, trimming it into a shorter length will make shaving it easier.

Tip 3. Use a Pre-Shave Oil

For those who really want to be reassured that there will be no accidental cuts on their skin (even if they’ve already washed and exfoliated their skin), you can use a pre-shave oil.

A pre-shave oil is usually made of natural essential oils that help moisturize and keep the skin smooth and the stubble soft.

When applied to the skin, the thin layer of oil works as a barrier to counteract the blade friction coming from the razor. It helps ensure that the razor only cuts the hair and lessens the microabrasions that a very sharp blade can cause on the skin.

If a straight razor is still too much for you, get a safety razor instead. Safety razors have guards that protect the skin from too much blade exposure. That’s why they’re named safety razors. You can begin to conquer your fear and unease of shaving by using the safety razor.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

Tip 4. Apply Lots of Lather

Don’t scrimp on applying shaving lather on your face. Lather serves to stiffen the hair up so that it will be easy to shave them off when you use the straight razor.

It also works similarly to the pre-shave oil. It is another layer of protection for your skin so that it is not irritated by the blade friction and is also protected from skin microabrasion.

There’s also a lot of natural moisturizing ingredients in shaving soaps and creams these days, so the more lather on your face, the more it can help moisturize the skin and make the entire shaving experience easy and comfortable for you.

Tip 5. Shave Along the Grain

Hair grows in different directions. In the shaving world, we call this direction “the grain”. Shaving along the grain is more comfortable and easy because the hair will easily bend along its direction, making it easier to cut.  

That’s why it’s important to map them out before even starting to shave. Just run your fingers over your stubble and take note of the direction that the hair bends easily. If it feels prickly and weird, chances are you're going against the grain.

There is a reason why shaving against the grain is only recommended for shaving pros. In the hands of a newbie, going against the grain will only result in accidental slips and cuts on the skin, so you’re more likely to have a Sweeney Todd situation on your face.

To have a comfortable shave, shave along the direction of your hair growth.

Tip 6. Use the Right Razor

It also helps to use the right razor, one that is easy to use and will result in a close shave. Cartridge razors, while very convenient, often do not result in close shaves. In contrast, manual razors like a safety or a straight razor, provide closer shaves since keeping them clean is easier.

If a straight razor is still too much for you, get a safety razor instead. Safety razors have guards that protect the skin from too much blade exposure. That’s why they’re named safety razors. You can begin to conquer your fear and unease of shaving by using the safety razor.

Like all blades, one must learn how to wield and use them. It may take a longer time for you to practice using a straight razor, but the benefits will be worth it. Still, if you’re still on the fence about it, begin with a safety razor instead.

Hold the safety razor very gently and wipe it over your cheek. Just one swipe. Did it hurt? Did you cut yourself? Nope? Good. Try another. And then another until you’re finished with the whole face. Don’t rush. Remember this as you shave: millions of men shave their face every day without getting a bloody face. You can do it too.

If you're not comfortable using a straight razor just yet, try using a safety razor first. A safety razor has a guard that will protect the skin from too much blade friction.

Quality Razors

When it comes to razors, it also helps if it’s made from the highest quality materials so that it performs well to your satisfaction and helps you get over your fear.

Here at Naked Armor, our blades are made from topnotch Japanese steel and Japanese Stainless Steel while the scales are made from valuable sandalwood, mahogany, and stainless steel. Our blades are uniquely designed in between a full hollow and a half hollow design so it’s very versatile for all kinds of hair and for different skill sets. This is the blade you want to use if you want to get over your irrational fear of shaving and razors in general.

Solomon Straight Razor (Brown) - Japanese Steel Blade, Algum Wood Handle

Solomon Straight Razor (Black) - Japanese Steel Blade, Algum Wood Handle

Bela Straight Razor - Japanese Stainless Steel Blade, Mahogany Wood Handle

Merlin Straight Razor - Japanese Stainless Steel Blade, Stainless Steel Handle

Being fearful is natural and okay as long as it doesn’t stop you from doing the things that you want. Like your shaving for instance. So get over your fear with a fine blade like Naked Armor’s. Once you’ve started with a Naked Armor shaving experience, you’ll never settle for anything less again.

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