A Guy's Grooming Tips For The Labor Day Weekend

A Guy's Grooming Tips For The Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day is just around the corner and for many of us, that means we get to spend a long weekend partying, barbecuing, or just plain taking time out from work.

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That’s because while officially it’s a celebration of the contributions that the working force have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country, unofficially, it’s the last day of summer.

Next to Thanksgiving, this is probably the second most American of all holidays because it describes the mind and spirit of the American people.

So expect that this weekend, millions of Americans will gather around the grill, at the shopping malls, along beaches, and football fields to give one last hurrah to the summer of 2019.

But before you get swept up in the Labor Day weekend festivities, you should also take some time to think about your grooming needs and how best to achieve them. Here at Naked Armor, we’ve come up with some great tips for shaving on-the-go that you can do while in the midst of your Labor Day vacay.

Treat yourself to a luxurious wet shave
Shave beforehand
Consider growing a Stubble
Clean up the edges of your beard
Pack a Shavette
Upgrade your Shaving Tools

Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Wet Shave

If you’ve never had time, even during the early morning, to get a luxurious wet shave using a straight razor, this long weekend should be the perfect time to do it.

Consider it as a reward for all the hard work you have been doing. Shaving with a straight razor involves careful and slow strokes.

There’s a reason why most refer to it as a shaving ritual. There is an almost Zen-like quality that comes from disengaging yourself from the world in order to focus on the blade strokes as it shaves off the whiskers from your face.

Just don’t forget to properly prepare your face and clean your razor. Wet your face thoroughly before applying lavish amounts of shaving lather on the skin. A sharp, quality straight razor blade is half the secret to getting a close shave; proper preparation using the appropriate pre-shaving products is also needed.

Shave Beforehand

If you’re planning to spend your Labor Day weekend at the beach, and for whatever reason, you would like to shave off your body hair, do it a day before hitting the waves.

Manscaping isn’t just a thing for football players. Any man should be able to do some manscaping whenever he wants it and we shouldn’t judge. But doing it hours before taking a swim can have some unpleasant effects on your skin.

The pool and beach aren't exactly skin-friendly environments. Environmental factors like the sun, sand, or chlorine could seriously harm your freshly-shaven skin. Those open pores may not be ready for all that harsh contact.

In fact, if you shave prior to heading to the beach, and then jump in the salty ocean water, you may experience an intense burning sensation. This is due to the salt water getting into the open pores. Trust us, it's not fun. Avoid the burn by allowing yourself enough time for your pores to close thoroughly before your sandy vacation.

Labor Day weekend is also the time for discounts and sales so it’s an opportunity to upgrade your shaving tools. Whether you’re looking for a new razor or add new shaving accessories for your own collection, this weekend is the best time to buy.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

Consider Growing a Stubble

If you’ve gone clean-shaven all through summer, then maybe it’s about time to start considering growing back the stubble.

Labor Day unofficially marks the start of the fall season and as the weather begins to turn chilly in time for the coming of winter, a stubble might help you adjust to the changing temperatures.

It will also be easier to grow a beard in time for winter, if you’d like one. A full beard needs at least two months to grow so if you start now, you’d have a promising full hair growth by the time the leaves have done falling.

It can also jumpstart your dating life. Ladies dig men with stubble more than men with beards. Who knows, by the time you’re hitting the yuletide parties, you’ll have a significant other joining you.

Clean Up the Edges of Your Beard

Now if you’ve been holding on to your beard all summer, now would be a time to groom it a bit before you go to your barbecue party or when hitting the holiday parties.

While women like men with beards, they like it even more when it’s combed and groomed nicely. Unruly beards don’t look good on a man.

That’s why you need to clean up the edges of your beard with a straight razor. A straight razor’s single and narrow blade will easily be able to carve the edges of the beard so that it looks sharp and stylish. Once the stray hairs are all gone, you can parade your beard to its full glory while partying.

Pack a Shavette

If you’re going on an outdoor trip, pack a shavette.

A shavette is essentially a straight razor but with disposable blades. This guarantees you a clean shave result similar to a traditional cut-throat but without the hassle of stropping and honing. That’s why it’s a perfect gadget to bring when travelling.

It’s also among the items that you can store in a carry-on if you’re taking a plane. TSA guidelines are very strict about razors in carry-ons. Only disposable ones with their cartridges are allowed on carry-on baggage. Safety razors and cut-throats must always be inside the checked-in luggage.

Here at Naked Armor, our shavette also comes in a stylish leather case that holds it snugly so you don’t have to worry about it slashing your t-shirts in your luggage.

Upgrade Your Shaving Tools

Labor Day weekend is also the time for discounts and sales so it’s an opportunity to upgrade your shaving tools. Whether you’re looking for a new razor or add new shaving accessories for your own collection, this weekend is the best time to buy.

Never tried a scuttle before? Now’s the time to try it. A scuttle will make your wet shaving experience even more luxurious because it provides a longer time for your lather to stay warm. Trust us when we say, nothing beats the luxurious feel of shaving with a warm lather.

Here at Naked Armor, we offer a variety of shaving kits at great discounts that will make you love shaving even more. From our scuttle shaving kits to our straight razor packages, you’ll have everything you need. Plus, they also come in gorgeous, elegant boxes that are just made for gift-giving. If you can’t think of gifting someone else, gift yourself one instead

Check out for more of our products at our site.

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