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💘 Valentine's Day - Give The Gift Of Looking Great 💘


Looking great starts with a close shave and we know that shaving with a plastic stick is not for your man . . .

Throw away that plastic and move on to the ultimate straight razor shaving kit—not just a shave, an experience.

Straight razor shaving is a great way for your man to start his day . . .

. . . with our complete kit, your loved one will have everything they need to get started.

Imagine a face that is so soft to the touch that he becomes irresistible.

We all want that (u al la). ✌

Everything He Needs

We put all that he needs in one beautiful box—this kit was made to be a wonderful gift, made with a custom reusable wood box and lot's of goodness—men love it.

The Naked Armor Straight Razor Kit has the following:

  • Japanese Steel Blade
  • Leather Travel Case
  • Leather Strop
  • Wood (Badger Friendly) Brush
  • Shaving Soap
  • Sharpening Paste
  • Awesome Elegant Wood Box  

* Inside is an award winning razor.

"My husband is a beginner and started with a less than stellar razor.
Got this for him for Christmas because the better the razor the better the shave👍🏼
Not only was this box a beautiful presentation but the quality of it is amazing."

~ Carla Palmer

"You get great customer service that truly makes you feel part of a community.
The videos have been super helpful and I will absolutely been recommending to friends and family.
Keep up the great work!"

~ Karen Rides

"Closest shave ever.
Received the kit today and after watching the video used it.
I was a little concerned about using a straight razor but it is easier than I thought."

~ Steve

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Get this for your sweetheart.

Why Naked Armor?

Looking great means that you take back your man's shaving experience with high quality products produced by a company that cares for others and is dedicated to supporting the journey of men—guaranteed with a money back promise for excellence.

Our kit includes . . .

A portion of your purchase helps feed less fortunate Americans.

Each razor is handmade in our studio by qualified crafts (people) men an women.

Japanese Steel Blade

We use the highest quality steel available from Japan.

No animals are killed to produce our brushes. Most wet shave brushes are made of badger hair—not ours.

We use biblical woods and each blade holds the history of ages.

We guarantee every product fo a lifetime. We will send you a new razor when you need one.

Biblical Wood

This Solomon handle is made of algum wood, a wood of Biblical lineage. According to the Book of First Kings, algum was used, together with cedar and pine, in the construction of Solomon's Temple.

It's strong, well-balanced wood and light to the touch. It feels good on your grip as you slide the blade through your morning lather to cut your facial hair. It's so good that you can also easily shave your melon with it (see the video later).

Giving Back

Naked Armor has several campaigns for giving back. For every purchase, +1% is donated to one of several causes.

This holiday season we are donating directly to Americans that need a meal this season and we have feed more than 8000 people with your help.

See more here.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are sure you will love this straight razor set so our warranty is simple and straightforward.

If you don’t like it for any reason, we will offer you a full refund.

Naked Armor razors have kept thousands of men (and their women) happy with awesome looking faces made for touching and looking great.

Throw away your plastic razor and move up to wet shaving for a great looking face at home whenever you need an extra touch of awesome.


Pamela Jenson

"Gave this to my hubby as a wedding present. He loves it! He's been looking for a quality straight-edge razor made from Japanese steel, and this product was perfect."

Grace Cole

"My husband asked me to post this: The kit and blade are awesome! Closest shave I've ever had, hands down. My facial hair is so thick I actually, no exaggeration, break electric shavers, and I can go through an entire 20 pack of disposables in one shave"

Betty Rienheart

"Got this for my bf for his birthday because he was dying for this kit. The quality is fantastic. Looks high-quality and fancy."

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Exclusive Offer

Get a free Travel Case with every Straight Razor Kit purchase this Valentine's Day—let him take his new razor on the road.