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Straight Razor 101

Are you new to straight razors?

Learn a thing or two about the straight razor world and review the following subjects. Just hit the link where your interest is peaked. I recommend that all newbies watch the following video.

How To Use A Straight Razor 101 {20 Minute Instructional Video}

This is where you should start, and it is one of the best videos on the complete straight razor shaving process—from lather to shave, we learn it all here in this video.

Straight Razor Maintenance

Straight razor maintenance is an important part of caring for your razor, and with these quick and easy techniques, your blade will last for decades.

How To Straight Razor Strop

How To Straight Razor Strop. DIY instructions and videos to help you learn this ancient art. It takes some practice, and here we'll show you how.

Straight Razor Blades & Steel

Hollow Ground vs. Wedge

In a wedge ground blade, the blade's sides, when viewed in cross section, are linear, resembling a standard wedge. A hollow grind results in blades that are thinner. The grinding forms hollows or concave strips down the length of the blade shaft.

Parts of a Straight Razor

Spine. Shoulder. Point. Toe. Face. Edge. Heel. Tail. Tang. Pivot pin. Jimps. Scales. See the graphic inside.

How to Hone a Straight Razor

Start by running the razor’s edge on a glass to create an even surface. You’ll then choose the abrasive of your choice to start the bevel setting process. When using stones, it is recommended to start with approximately 800-1000 grit stone.

Shaving Soaps & Aftershave

Natural Aftershave For Men

A man needs only the essentials for a perfect grooming routine. So, what are the best aftershave products for men? Those that aren't costly have natural ingredients and don't smell too floral.

Beginner's Guide to Using a Shave Soap

It is important to note that shave soap needs more work than any other lather alternative out there. But since our goal here is to achieve a perfect shave, then a shave soap will be your best bet.

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