Travel Shaving Kit Must-Haves For Thanksgiving

Travel Shaving Kit Must-Haves For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get together, enjoy family time, and be grateful. So, see your loved ones and go on a trip, but do not forget to bring your travel shaving kit—or you might end up looking less than your best during the family feast.

But what makes the best travel shaving kit?

If you have no idea what to take with you during your vacation or how to shave while traveling, let us help you out. Here is everything you need to prepare for wet shaving on the go and create the perfect travel shaving kit:

Precautions For Shaving While Traveling

Man Packing His Shave Gear Inside a Travel CaseHaving a trustworthy shave case will make your travel worry-free knowing that your shave gear is safe and not wondering if your new shirt got slashed apart by your blade.

Traveling and traditional shaving tools do not work well together. That is the sad reality. However, do not let that stop you from getting an amazingly close shave when you are on the go.

Before anything else, you need to pack according to your destination. If you are only using your car and going on a road trip, you can put anything you want in your travel kit—as long as it fits.

For those traveling to other states or countries via airfare, sad to say, but your options are limited. Airlines do not let you travel with any razors (or blades) aside from cartridge razors. But, if you do not mind giving up that close shave once or twice, then you can pack a cartridge razor in your travel shaving kit.

So, you can get away with packing a safety razor in your carry-on—just do not load it with blades. Your straight razors and straight razor shavettes, meanwhile, are best kept on your checked luggage.

What’s Inside A Wet Shaving Travel Kit

Naked Armor's Merlin Straight Razor Travel KitNaked Armor's Merlin Straight Razor Travel Kit has all your needed travel-friendly shaving essentials all in one box. 

Packing your shaving gear can be tricky. One cannot just toss around their blades in the bag, or the blade’s sharp edges can damage other things inside.

Without a doubt, you will be bringing your best clothes along for your trip, and you do not want your blades to ruin any of them.

The last thing you want to find in your baggage is your clothes looking like they came out of a slasher film.

To prevent that from happening, here are the things you need to have in a wet shaving travel kit and some tips on how to pack your shaving essentials for traveling:

  • Straight Razor

    Straight razors have the sharpest edge among all the different kinds of razors. Why else would they be notorious for being cutthroat? Hence, it would be best if you packed them with the most caution.

    Many straight razors come with a leather travel case or a coffin, as some people like to call it. Sometimes, these cases can be too bulky for your checked baggage, taking up too much valuable space.

    Lend the extra space for other clothes and important belongings instead. You can roll your straight razor in some thick flannel or towel and secure it with a rubber band. The best way, however, is to invest in a soft leather straight razor case, like Naked Armor’s Claudin Straight Razor Case.

    Having a leather case for your razor guarantees the blades are well-protected from damaging factors, like humidity, ultraviolet lights, and whatever bacteria or germs in your hotel bathroom that could contaminate your blade.

  • Safety Razor

    The most amiable razor you can sneak into your carry-on bag is a safety razor. But there is a catch: it cannot come with its blades.

    Blades constitute a significant safety risk for airlines, and if you have one in your carry-on, say goodbye to your flight because you will not make it past security. If you insist on bringing your safety razor, tuck away your blades in a blade holder or a repurposed pillbox, then store it in your checked luggage.

  • Shaving Soap

    Here is another shaving product that can be challenging to pack: shaving soap. It comes in different kinds and not so travel-friendly sizes. If you are going on a Thanksgiving trip, taking a whole tin or bar of shaving soap is not advisable. Meanwhile, if you use a shaving soap gel, the entire bottle can be too big for your travel shaving kit.

    Here is what you can do: get a shaving soap with a creamy consistency, like our Thor Shaving Cream. Soaps like this that use natural lathering agents are great because a little goes a long way. You can transfer a small amount into a reusable container, such as a small pillbox or contact lens case.

    Another option is to get a shaving soap puck and use a travel case that has a specific compartment for it, like the Lionel Shave Case, making it fit easier inside your carry-on.

  • Shaving Brush

    You cannot get a close shave if you are dry shaving, and you cannot wet shave properly without a shaving brush. How else will you create the perfect lather from your soap puck?

    Shaving brushes may not be as big as the other shaving tools, but they are also bulky. Some manufacturers, like Naked Armor, sell collapsible brushes where the head goes in the body when not in use. If you do not have that special shaving brush, you can again use a shave case to keep it in place alongside your other shaving essentials.

  • Leather Strop

    Nothing gives the best and closest shave ever other than a straight razor. So, if you decide to take your straight razor with you instead of a disposable cartridge or the travel-friendly safety razor, make sure you do not leave behind your leather strop.

    Leather strops are necessary for keeping your blades sharp. Not to mention, the ultimate rule in using a straight razor is to strop it every time before you shave. Bringing a straight razor will not make sense if you do not bring your strop as well.

    Unlike the other gears in this list, strops are not too bulky, but you need to be careful when packing them. If you do not do it right, you can damage the surface of your strop, which makes it useless during your travel.

    Usually, some men would wrap it around newspapers. But, some friends from the Badger and Blade community prefer otherwise. We gathered two excellent recommendations: first is to let it wrap around the sides of your suitcase if it is the right size; second is to “pack it flat between clothes, being careful to avoid buttons and zippers,” as what the user Legion advised. Either way, never roll it.

  • Travel Shave Case

    You can also keep your shaving essentials in a shaving case, like the Lionel Shave Case and Cador Shave Case, which comes with sturdy straps to hold your razor, shaving brush, and soap.

    Using a travel shave case is the most fool-proof and convenient way to protect, store, and bring your shaving gear with you. You can keep all of your essentials in one place, keep them clean, and pack them with the other things in your luggage without worrying that it will cause damage.
Creating your travel shaving kit is fun because you can curate it according to your preferences. However, if you don’t have enough time to shop all of them, you can have it all ready to go with our Merlin Straight Razor Travel Kit, complete with a straight razor, travel shaving brush, leather strop, and leather travel shave case. Then add our conveniently-sized shaving soaps.

    Tips For Shaving On The Go

    Shavette and shave cream placed on top of a towelWhen we travel, we do not know what lurks on top of the bathroom sink, so it would be best to disinfect your gear before and after shaving and lay a towel to place your shaving gears on.  

    Thanksgiving travels are exciting. You get to enjoy quality time with your family and be grateful for the good things that came and are about to manifest in your life. And during these times, you want to have your best face forward.

    That is why you want to have a great shave—no razor bumps and burns. The problem is, you are shaving in unfamiliar territory. You do not know what lurks on the counters of your hotel room or the restroom at a gas station (do not shave there unless you do not have any other options).

    Wherever you may be, at home or on a luxurious getaway, do not forget to disinfect your shaving gear with some alcohol before use and lay a towel or flannel on the counter to place your gear on top. Your skin will thank you later, as following these tips will keep your shaving kit safe from cross-contamination.

    Nothing spoils one’s mood more than not having enough self-confidence. You do not want to be all grumpy during Thanksgiving because of post-shave skin irritation and maybe an ingrown hair.

    So, pack your shaving gear well by shopping for your essentials from Naked Armor, and without a doubt, you will be serving the best version of yourself wherever you go.


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