Stainless Steel Razor Blades For Zero Waste Shaving

Stainless Steel Razor Blades For Zero Waste Shaving

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This Earth Day, take the time to ponder the effects of your grooming routine and products on our planet and make a significant change.

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Naked Armor's Merlin Straight Razor is zero waste razor as it's made from Japanese Stainless Steel.

Zero waste razors can make a difference and are worth mentioning today. Many human activities cause damage to our planet, and shaving routines are not an exception in contributing an abundance of waste. It was even said that in the 1990s, we threw away about two billion disposable razors. That is a massive amount, yet what’s worse is that it has even increased to not less than two billion razors ending up in landfills each year.

Imagine a million pounds of plastic waste settling on our planet. We can only say it’s too much, but we can’t assure our planet that it will end. With these numbers, disposable razors are seemingly one of the most wasteful products in the bathroom.

“Disposable razors are non-biodegradable, and their blades will rust away into nothing, leaving behind the plastic handle and casing for dozens, perhaps hundreds of years. Even though most disposable razors are made of plastic, you can’t recycle them as they are,” Darby Hoover, senior resource specialist of food and agriculture at the Natural Resources Defense Council, told HuffPost. To have a sustainable tomorrow and years to come, we need to use durable, clean, and recyclable metals today. The metals that we use play a crucial role. If they don’t decompose easily, they can take a toll on the condition of our planet.

Disposable razors add up to the increasing number of non-biodegradable trash.

There’s an emphasis on choosing sustainable and economical materials, and stainless steel is attaining significant recognition due to its durability properties that make it the best material to use in making zero waste razors. Stainless steel has been used for a long time for numerous applications across many industries. Stainless steel products aid in implementing solutions that do not pose a risk to our environment. They also provide cost-effective solutions and are a hundred percent recyclable, making them the suitable material to achieve zero waste shaving and, at the same time, a sustainable planet.

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What Makes Stainless Steel Better?

Stainless steel can be recycled. A single stainless steel piece can undergo a copious amount of recycling without losing its vital properties such as corrosion resistance and strength. Stainless steel is playing an essential role in sustainable design and alternative energy evolution. They are also composed of magnetic properties, which permit them to separate easily from the recycling stream.

Stainless steel, in comparison with the carbon dioxide emissions of other materials, its production does not emit a significant amount of CO2. Compared to magnesium and aluminum, which are harmful materials that damage the environment and contaminate our planet, stainless steel's carbon footprint is much smaller, making it more economical. What’s more notable about it is that it is among the most hygienic materials and requires minimal cleaning agents to be appropriately maintained.

Stainless steel is one of the most durable and long-lasting substances in the world. Much of its durability and strength can be owed to its naturally occurring corrosion resistance. Since stainless steel can last for a long time, even for decades, it earns the utter right to be called a green alloy simply based on its unmatching longevity.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

Will Ditching Disposable Razors Make That Much Of A Difference For Our Planet?

Breakdown of trash in a landfill

Every year, Americans discard about 2 million disposable razors into the landfill.

You might be thinking that an activity of a single person won’t make any difference. You might feel like you, alone, cannot make a positive impact by ditching your disposable razors that contribute to a disposable, throwaway society. There’s something to be said for an intensive awareness of the environment and people’s collective shift in attitude.

“Each person’s use of disposable razors is not going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of where something is suddenly a crisis. Each person is not creating that much waste,” Darby Hoover said. “But every person together adds up.”

Hoover also emphasized that being conscious of our excessively wasteful consumption is essential. It is the first step in achieving zero waste shaving and a sustainable environment. When shopping and opting for products, she suggested asking yourself, “What’s the environmental impact?” alongside common questions you’d normally consider, like whether you need it or if it is cost-effective.

“I think we have to look at that as part of the overall culture and crisis of disposable plastic items. We keep making more and more things from plastic, which is a nonrenewable fossil fuel-derived material, and then we keep using these things once and throwing them in a landfill,” Hoover said. “It’s ludicrous and outdated at this point to continue to use this nonrenewable fossil fuel-derived material to make products that are used once and thrown away.”

Reasons to Use A Stainless Steel Razor Blade For Shaving

It is 100% recyclable.

Stainless Steel is non-degradable and a hundred percent recyclable. Hence, recycling a single piece of steel produces more steel, and the cycle goes on indefinitely. This material is formed when raw materials such as nickel, silicon, molybdenum, iron ore, chromium, and others, are melted together. Because of these metals that are high in demand, stainless steel has increasing capture rates. The need for stainless steel is on the rise despite the increase in recapture rates, which guarantees that the new stainless steel that goes into production in the present will be recycled in the future. This starts the path for producing zero waste razors.

Stainless steel razor blades are recyclable, leaving no harm to the environment while giving the best shave.

Stainless steel razor blades' material make them the best option and economical to use.

It doesn’t rust as easily.

No man wants a rusted razor blade that interrupts the excitement from a shaving session. Unfortunately, numerous razors in the market are made with cheap and harmful materials that settle in our landfills. Though you might consider these razors cost-effective, in the real sense, they won’t be functioning efficiently for too long as they can rust easily, so they are being thrown all the time and a lot of times. These razors would be of no help in attaining zero waste shaving. Plus, they cost you more money in the long run. On the other hand, stainless steel razor blades are virtually rust-resistant and make a zero waste razor.

It lasts much longer.

One of the most significant advantages of using stainless steel razor blades is their longevity. Stainless steel is known to be resilient, making it the only authentic material for shaving as far as experts are concerned. One blade will undoubtedly last you numerous shaving sessions due to its sharpness that will stay for an extended time. It doesn’t go dull quickly, unlike other razor blades after a couple of shaves. Thus, it will keep your skin safe from any sorts of irritation or potential infections. You probably know what it’s like to cut yourself because you have to overcompensate for a quickly dulling blade. Stainless steel has long-lasting nature, which is everything you need from a razor blade.

Stainless steel razor blades can last over a hundred years in your storage.

Enjoy the warm glide of a stainless steel blade across your skin while giving a seamless shave.

It warms up quickly.

The feeling of cold metal against your face surely ruins a supposed-to-be good shaving session. It’s like starting your morning with a cold shower, yet your body is unready. You do not like its shocking sensation. Surely that nothing about it helps your face feel relaxed while you glide your razor against your skin. Certain types of blade materials demand a lot of time to warm up since they’re excellent at conducting heat. Stainless steel, on the other hand, can absorb heat quickly. Running your stainless steel razor blade under warm water will have it ready to go in seconds. You can enjoy the sensation of warm steel gliding against your face, adding to the relaxing nature of wet shaving.

You’ll get a closer shave.

Your seemingly never-ending mission in seeking the closest shave ceases as soon as you take hold of your first stainless steel razor blade. This type of blade has excellent sharpness, leaving your skin smooth to the touch after shaving. What makes a stainless steel razor blade the best is that when you get a closer shave with it, the less often you will have to shave. This is especially advantageous for busy men who seek to look good without exerting so much effort with the right type of blade. If it is you, it means you’ll be able to go quite a few days before going through the shaving process all over again.

Stainless steel is a durable and long-lasting material that is difficult to rust.

Naked Armor Stainless Steel Straight Razors

As consumers and humans of this planet, we need to reconsider our grooming routines’ sustainable nature. With everyone’s collaborative efforts and care for our planet, a significant reduction in waste growth can be obtained over time. In the context of both grooming and shaving, stainless steel is a zero waste material and has proven to be essential for achieving an economic shave regimen.

Stainless steel is one of the most durable and long-lasting substances in the world. Much of its durability and strength can be owed to its naturally occurring corrosion resistance. Since stainless steel can last for a long time, even for decades, it earns the utter right to be called a green alloy simply based on its unmatching longevity.

Naked Armor values everything that a stainless steel razor blade can offer to achieve the closest and best shave. We aim to deliver zero waste razors for sustainability continuously. Not only do we choose the best and top-tier materials to produce highly-valued shaving products that provide a luxurious experience for men, but we are also passionate about urging people to go green as it is possible in shaving. This Earth Day is the most memorable time to treat our planet well by treating yourself the most economical straight razor. We guarantee that our stainless steel straight razors embody all the good elements mentioned in providing the closest and zero waste shave. It's included travel-friendly case is just a bonus.

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