Shaving Questions You'd Like to Know

Shaving Questions You'd Like to Know

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The art of wet shaving is as much about knowing the right tools to use as it is about knowing how to work it.

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Common shaving questions you'd like to know

Whether you’re new to shaving or already a pro, you’ll still be able to benefit from the answers to these shaving questions.

Is One Blade Better Than Five for Shaving?

Yes. Ignore the marketing ads that say a five-blade multi blade razor is better at shaving. In fact, you should stay away from these multi-blade cartridges.

That’s because they increase the amount of blade friction on your skin. This means that your skin will be more likely irritated or nicked by the multi-blades as they shave the whiskers off your skin.

The gaps between the blades can also make the shaving experience painful. Because the blades are so close and the gap in between is tiny, it increases the chances of catching stray strands of hair and tugging them. This clogs up the blades and causes discomfort during the shaving experience.

So if you want an efficient and comfortable shave, use a single blade razor.

Single blade razors give a close, efficient, and comfortable shave compared to multi blades.

Are Shaving Kits More Practical for Newbies?

Definitely. Not only that, but newbies can also save more on a shaving kit rather than buying it by piecemeal.

Wet shaving is not just about using a straight razor. It’s also about the other tools and products used and a shaving kit usually has everything that one needs to achieve a close shave. Ideally, the best kit is one that also includes a straight razor, along with a shaving soap and a shaving brush. A beginner’s shaving kit should be kept simple so that the shaver can focus on learning how to wet shave and be comfortable and enjoy the process.

Shaving kits have everything you need to get a
close shave.

Can One Make Lather on His Palm?

Sure, you can do that. Some even build the lather directly on their faces. But here at Naked Armor, we prefer the use of a scuttle to build the lather because it’s easier to keep the lather warm. A scuttle has an inner chamber that is filled with hot water so that the lather that one makes inside the bowl stays warm for longer periods. And believe us, there’s nothing more luxurious than the sensation of warm lather on your face on a cold, chilly morning.

You can build lather on your palm.

Why are Synthetic Shaving Brushes Animal-friendly?

They’re animal friendly because the hair is not harvested from badgers. Harvesting hair from badgers requires killing them and because of that, local populations of badgers are at risk. Given their importance in the ecosystem, badgers should be protected so that they can flourish.

A synthetic shaving brush is even better than a badger brush because you don’t need much moisture to use them efficiently. That’s because the hair is made from nylon fibers which does not absorb too much moisture. This means you don’t need to use much shaving soap or cream because they can quickly create a rich lather. They are also easy to dry.

Synthetic shaving brushes are better than those made from animal hairs in that it doesn't need much moisture to be able to create a nice lather.

Will Shaving Regularly Cure Patchy Beards?

Nope. This is a myth that needs to be laid to rest. There’s no cure for patchy beards. Either you have the gene for hairiness or you don’t. That being said, there are ways to work around a patchy beard.

For example, you can have a mustache instead. Or a sexy stubble. A three-day old stubble works well to accentuate your face. Just don’t go with a full beard.

Wet shaving is not just about using a straight razor. It’s also about the other tools and products used and a shaving kit usually has everything that one needs to achieve a close shave.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

What Oil Does One Use for Strop Conditioning?

Believe it or not, but the natural oil in your palm is already enough to condition the strop. Simply rub the strop back and forth with your hand and the oil will rub off on the leather, keeping it nice, smooth, and supple. You can do this daily or on a weekly basis.

However, for longer periods of storage, you’ll need neatsfoot oil to get your strop back into shape. Rub a few drops on your palm and apply it on the strop. Add a tiny bit at a time and only when needed. Then let it dry at least overnight before using it.

How Often Should One Strop a Straight Razor?

Always strop before using a straight razor.

We should emphasize though that stropping isn’t for making the razor sharp. It’s for aligning the edge of the blade so that the steel is pointing in the same direction and you have a straight, clean edge.

Stropping before shaving will ensure that the blade will cut your stubble neatly and smoothly. It helps make the shaving experience comfortable and easy for you.

Always strop your straight razor before every shave.

Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel Razor Blade?

Using any of these two types of steel can produce a great shave. The difference between them is that one is easier to maintain than the other.

Carbon steel is very hard and can be sharper than a stainless steel blade. This is why carbon steel can be used for a variety of cutting purposes, not only shaving.

However, it is prone to surface rusting, and must be properly dried and protected with a razor oil before storing away after use. But over time, with regular exposure to compounds with water, like shaving creams, beard oils, etc., it tends to discolour slightly and will eventually rust.

A stainless steel razor, however, is unlikely to rust, and therefore requires less preventative maintenance than a carbon steel blade. It will also be less likely to stain or discolour after years of use. More importantly, it is slightly easier to sharpen than carbon steel blades.

Stainless steel razors, like Naked Armor's Merlin Straight Razor, are unlikely to rust.

Which is More Efficient, a Two or Three Pass?

Traditional wet shavers tend to swear by the three-pass rule. That’s because the third pass allows the blade to cut directly at the skin level leaving the face baby-smooth. It’s what makes for a close shave.

But for men with sensitive skin, a two-pass is already sufficient, especially if one uses a single blade like a straight razor. Ultimately, the preference is based on the density of their beards and what really works for them.

Shavette or Straight Razor?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of stropping and honing the razor blade on a regular basis, then a shavette razor is convenient for you. It gives a close shave like a straight razor but since it has disposable blades, you won’t have to worry about the sharpness of the blade.

That being said, a shavette blade is very thin and may present some problems with a lack of balance. A newbie should be better off with a straight razor since it will give him a more rewarding shaving experience especially when he masters the skill of using one.

A straight razor and a shavette gives the same close shave. The only difference is that a shavette uses disposable blades so you don't need to hone and
strop it.

Naked Armor Vs Any Other Brand

Pick a Naked Armor blade, of course. We’ve got high quality razor blades made from Japanese steel and valuable exotic hardwood. From straight razors to shavettes, they are as durable and sharp and ready to shave right out of their packaging.

But what’s even more awesome is that Naked Armor blades are uniquely designed in between a full and half hollow grind. It makes it versatile for all kinds of hair types and textures.

For more of our blades, go check out our website.

Naked Armor's straight razors are in between a full and half hollow grind making it versatile for all kinds of hair types and textures.

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