No Shave November Rules and Survival Kit

No Shave November Rules and Survival Kit

November is here, and you know what that means: no shaving. But there is more to it than that. Aside from dropping your razors, you need to know several No Shave November rules if you want to survive this shave-free month.

Growing your beard out just for the sake of it and throwing hashtags in social media is only the tip of the iceberg of this movement. No Shave November holds a deeper and more socially-conscious meaning that centers on men’s health.

So, if you want to participate, here is your ultimate survival guide for the rest of the month:

What is No-Shave November?

Man donating his money to the homelessIn No Shave November, most men skip buying their monthly supply of shave soap, aftershave, and other shaving gear and donate the money instead.

Each year in the 11th month, shaving gears get to rest while the world focuses more on men’s health as the lads are forgoing their usual grooming routines. No Shave November has been one of the most prominent trends in line with Men’s Health Awareness Month.

No Shave November (Noshavember) has long been an unspoken tradition among gentlemen. It gained more attention after becoming a fundraising drive for a cause inspired by the loss of a Chicago-based Hill family, who reinvented the activity for raising money for charity.

Before, men skipped shaving during November because it was a practice. Today, No Shave November means forgoing your grooming routine and donating the money you were supposed to use for tools and products to cancer-fighting foundations. 

No Shave November Rules

There are no fancy guidelines and strict protocols about this cause. No Shave November rules are pretty straightforward. The idea is simple: don’t shave for 30 days, until December 1st, and save your shaving expenses for the cause.

There is no need to worry about looking unkempt with your untamed beard. Staying away from razors does not mean people will shame you for trimming and using products to manage your beard.

So, yes—grooming and trimming are highly acceptable in the No Shave November rulebook. Not to mention, we recommend it! After all, no one wants to look like a mess when going to work or attending important events during the Holiday season, right?

Beard Starter Kit

You will not get out of Noshavember without looking like a werewolf if you do not have a beard starter kit. Think of it as your survival kit when it comes to growing a beard.

Those new to the game will probably have little idea of what a beard kit looks like. Men who specifically love to shave their face clean will be a bit unfamiliar with the world of beard care because they have not had to deal with it in the first place.

Now that the razors are out of the picture, how do you make sure that your beard grows healthy and handsome without irritation? Here is a checklist for your No Shave November beard care kit:

  1. Beard oil

    If there is a must-have item in any beard kit, Noshavember or not, it would be beard oil. This concoction of essential oils is perfect for nourishing your beard, moisturizing the skin to prevent beard dandruff, and keeping your locks silky sleek.

    Finding beard oil is easy, as it is available everywhere, even in your pantry. You do not have to go to the store, instead, you can make one at home. Creating your homemade beard oil is easy. Follow this recipe for DIY Shaving Oil or choose from the Top 10 Essential Oils for Shaving.

  2. Barber scissors

    Similar to the hair on any part of your body, your beard grows in different stages. In the resting phase of the beard growth stages, you may notice that the tips of your facial hair may have split ends. Taming these is difficult, so the best way to manage them is to trim them with stainless steel barber scissors.

    As tempting as it may be, do not give in to using cheap scissors or shears from the kitchen. Barber scissors are specifically for shaping, trimming, and taming your beard. They have the correct sharpness and size that will give your locks the neatest look possible.

  3. Beard butter

    Dry hair looks scruffy. The key to having a robust facial mane is to keep everything moisturized.

    Some men have high porosity beards. According to Nikki Hill, MD, a dermatologist and hair restoration specialist from Atlanta, these men “should use products with lots of moisture” like heavier oils or leave-in conditioners and balms, such as beard butter.

    Unlike oils, beard butter is thick enough to not be absorbed too quickly by the cuticles. As a result, you get longer-lasting nourishment for your beard and can keep it styled longer.

  4. Brush and comb

    Brushing and combing is necessary in beard care. Doing so will help your beard shed off dead hair and make way for new and healthier ones. Plus, it is handy in getting rid of crumbs from eating, dandruff, or dried up saliva from last night’s slumber.

  5. Beard style tool (template)

    Having a professional to groom and style your beard for you can be expensive for No Shave November. That is why you need to have a beard-style tool or template in your beard kit.

    It may seem like an accessory, but you mustn't miss out on it, especially if you want to look well put together and get a beard worthy of compliments during this shave-free month.

Creating your own beard kit from scratch can be tricky. Some brands do not work well with others, and it can be challenging to match products that may perform differently on your skin.

You can get your beard care essentials from Naked Armor to make your own kit. To make things easier for you, we carefully curated every item you need for your No Shave November survival kit in our Grizzly Beard Kit, complete with everything mentioned above and more, all in one classy gift box.

Naked Armor Grizzly Beard KitNaked Armor's Grizzly Beard Kit has all the essentials you need to take care of your beard and skin while you partake in the No Shave November.

Beard Care 101

Although there are no stringent No Shave November rules, there are tips that will surely make this month more bearable for you. You cannot just jump into Noshavember without preparation.

Beard kit? Check.

The next thing to know is how to use it and prep your face for No Shave November. For a great beard, follow these steps:

Man Trimming His BeardThroughout the whole month, follow these tips so that you can still look good despite not shaving.

Cleanse your face

Whatever month it is, experts recommend cleaning your face at least twice a day, every day, all year round. It will help eliminate bacteria and dirt on the skin’s surface that may infect it and cause razor bumps.

Start with a clean shave

Remember, the rules say you cannot shave for 30 days. So, we recommend starting with a clean shave. Use a trusty single-blade straight razor to get the closest shave you can. Straight razors allow you to get the right angle for a skin-level shave, thus helping you clear the lawn in a single pass with little to no post-shave skin irritations.

Moisturize daily

Your face is among the three body parts with the most sebaceous glands, which produce oil or natural moisturizers, for your skin and beard.

If you have long hair, the tips will be drier than near your scalp because the oil needs to make it down to keep it moisturized. Dermatologist Shilpi Khetarpal, MD, said in an excerpt from Cleveland Clinic, “Often, the longer your hair, the drier the ends.”

It is the same for your beard. If you are not shaving, without a doubt, the ends of your facial locks will be frizzy and dry. The best thing you can do is to bring back moisture by using beard oil or beard balm.

Trim as needed

Staying away from razors does not mean staying away from scissors. Trimming is necessary during No Shave November if you want to promote healthy beard growth.

Hair experts vouch that among the five reasons to trim your hair is to encourage hair growth by reducing the appearance of broken ends and it helps keep your locks detangled.

Of course, if you are not shaving, at least keep your mane tamed. When you do, always use barber scissors and your beard template to make sure you get it right.

Style accordingly

Part of taming your mane is keeping it sleek. While there is nothing wrong with going all Viking by letting your beard grow out anyway it likes, keeping it in place will help you tons, especially if you need to go to work. Also, styled beards are seemingly what women prefer more.

To style, it would be best to comb or brush it in place to remove dirt and to smooth out the strands. It also helps loosen up hair that is stuck together. Then, proceed to apply a beard butter or balm as a leave-in beard conditioner to keep it moisturized and in place.

Before you begin with your Noshavember journey, make sure you have the essentials on hand. When you get a beard kit, get one like our Grizzly Beard Kit that comes with a trusty straight razor shavette. You will save more money in the long run compared to using disposable razors, and, should you choose, you can use that saved-up money to help cancer-fighting foundations during No Shave November.

If you are more into styling, or if you have trouble growing a beard, you can opt for Movember. It has more protocols than the simple No Shave November rules since it requires you to create and maintain a mustache. Either way, the principle is similar, as is the cause.

Shop your No Shave November beard kit below.



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