How To Use A Straight Razor - 50 Awesome Articles

How To Use A Straight Razor - 50 Awesome Articles

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When we set out to use a straight razor we had no clue how to use it, strop it, shave with it, or even how to hold it.

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When shaving correctly, one should hear the whiskers being cut but should not feel anything. Straight razors are really very smooth that way. They take almost zero pressure to work and can easily handle even a thick beard with several days growth.

If one lays the part of the razor with the pin on an anvil or similar, one can gently tap the other side of the pin with a hammer. It will both tighten the pin and will center the blade in the scales.

To get the best shave, one should do three complete passes. First pass is with the grain (moving straight down the grain). Second pass goes across the grain from the ear towards the nose. Wet fingers and rub them on an alum block to maintain grip on the face with opposite hand. This time, shave the neck against the grain from bottom to top, again using alum for grip. Third pass is against the grain from jaw bone to cheek bone. This pass, shave the neck at as close to a 45-degree angle as possible.

If the razor tugs on the whiskers at all, it either needs to be touched up or the shaving angle is wrong. Shaving angle is about 25 degrees but they should experiment with it while using no pressure. They will absolutely feel when it is correct. Before sending razor back, the should try touching up the edge with chromium oxide. 5-10 strokes on chromium oxide before stropping 50-60 strokes on leather can make an enormous difference. When stropping, the spine stays in constant contact with the strop and only the edge moves with you switch directions.

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