How to Style Your Beards For Halloween

How to Style Your Beards For Halloween

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Say what you will about beards but if there’s one thing you can’t deny, it’s that they make the best natural accessories for your features.

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Beards make a personality memorable. Whether you want it to highlight a unique facial feature or project a brand image, they’re an important aspect of your social persona. The most fascinating personalities, whether real or fiction, often have unique beards that keeps them memorable in the public’s collective memory.

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, it’s also the best time to have fun with your beards. Whether you dress up as hero or villain, beards can help give your costume the extra realness.

Here at Naked Armor, we’re joining in the festive fun by giving you some style suggestions for bearded men going out in costume this Halloween season. From short to long beard styles, these will give you the chance to show off your facial hair and perhaps, even win the best costume award at the party.

Short Beard Styles for the Inner Sci-Fi Geek
Medium Beard Styles for your Awesome Cosplay
Long Beards Styles to Bring the House Down

Short Beards for the Inner Sci-Fi Geek

Style 1. Lando Clarissian’s Star Wars Mustache

Nothing is as iconic as Lando Clarissian’s mustache in the original Star Wars trilogy. That well-combed, slick mustache, combined with a winning smile, made him an adorable rascal that would have probably charmed half the ladies on Coruscant if given a chance.

Styling your mustache the Clarissian way is easy by using a straight razor. Use a 5/8 straight razor because it’s smaller and you can handle it easily when shaving the area above your upper lip.

The best guide to ensuring that your mustache is not too wide is to basically not go past beyond your pupil line. Take note of where your pupil line ends and use that as a guide to ensure that the mustache is within the proper length.

To maintain your lip line, smile in front of the mirror and slowly shave along the line so that the mustache’s edges are trimmed straight.

Style 2. Crane Seneca’s Hunger Games Goatee

You’ll have to be a really skilled straight razor user if you want your beard to be this Hunger Games-worthy.

That’s because this detailed and exquisite display of beard bad-assery can only be achieved with a straight razor.

First, prep your beard very well. This means showering hot and applying beard oil to make your face soft and your whiskers manageable for sculpting.

Map out this design on your face using lather. Using a beard style comb can also help with the curves and tip of the beard. Then shave carefully and slowly.

Of course, you can always opt for the easy way out: and that is with a short trip to a master barber at the local salon. It’ll only take an hour or so and all you’ve got to do is to lay back and let skilled hands do all the shaving.

Style 3. T’Challa’s Black Panther Beard

Want to dress up as Wakanda royalty? You’ll need precision in order to achieve the sharp angles of T’challa’s short boxed beard. And to do this effectively, you’ll need a straight razor.

Start by trimming the beard so it’s as short as King T’Challa’s. Then begin with shaping the sideburns, leaving about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch in width. Master barber Matt Southerland, in a GQ interview, says “Trim straight down to the corner of the jawline, then continue to shape the beard by horizontally outlining the jawline—the same width as the sideburns—until the line reaches the goatee area.”

Black Panther has a very thin mustache, so you have to trim the mustache hair off the top of the lip. Once you’ve done that, proceed to trimming the inside chin area of the goatee straight across by about one inch. Leave on a soul patch, if you want to really look like Boseman.

Style 4. Tony Stark’s Avenger Beard

He may be dead in the MCU Universe, but his beard will live long in all the Tony Stark costumes this Halloween.

To make this work, you have to have a full beard. This style is basically composed of three distinct types: an anchor beard and a thin mustache that’s nearly disconnected from a goatee. So you need lots of facial hair for this.

Beardoholic has this awesome step by step guide to making your beard look like Tony Stark’s. It’ll demand some major straight razor shaving skills from you since this isn’t just a basic look. In fact, the trickiest part of this is when you begin shaping the goatee and the hourglass center. Using a beard balm and beard shaping comb can help you through the process.

Medium-Length Beards for your Awesome Cosplay

Style 5. The Fu Manchu Look

This is the classic villain beard style that you need if you plan to dress up evil for Halloween. The Fu Manchu look is named for the villainous mad scientist from a series of books and films with his name on it.

Shave the hair on your upper lip relatively short except at the ends. Let the excluded ends grow out extensively and train them to hang perfectly downwards with the use of a mustache wax.

Beardoholic recommends these steps:

Grow out all your facial hair and only trim the rest of it when the mustache has grown out fully. Continue to groom the mustache 2-3 times a week to ensure that only the hair at the ends are allowed to grow. Shave the rest of the face after a day or two.

One can use a trimmer, but we prefer a straight razor for a cleaner trim in order to shape the mustache to the desired style and to prevent the other parts of the mustache from growing long and bushy. Shave the rest of the beard cleanly to allow the mustache to hang straight down physically.

Apply mustache wax as you pull down the beard. Repeat the procedure until the hair hangs down naturally to the chin. When it has fully grown out and can hang down properly without any pulling, then congratulations, you’ve now got a Fu Manchu mustache.

Style 6. Jack Sparrow’s Carribean Pirate Look

A pirate is one of the more popular costumes during Halloween parties. If you want to be sexy and swashbuckling, dressing up as Jack Sparrow can give you a fun, ruffian vibe that’ll make you the life of the party.

First, shave the cheeks and the neck. Don’t trim the hair above the lip or below the lower lip, and on the chin. Let the mustache grow to just beyond the corners of your mouth.

Trim the Soul Patch into a triangular shape as if it points toward the chin. Allow hair to grow about four to five inches out from the bottom of your chin. Part the long strands of hair below your chin and braid or fasten the strands with beads.

Here’s a video to show you more on how to get your pirate look right.

Style 7. Wolverine’s X-Men Beard Look

Only the rugged and macho Hugh Jackman could pull off a ‘mutton-chop’ mutant look. This beard screams rebellious flair and power. So if you’re looking to show off not only your claws but also your beard, here’s how to do it.

ATOZHairstyles recommends that you have full sideburns in order to achieve this look. The best Wolverine look is the one that stretches out to the jawline in the form of a “J”. You need to let it grow out beforehand before trying to shape it into Wolverine’s mutton chops.

Using a straight razor, shave an inch across from the bottom of your chin’s center. Thin out in a V shape towards the mouth’s edges. Leave the soul patch in place. Continue with the “V’ past your lips, leaving about 1/2” of hair on each side. At this stage, you’re shaving off most of your mustache.

Gradually thin your cheek hair towards your mustache. Use a beard shaper for this. Finally, shave clean your neck hair.

Long Beards to Bring the House Down

Style 8. Aquaman’s Flowing Beard Look

Wanna be King of the Seven Seas even just for a night? Getting it on with Aquaman’s beard style might just be what you need.

First, clean up the border of your beard. Keep the mustache trimmed above your lip and mind both the cheeks and neck.

When cleaning your neckline, imagine a ‘U’ shape from the back of both ears that meets in the middle at a point above your Adam’s apple—roughly one inch above it. Shave everything below this line. You can also use a beard style comb to help you with your shaping needs.

Finally, use the beard scissors to snip any scraggly hairs.

Style 9. Gandalf’s Lord of the Rings Beard

Now this might be a tad bit difficult. Because unless you’re some modern day Rip Van Winkle waking up after almost a century, there’s no way you can pull this off with real facial hair.

To achieve this look, you’ll need a beard wig. But on the off chance that you do really have Rip Van Winkle-length facial hair, then all you need to do is color it with white beard dye. Once you’re done, apply a bit of beard wax to give it more volume, and viola, you’re now an instant Middle-Earth wizard.

Style 10. Duck Dynasty Beards

This one takes the cake for being the laziest beard style to have that will still garner compliments. No need for grooming or cutting. You just need to let it grow unruly and thick.

In fact, in an interview, Willie Robertson revealed that he doesn’t even groom his beard. “I just run my fingers through it, stick my head out the window to dry it off after showering, and roll with it. I condition my hair, so whatever ends up dripping down into it is conditioned. It’s softer than you would think.”, he said.

Whether you’re a Duck Dynasty scion or not, we always recommend that beards undergo some basic maintenance in order to keep it healthy and thick. And if you’re going with this style to the Halloween party, you’ll need a luxurious beard grooming kit to give your beard the proper treatment it deserves.

At Naked Armor, our kits come with world class straight razors and shaving products that are all designed to make beard grooming efficient, convenient and luxurious.

So whether you want to dress your beard like a superhero or a fowl millionaire, check out our site for more products to help get your beard styles right and ready for trick and treating.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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