How to Reduce Unwanted Friction During Shaving

How to Reduce Unwanted Friction During Shaving

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Blade friction is the bane of an uncomfortable shaving experience.

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When two objects with dry surfaces move over each other, like using a chalk to write on a chalkboad, it creates friction.

Consider a piece of chalk. When you write something with it on a chalkboard, the dry chalk jumps and stutters against the surface, squeaking out words, formulas, or sentences. It’s what happens when two objects with dry surfaces move over each other.

Now imagine chalk pens with their lubricated ballpoints. Writing with it is a smooth experience since it easily glides over the chalkboard surface. The reason for this is that the chalkpen’s lubrication helps smoothen the rough surface.

Similarly, that’s what happens in shaving. Most of the irritation occurs when the skin has not been prepped up for the blade friction. But because shaving is important, it doesn’t need to be an ordeal. Here are some tips on how to reduce unwanted friction when shaving.

Tip 1: Wash Face with Warm Water

Before shaving, it’s best to wash your face with warm water. Or take a warm shower before you begin using the razor.

The warm moisture softens the beard making it easier to cut. The soap washes any dirt and dead skin cells out of the way. Scrubbing the skin gently helps open up skin pores, exfoliating the stubborn dried sebum. All these steps help smoothen the skin so that the razor will easily glide on the skin surface and there would be less friction.

Don’t go overboard with the temperature of the water, though. Really hot water may strip the natural oils from your face, making the face dry. This results in a rougher shave. Similarly, if you’re taking a shower before shaving, keep it short and sweet. Too much moisture can pucker your skin and strip the sebum from your face.

Always shower or wash your face with warm water before shaving. It'll help soften the beard for easier cutting.

Tip 2: Apply Pre-shave Oil on the Neck

When it comes to shaving areas, the neck is always the area that’s given less importance. But there is a reason why the neck shouldn’t be neglected.

The hair in the neck portion typically grows out of the skin at a lower angle that’s why if one is not adjusting his shaving angle, one can have trapped hairs.

Applying a pre-shave oil in this area can help prepare the facial hair for shaving. Apply it in a circular motion to make sure that the facial hair is thoroughly coated with oil. It will make shaving a smooth experience.

Applying a pre-shave oil will help prepare the hair for a smooth shave.

Tip 3: Use Lots of Shaving Lather

Don’t scrimp on the shaving lather. The thicker the lather is, the more it will counteract the blade friction. This is because the emollients in the lather act like a buffer that protects the skin from too much blade friction.

Besides, all that lather is good for moisturizing and smoothing your skin to avoid rashes later on. Today’s shave soaps generally have higher glycerin content than bathing soaps. That's why always use a shave soap instead of a bath soap. Shave soaps also contain natural essential oils which are very helpful in nourishing the skin.

Lastly, it just makes it easier to see where you've already shaved. If you don't use enough lather, you may forget where you've been and end up going over the same area multiple times, increasing your likelihood of getting razor burns.

A thick lather will help counteract the blade friction.

If you want to keep the blade friction down to a minimum, then throw out your multi-blade cartridge razors and go with a single blade razor. That’s because the more blades that shave your skin, the higher the blade friction is. A single sharp blade is all you need to get a close shave comfortably with a reduced risk of irritation.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

Tip 4: Always Strop Before Shaving

This tip applies to straight razor users. Then again, how can you not use a straight razor?

Stropping is a process where a razor blade’s dull edge is polished and sharpened through the use of a stropping paste and a leather strop. Constant shaving changes the shape of the blade’s edge. That's why the blade becomes dull and blunt after constant use. Stropping corrects that by bringing the edge to point again using a leather stropping belt.

So to ensure that the razor’s edge is straight for easier cutting of hair, then always strop before shaving.

Always strop your straight razor before you shave. It'll help keep the blade straight and sharp for an easy and
close shave.

Tip 5: Shave with a Single Blade Razor

Lastly, if you want to keep the blade friction down to a minimum, then throw out your multi-blade cartridge razors and go with a single blade razor.

That’s because the more blades that shave your skin, the higher the blade friction is. A single sharp blade is all you need to get a close shave comfortably with a reduced risk of irritation.

You can use a safety razor or a straight razor. But here at Naked Armor, we are great fans of the straight razor because of its efficiency and effectiveness. Nothing beats a straight razor for its durability and eco-friendly quality.

A Naked Armor straight razor blade is even more awesome. That’s because it’s made from Japanese steel which is as hard and durable. Plus, there is also the quality of a Japanese blade that draws from its centuries-old art form of samurai making.

Compared to a multi-blade razor, a single blade gives less blade friction and thus, reducing the chances of you getting a skin irritatiion.

It also has a unique design that makes it versatile for all kinds of hair textures. It’s in between a full hollow and a half hollow grind. Even better, even newbies can use it.

So if you’re looking to have less blade irritation, consider using a straight razor. Better yet, get a Naked Armor blade. Once you’ve experienced shaving in luxury, you won’t settle for anything else.

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