How a Straight Razor Can Solve Common Shaving Problems

How a Straight Razor Can Solve Common Shaving Problems

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Shaving is not without its drawbacks.

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For one thing, you need to do it regularly. This can be tedious especially, when on a working weekday, you feel the need to get out of the house early just to beat the rush hour.

It can also be wasteful. A man who shaves with the tap on consumes 10 gallons of water per shave. And if he’s using a plastic disposable, he’ll be among the millions of Americans who dump 2 billion plastic razors into the landfill which has resulted to the growing problem of plastic pollution in the country.

Most of all, it causes all sorts of skin ailments. Razor bump, the most common, is experienced by at least 15 percent of Caucasian men and 80 percent of African-American and Hispanic men.

It’s enough reason for any newbie to just forget about shaving and just let the beard grow long and lush. And yet if you believe the recent news that beards are even more dirtier than dog fur, then you really have no choice but to endure shaving.

Seriously though, shaving isn’t that bad. With the proper tool, one can reduce these drawbacks so that the shaving experience becomes comfortable and easy, while also achieving the best possible shaving result.

And what kind of tool is best in solving common shaving problems?

It Prevents Razor Bumps

Razor bumps, or what is medically known as Pseudofolliculitis barbae, is a skin condition characterized by inflammation of the skin and the growth of small, red or dark bumps around hair follicles. There are more than 3 million US cases each year, which usually occurs among the male population.

A razor bump is caused when the hair strand is shaved at an improper angle. As the newly shorn hair begins to lengthen again, it grows inward into the dermis layer. This results in a bump, which can be painful, since the hair strand is inflaming the skin.

Newly shaven curly hair, because of its particular shape, is often prone to becoming a razor bump. The chances of razor bumps occurring also increase when one is using a multi-blade razor.

That’s because a multi-blade razor is prone to tugging hair strands when shaving. Hair gets stuck in between the spaces of the blades so that it doesn’t cut the hair strand cleanly.

A straight razor, however, cleanly cuts the hair in one easy move. Because it only has a single, and very sharp blade, it can cut close to the scalp without tugging the hair and causing it to grow inward.

It Reduces Razor Burns

The skin on our face is different from the rest of the skin on our body in that it has more follicles and skin glands. It’s also more sensitive since it’s thinner. Facial epidermis is actually 0.12 mm thick, while body skin is thicker, at around 0.60mm.

Because it’s delicate in comparison to the rest of the body, it needs to be handled gently. More so if one has extremely sensitive skin.

Razor burns are commonly experienced by shavers with sensitive skin. The condition results to a red, inflamed skin that feels like it’s burning or otherwise itchy.

This is caused by extreme blade friction. As a shaving razor passes over your skin and cuts off the facial hair, it also causes friction on the epidermal layer. At normal levels, the skin can tolerate the irritation. But when one is using a multi-blade razor, the number of blades shaving your chin increases the blade friction on the skin, causing it to become inflamed.

That’s why the best tool to use is a straight razor because it only has one blade, causing less friction than a two-blade (or more) cartridge razor. And because straight razor blades are really sharp, one can easily shave in one pass, without any need for seconds. That means less irritation on the skin.

It Thwarts Acne and Beardruff

Acne and beardruff are caused by a variety of factors, but these are often aggravated by using multi-blades.

That’s because the gap in between the blades often attract acne-causing bacteria and dandruff-causing fungus. When these razors aren’t rinsed well, these areas become breeding grounds for these germs. So every time one shaves using the multi-blade razor, you risk re-inoculating your skin with this bacteria. That’s why the acne occurs frequently and the flaking never stops.

Using a straight razor is one of the remedies for avoiding beardruff. You won’t have that problem because it only has a single blade that can be easily clean. To make it even more hygienic, you can easily disinfect it by putting a few drops of isopropyl alcohol and wiping it dry.

It Eliminates Runaway Stubble

Problem with runaway stubble? When one is using a cartridge head to shave one’s whiskers, sometimes one can miss the hard-to-reach spots. In some cases, the cartridge head may not pivot well enough to shave off the hair cleanly at its roots.

That’s why it’s not uncommon to find some runaway stubble stubbornly poking outward, even after a fresh shave.

With a straight razor, however, stray stubble will be a thing of the past. A straight razor blade is narrow and maneuverable enough so that you can use it in a variety of angles when shaving your facial hair. And because a straight razor blade is very sharp, it will cut hair smoothly and cleanly, leaving no uneven spots on your face.

It Lessens Nicks and Cuts

Its size and maneuverability is also one reason why it lessens nicks and cuts. Because one can efficiently maneuver and control the blade, you can easily and comfortably shave without worrying about being unnecessarily nicked by the blade.

Bear in mind though, when it comes to shaving, nobody really escapes the experience unscathed. Even master wielders of the straight razors will still have the occasional nick and cut on a bad morning. But even with this in mind, a straight razor still offers the best way for you to take control of the blade. Just learn to hold it properly at the right angle and you’re good to go.

It’s Not Wasteful

Finally, a straight razor is the best way to become sustainable in your shaving routine.

It’s made out of steel and we know that steel is made from recycled steel scraps so there’s less carbon footprint in the process. It’s also long lasting which means it’s a cost-efficient way of spending for your grooming routine. It won’t pollute the environment because you won’t even need to throw it away because it’s durable enough to be used and passed down through generations. You can even turn off the tap water while shaving because its single blade is easy to rinse in between passes. Just dunk it into your shaving mug or scuttle and it’s clean enough for the next pass.

The Naked Armor Straight Razor

Here at Naked Armor, we’ve even upgraded our straight razor blade design to give you even better results while shaving.

Our blades are made from a hybrid of a full hollow and a half hollow design. This makes our razor the best for any kind of hair type or thickness. It’s also made from Japanese steel, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Whatever your grooming needs, our fine selection of razors will get you there in style and luxury.

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