Hone Straight Razor Lapping Film

Hone Straight Razor Lapping Film

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Here at Naked Armor, we are traditionalists at heart. Why do you think we love the straight razor so much?

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It certainly is not because it’s a fad. It’s because nothing can beat the straight razor in terms of its durability and efficiency in giving a smooth and clean shave, no matter how many improved designs Gillete and Schick throw at us.

The old stuff is always the best.

Which is why, when we first heard of the lapping film, we were confused. What the heck is a lapping film?

Fiber Optics

Apparently, we found out that the lapping film is used in the telecommunications industry. It improves the transmission of light and signal particles among fiber optic machinery.

The film is produced in sheets with a base made of polyester substrate. It is coated with a precision abrasive like diamond, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide or cerium oxide.

It’s this abrasive that has caught the attention of some enterprising fellow shavers. According to the ShaveStraightandSafe website, these guys thought that if a lapping film was good enough to polish really sensitive fiber optic stuff, then it should be more than good enough for their vintage razors.

As it turned out, they were right. And so the lapping film became the latest material that could be used to hone the straight razor.

It’s probably the best material for a newbie to use while learning to hone. However, since the film is a delicate medium, it requires a light touch that only an experienced hand can give.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

Lapping Film 101

So how does one hone a razor with a lapping film? Lucky for you, we’ve found some fine videos over at YouTube to show you to do it. Check out Slash McCoy as he hones a Gold Dollar #66 straight razor on lapping film. You can hone your razor using a lapping film on a thick piece of glass, granite or marble tile.

Grits and Microns

As you saw in the video, honing with a lapping film is generally the same with that of honing using a set of stones. Some films come with adhesives at the back which makes it easier to stick them on a flat and smooth surface.

Now lapping films are measured in microns so unless you know the proper equivalents in grits, you’ll have a hard time choosing which film to use. The Sharpologist has a chart that converts grits to microns so you know what lapping film to buy. The site further recommends that if you are setting the bevel, you should always start at 18 micron size and then work your way up.

Is it Any Good?

Judging by the results so far, nobody has complained about it. We’ve scouted around online forums to sample the opinion and the general consensus is that it actually works quite well. BillyFergie on The Shave Den forum said that it is “a first rate home” and recommends that one finish the hone with a 1 micron lapping film.

The best part of it is that it’s cheap. A complete set of lapping films for honing will cost you under $25, less 10% of what a set of honing stones would cost you.

Because it’s cheap, it’s probably the best material for a newbie to use while learning to hone. However, since the film is a delicate medium, it requires a light touch that only an experienced hand can give.

Whatever material one wants to use for honing, remember that you don’t really have to do the honing yourself. There are a lot of online shavermeisters who offer honing services so you don’t have to go through the process of trial and error in order to get the perfect hone.

Here at Naked Armor, we offer a Straight Razor Master Hone Service that guarantees your razor blade as sharp as the day it was first bought. We have one of the country’s master honers working with us to bring you the sharpest edge for your razor.

The awesome part of it is that if you bought your razor from us, we will offer you a 15% discount.

If you want us to hone your straight razor. Click Add to Cart below.

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