Beard Balm or Wax: Which has the Better Value and Why

Beard Balm or Wax: Which has the Better Value and Why

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Now that beards have become fashionable, more men have taken to growing them out lately.

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There are benefits to having a beard. Not only does it guarantee you better chances during a Friday dating night, but on the whole, it gives you a mature and dignified look. People tend to trust you more.

But growing a beard and getting an awesome one are two different things. A lot of the picture-perfect beards you see in fashion magazines are a result of regular grooming and proper maintenance. So if you want to have a full beard that’s Chris Evans-worthy , you gotta be prepared to give your beard the proper grooming it deserves.

In the field of beard grooming, two products come to mind: the beard balm and the beard wax. While these two usually come in a trifecta that includes beard oil, the balm and wax are the top products to use when styling your beard.

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Beard Balms

Sometimes called the lovechild of a beard oil and a beard wax, balms have the perfect blend of texture for styling short beards.

Like beard oil, balms always carry the same ingredients that makes the hair soft and ready for clean-shaving. The difference here is that while beard oil is usually used for prepping the beard for shaving, the balm is used to shape and style your beard.

This is because the balm is solid enough to control stray hairs while adding volume to the beard. This is due to the beeswax which is the primary ingredient that allows you to shape your beard. It holds your beard in whatever style you desire.

Beard Wax

A beard wax, meanwhile, is used for longer and unruly beards. This is because the beeswax content here is much higher than in a beard balm. This allows the wax to hold the hair more strongly than a balm. It’s the equivalent of a hairspray. It can tame full beards so that you can style them however you want.

Other than the beeswax, it still has the same ingredients that are present in a balm. Right now, commercial beard waxes mostly have shea butter, carrier oils like castorjojoba or argan, and the usual essential oils which give added nourishment to the beard but which also vary depending on what brand of beard wax you use.

Bees Wax

So basically, the difference between a beard balm and a wax is the amount of beeswax.

Produced by honey bees, beeswax has a long history of various medicinal and industrial uses. Ever since prehistoric men braved the sting of bees to get to the honey and the wax, it has shown various uses. From early tooth fillings to candles, beeswax has shown versatility. At one point in history, it was even so valuable that it was used as a tribute to royalty.

Worker bees secrete beeswax flakes from the underside of their abdomen. Ranging from soft to brittle, the bees use this to mould and form the chambers of their hive’s honeycomb.

Commercial beeswax is obtained right after the honeycomb has been harvested of its honey. The comb is melted down and the mixture strained to remove the impurities. The purified wax is then poured into molds so it can solidify at room temperature.

Natural beeswax is a great home remedy for skin ailments. When combined with olive oil and honey, it can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus that are responsible for acne and other skin conditions.

It’s also used to treat cases of dry skin or chapped lips because it is a great moisturizer and doesn’t clog pores. It’s high in vitamin A, which is very helpful in nourishing healthy skin growth and keeping the skin smooth.

Other than its therapeutic value, beeswax is also used in artisanal steelwork.

Steel is an alloy of carbon and iron, so this means that continued exposure to moisture will turn it rusty. Among bladesmiths, this is a constant concern, which is why they always apply coating on the blade to protect it from oxidation.

One can use clear polyurethane to coat the blade but it adds a shiny layer that makes it obvious to the naked eye. Beeswax, meanwhile, gives a beautiful dull finish to the blade, making it like a part of the blade itself.

That’s why artisanal steelsmiths like using beeswax; not only does it have excellent coating properties, but it also enhances the aesthetic value of the blade. As long as it’s not exposed to open air, a beeswax coating on a blade can last for years.

Beard Balm vs Beard Wax

So if one were to choose between a balm and a wax, which should one pick?

Depends on the type of beard you have. But with 62% of American men wearing some sort of facial hair, and the stubble being deemed most attractive overall, you should probably be getting a beard balm.

That’s because if you’re savvy with beard fashion, chances are, you’re wearing a short beard.

A beard balm is best if you’ve got a stubble or a beard that is shorter than 4 inches. Anything longer, and you’ll have to use beard wax.

From Beard to Blade

Here at Naked Armor, we’ve upped the value of our organically produced beard balm by making sure that it also works on keeping your straight razors sharp and moisture-free.

Yup, you read that right. Bee Balm is not only perfect for nourishing and styling your beard, but it’s also the best way to protect your razors from rust.

Artisanally produced in small batches in California, it has zero chemicals and no binders. It’s certified organic and so pure, you could practically eat it.

It contains extra virgin oil, beeswax, honey, propolis, bee pollen and royal jelly. Totally safe, and all natural. You can apply it liberally on your skin and beard without any harmful effects.

If you plan on storing your razor blade for a long while, you can use this balm to keep the blade sharp without honing. Just rub a generous amount to any metal part of the razor: handle, end caps or blade. Leave it on for protection until the next time you use the razor for shaving.

So you see, for the price of one, you get to have a product that’s best for both beard and blade.

Now that’s great value.

To see more of our products, check out our site.

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