5 Ways To Reinvent Your Grooming Routine this 2019

5 Ways To Reinvent Your Grooming Routine this 2019

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As is customary with anyone celebrating New Year, it's the time for making resolutions.

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Lately, however, this tradition has been derided as an exercise in futility given how many of us tend to break them by January’s end. In fact, according to the time management firm Franklin Covey, around 35% of these resolutions are broken by the end of January and only 23% of everyone who made a resolution will accomplish it by the end of the year.

Here at Naked Armor though, we still like making New Year resolutions.

We like them because it’s a proactive way of getting us excited for a new year of possibilities. It’s a way of reinventing ourselves along with the change of seasons.

And this is no pop psychology crap. There was actually an academic study that showed making time-bound resolutions strengthened one's individual motivations to start pursuing one's aspirations. Making resolutions makes us more confident of moving forward and taking on new challenges.

Now while most resolutions take the form of career goals or personal growth, there’s no reason why we can’t also extend our resolution-making to simple things that also matter. Like, for instance, our personal grooming.

If you’re bored with your usual grooming routine, now is the best time to shake it up. What better way to make you excited about feeling and looking good again than to try out new approaches in your grooming. So in the spirit of the season, here’s our suggestions for how to reinvent your grooming style this 2019.

1. Grow a Beard and Groom it Regularly

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now how popular beards are. Not only do they make you look masculine but there’s an added sense of gravitas in your demeanor. People will take you seriously with a beard on.

That being said, having a beard is no excuse to not groom it regularly. The average growth rate of a hair strand is 0.5 inch a month, and while this may vary depending on whether you’re naturally hairy or not, it only takes a short time before it grows wild and unfettered without trimming. Unkempt beards are, unfortunately, never cool so it’s in your best interest to groom it always.

Beard grooming has its own routine and set of tools to use. To help you with that, our Grizzly Bear’d Grooming Kit has all the products you’ll need to keep your beard healthy and thick. It is a luxurious set of shaving products that’s designed to ease your grooming experience while making your beard even more awesome. From our signature shavette straight razor to our hemp-infused beard oil, this kit is guaranteed to make your beard soft and fluffy.

2. Give Yourself Some Me Time by Wet Shaving

If you’ve been dry shaving with a disposable cartridge all your life, then by all means, 2019 is the year to get on the wet shaving bandwagon.

There are many benefits to wet shaving, most of all, its suitability for those with sensitive skin. But the one aspect that we wish to highlight is how it allows you to have some downtime for yourself while doing it correctly.

From preparing your beard to making your shaving lather, the entire wet shaving process is a ritual that demands an almost meditative attention to the exclusion of everything else. It provides you with some well-deserved quiet time when you can block out the rest of the world and just focus on yourself. You can use this time to reflect and to be mindful because over-all, having your own Me Time is good for your productivity.

To maximize the benefits from wet shaving, invest on a high quality wet shave kit. Our Savanna Wet Shave Kit includes an artisanal, organically produced shaving soap and a uniquely designed scuttle bowl that allows for longer and long lasting warm lather and gives you an excellent brush-to-soap foam-ability.

It also comes with a badger-friendly shaving brush which is more than stiff enough to allow enough tension for you to create a great lather.

3. Ditch the Plastic Cartridge and Switch to a Straight Razor

It’s never too late to start caring about the environment. Plastic razors are a menace to the environment because they contribute to plastic pollution. About 2 billion disposable razors are dumped into the landfill every year.

Switching to alternatives, like a straight razor, is eco-friendly because it’s produced with less impact on the environment. A straight razor’s parts which are generally made of metal and wood can be recycled or disposed of without harming the environment.

Also, being able to use and master a straight razor is an awesome skill to achieve in the shaving world. You’d be as cool as James Bond shaving during his downtime. Better yet, it’s a chick magnet too. Why else would Moneypenny insist on taking charge of his straight razor during this scene?

Best of all, a straight razor is also cost-beneficial, and able to give a closer shave than any other kind of razor.

Now, one can’t be a samurai without his own legendary sword. Similarly, you can’t call yourself an adept shaver if you don’t have a high quality straight razor. Our selection of fine and world-class straight razors are made from high-grade Japanese steel so you can be assured of its sharpness, much like the samurai swords of old.

If you’re looking for a starter kit, our Solomon and King Arthur Straight Razor Kits come in complete sets of Japanese straight razors, Leather Strop and Travel Cases, Organic Soap, Badger friendly Shaving Brush and Sharpening Paste. What’s more, it comes in an awesome and elegant wooden box that’s also perfect for gifting.

4. Go Organic..and We Don’t Just Mean Your Diet

We mean using an artisanal shaving soap made from organically produced and naturally sourced ingredients.

The best shaving soaps have a lot of fat content. This is because the higher the fat percentage, the more lubrication the soap is able to provide. Shaving soaps with low-fat content often dry out and irritate the skin, making shaving difficult and more prone to accidental nicks and cuts.

This is why glycerin is an important ingredient in shaving soaps. It’s a natural substance that prevents water loss and hydrates the skin so that when one shaves, the skin remains smooth and flexible. This reduces the risk of skin irritation common to shaving, like razor burn.

Our Noah’s Organic Shave Soap not only has a high glycerin content but also has various essential oils which have an ultra-moisturizing effect on the skin. It is handmade, cold-pressed artisanal soap with a masculine scent that will make the ladies even love you more.

5. Be an Animal Cruelty-Free Shaver

Laughter aside, really, you can be one.

You don’t have to sign up for the animal rights group PETA. But you can be conscientious about the products that you use while shaving. Like shaving brushes, for instance.

For the longest time, badger shaving brushes were the poster children of traditional shaving tools.

But because the high demand for their fur led to more badgers being killed, their population dwindled. And this had a negative impact on the local ecology because badgers play an important ecological role.

These days though, there are now alternatives which are often better than the traditional badger brush. The Naked Armor Badger-Friendly Shaving Brush is made from synthetic hairs which are fast drying, longer lasting and can easily work up a luxurious lather. It can’t get any better than this: you get a luxurious lather to make your shaving experience smooth and easy, while being eco-friendly, as well. It’s sustainable shaving, folks.

Start Anew with Naked Armor

A new year is always full of intriguing possibilities. Putting your best foot forward is the best way to face these possibilities. Here at Naked Armor, we aim to provide you with the best shaving products in order to make you look your best this 2019. With these five grooming tips, here’s hoping it will refresh your grooming routine so that you will always look good and feel great throughout the year.

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