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"It is a beautiful razor and the packaging is awesome. I had to so many of my friends and family members, and my grandfather excitedly exclaimed, "I really want that box!" The stand is awesome too! I am very happy with these orders!"

~ TK, Washington

"The kit and blade are awesome! Closest shave I've ever had, hands down. My facial hair is so thick I actually, no exaggeration, break electric shavers, and I can go through an entire 20 pack of disposables in one shave."

~ Aron, South Carolina

"This is an awesome kit. Comes with everything you need to get started. Naked Armor is a great company to deal with. Thanks again Derek and naked armor."

~ John, Texas

"Beautifully matching travel case and strop. Nice soap and brush, I like the idea of not killing badgers."

~ Francisco, California

"Got this for my bf for his birthday because he was dying for this kit. He has yet to use it which is annoying, but it looks great and the quality is fantastic.
Looks high-quality and fancy."

~ Pinky, Amazon

I ordered this for my man for an anniversary present. It arrived and I was pleasantly satisfied. It came very crisp and clean looking and everything does come in it in its own spot and everything. My boyfriend tested out the razor and it is truly sharp and very good quality. We are keeping the box to store the products in during our travels but an overall wonderful product. Mine came perfect and I'd buy again.

~ Krystal, Amazon

"Perfect starter kit! High quality materials, elegant design. Stoked."

~ A. Van Alstine, Musician

"First and foremost, I wanted to really comment on the great customer service I have received from Naked Armor!! I really appreciated you making me whole with my purchase. Secondly, after receiving my new razor a couple of days ago, I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the razor (great edge on blade) and the cool travel case! I have since shaved twice (rocking the baldy!), and it was a close clean shave with minimal passes. Thank you again to you and your team. A great product, that I will refer my friends to!"

~ MF

"This is a very nice looking set, and has everything that you would need to start using a straight razor. I am looking forward to using it very soon."

~ W.R. Gosin

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"Wonderfully packaged & sharp blade. Minimalist design & elegant. Solid stainless steel straight razor β€” did I say sharp as you know what!!! Beautiful travel case. Well balanced and pleasant to shave with. Excellent product!"

~ Chris, Texas

"Well crafted, and razor sharp as promised. I love the compliment between the cedar and the brass. A great addition to my collection."

~ Corwin, WI

"I bought for a friend after he lost his due to our drunken shenanigans (don't ask) and he said it's the best he's owned thus far. Apparently, it takes little to no pressure to shave and holds its edge for several shaves. It's also really handsome looking too. Β He was thoroughly pleased when he called after he used it for the first time."

~ Colton

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