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Straight Razor Blades: What is Damascus Steel?
What is Damascus steel for straight razor blades? Learn everything about it and how it’s the best blade with unwavering sharp edges that do not dull easily. straight razor blades if you need edges that do not dull easily, hence lessening blade maintenance.
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How to Overcome Fear of Razors and Shaving
Fear of razors is a real thing. Maybe it’s because of Sweeney Todd and his murderous cutthroat but some men have an aversion to using razors. There is always a choice of not shaving but if your workplace requires you to have a clean-shaven mug, then you're in a tight fix. So we've put together some tips on what to do in order to overcome your irrational fear of razors (if you have) so you can get on with a great shaving routine.
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7 Grooming Rules to Live By for Men with Facial Hair
When you decide to grow a beard, you owe it to yourself to groom it properly and regularly because it’s also a healthy thing to do. That’s why here at Naked Armor, we’ve rounded up the top grooming rules to live by for men with facial hair. Read the article to know these rules more.
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