Straight Razor Shaving For Left-Handers

Straight Razor Shaving For Left-Handers

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This August 13, the world celebrates International Left Handers Day.

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First observed in 1976, the event was created to celebrate the uniqueness of being left handed. It was also an occasion to raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed in a predominantly right-handed world.

Around ten percent of the global population is estimated to be left-handed. And because it seems to be such a small percentage, not much attention is given to the situation of left-handers everywhere. It’s even gotten a bad rap culturally in our society.

There’s a bias against the left side. Throughout history, our myths even point out that being left is an unlucky thing to be. The world around us appears to be designed for right-handed people, to the general exclusion of the left-handers. From products and services to social beliefs and norms, there is an actual bias against left-handers.

The Science of Left Handedness
Lefty Challenges
Shaving When Left Handed
On Using Straight Razors
Being Lefty Don’t Matter in Shaving

The Science of Left Handedness

Scientists aren’t exactly sure why some people are left-handed but current research shows that genes are responsible about 25% of the time. Experts believe that it’s a combination of both environmental and genetic, with environmental factors taking a larger chunk of the reason for left handers.

In some studies, it was shown that stressful pregnant mothers are more likely to give birth to lefties. And there is also some research which shows that left-handedness appears to be associated with a greater risk of a number of psychiatric and developmental disorders.

Lefty Challenges

So given the results of these studies, it does seem like being a lefty can have an impact on your over-all health. Which can’t really be good news for lefties.

Especially since navigating through a right-dominant world is challenging enough. Ordinary routines that righties won’t think twice of accomplishing is a bit more difficult for a lefty because the tools aren’t just made to accommodate the left side.

For instance, office desks can be a problem because the drawers are generally placed to the right of the desks. Lefties, therefore, have to stand up, or turn completely, to open the drawer.

Meanwhile, shirts, which typically have their pockets on the left chest, are relatively difficult to access by the left hand. Similarly, opening buttons on shirts or zippers on trousers may take longer for a left-hander.

And if you’re a photographer who’s a lefty, you might even have some problems with conventional cameras since their shutter click buttons are on the right side, to be operated by the right index finger.

Shaving When Left-Handed

So it’s not surprising that when it comes to shaving, newbies are generally concerned with whether they can pull it off by themselves.

Especially since a straight razor can be a daunting blade to use. High-quality straight razor blades are very hard and sharp that if someone breaks into your house, you can use one as a weapon to defend yourself.

But when we reviewed the discussions in the online shaving forums, as it turns out, one needed not worry about it.

Of all the interesting facts about handedness, the most important one is that it doesn’t really matter at all. In a world with a right hand bias, lefties generally overcome the barriers.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

On Using Straight Razors

That’s because the blade of a straight razor is symmetrical. This means you can use either side of the blade and it will cut sharp. They’re made that way.

Unless of course you have a japanese straight razor, in which case, you’ll have to order one custom made for left-handed people.

That’s because traditional Japanese straight razors, or what is known as the kamisori only have one side that you can shave on. And the ones on the market are usually made for the right side.

When it comes to straight razors though, handedness is not a significant factor, according to the shaving enthusiasts which frequent the online fora.

For lefty Mry314 at SharpRazorPalace online forum, shaving did not cause any significant problem except that he had to learn to use his right hand to shave some spots on his face that his left hand can’t reach too well.

Over at BadgerandBlade forum, the moderators reassured newbies that while straight razors are meant to be used with either hand, the proper way to do it is to use both hands.

Iceman has been using both his hands to make sure he gets all the correct angles. He also has a tip for lefties. One way to “train” your off hand for straight razor shaving is to use it to brush your teeth. It will help you develop a lighter touch as well as being able to do difficult hand angles. According to him, just a week of this will improve your off hand noticeably.

On the ShaveDen forum, mrchick is also a lefty but has used both of his hands since he started shaving. He reassured newbies that the learning curve in using the straight razor is short.

Overall, Being a Lefty Doesn’t Matter in Shaving

Of all the interesting facts about handedness, the most important one is that it doesn’t really matter at all. In a world with a right hand bias, lefties generally overcome the barriers. Similarly in shaving, what matters is not which hand to use but what kind of razor to use.

Because let’s face it, not all straight razors are made equal. Some can be made out of convenience, some can be made hastily.

Here at Naked Armor, our straight razors are made to provide you comfort and luxury while shaving. They’re made of high-end quality Japanese steel and expensive sandalwood handles so that it feels good to shave with them.

Whether for trimming or for shaving, a Naked Armor straight razor will give you the best results similar to a wet shave in a barber shop. And you will feel good shaving with it, lefty or otherwise.

Don’t take us for our word. Read the reviews on our site. And while you’re at it, also check out our fine inventory. You’ll be glad you did.

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