Jay Reed on the Naked Armor Elyan Straight Razor: Guide on How to Line Up Beard

Jay Reed on the Naked Armor Elyan Straight Razor: Guide on How to Line Up Beard

How to line up beards is a common question many men ask, especially if they want a clean and sharp beard line. Jay Reed gives us a perfect example of a perfectly sharp beard line as he takes the Naked Armor Elyan 7/8" Straight Razor to the test.

From the excitement of unboxing to the detailed evaluation of its design, sharpness, and overall performance for a well-groomed beard and achieving a clean shave, here's how the Elyan fared through Reed's test, showcasing not only its shaving prowess but also its ability to deliver precise beard lines.

Design and Craftsmanship

The first impression is crucial, and for Reed, the Elyan does not disappoint. As he opens the box, he is met with a visually stunning patterned handle or scales and a familiar–yet still impressive–full hollow blade that immediately catches his eye.

The craftsmanship is evident, setting the stage for what is expected to be a high-quality grooming tool.

Reed appreciates the aesthetic appeal of the razor, highlighting the importance of design in creating a connection with the user. The intricate pattern on the scales serves an aesthetic purpose and contributes to the razor's overall functionality, showcasing the blend of form and function for shaving beard hair.

Sharpness Test

Honing a Naked Armor Straight RazorEach Naked Armor Straight Razor is honed to achieve a shave-ready sharpness.

One of the hallmarks of Naked Armor products is their commitment to sharpness, and Reed is quick to put the Elyan to the test. Reed begins his beard-shaping routine by applying lather on one of his cheeks. Following little strokes, he begins shaving along his beard line, starting from the top of his sideburn, pulling his skin opposite his blade’s movement.

If you wonder “how to line up a beard,” Jay Reed’s shave test of the Elyan offers the perfect example.

The full hollow blade, as he notes, appears exceptionally sharp, and he wastes no time in experiencing its cutting prowess. Meanwhile, the straight edge of the razor perfectly crafts the straight line up his beard's edges.

Reed's auditory satisfaction is palpable as he describes the razor effortlessly gliding through his facial hair along his cheek lines, producing a clean cut without snagging as he cleans his cheek line. The razor's sharpness is felt and heard, providing a tangible confirmation of its quality. As Reed demonstrates, this auditory confirmation1 adds a sensory element to the shaving experience, elevating it beyond a routine task.

User Experience


Naked Armor Elyan Straight Razor 7/8" Natural Resin Japanese Steel


The Elyan exudes perfect blade balance, making it easy to glide on the skin.

Beyond sharpness, a razor's comfort and balance are essential factors that contribute to a positive shaving experience. Reed highlights the ergonomic design of the Elyan, emphasizing how it feels in his hand.

According to Reed, the razor feels excellent, providing a balanced and comfortable grip. The sturdy handle contributes to the ease of use, ensuring a smooth and controlled shaving experience. Reed's appreciation for the razor's ability to glide effortlessly across the skin speaks to the importance of a comfortable and enjoyable shave, even for sensitive skin.

As he maneuvers the razor, Reed notes that it doesn't feel heavy, a crucial aspect for those who take a long time to shave. As he describes it, the razor's balance adds to the overall satisfaction of the shaving process. It's not merely about achieving a close shave; it's about the experience of using a well-crafted tool that fits seamlessly into the user's hand.

Post-Shave Impressions


Naked Armor Solomon Aftershave Bracing & Cooling Toner


Applying aftershave will help soothe irritations, leading to smoother post-shave results.

The shaving experience doesn't end with the final stroke of the razor. Reed explores the post-shave care provided by the Solomon Aftershave Bracing & Cooling Toner.

After completing the shave, Reed notes the efficacy of the all-natural toner in finishing a shave to avoid soreness. As he describes it, the toner can effectively soothe the skin, minimizing the chances of irritation or discomfort post-shave, such as ingrown hairs and razor burn.2

Reed's mention of the toner underscores Naked Armor's holistic approach to grooming. It's not just about providing a sharp razor; it's about caring for the skin before, during, and after the shave. A post-shave toner adds a layer of care, ensuring the user's skin remains healthy and refreshed.


Reed humorously refers to his beard as the "beard of Doom," emphasizing his challenges due to its unique growth pattern, making it hard to achieve a clean beard line. The Elyan, however, rises to the occasion, showcasing its versatility in handling different kinds of beard shapes.

The razor adapts seamlessly as Reed shaves in every direction, proving its ability to tackle varied beard growth patterns. This adaptability is a significant advantage for users with diverse grooming needs, a testament to the thoughtfulness put into its design.

The Elyan’s ability to handle various directions with precision earns it praise for its versatility, a quality not to be overlooked when looking for the best straight razors in the market. Reed's positive experience with the Elyan reinforces its capacity to cater to users with different beard styles and face shapes.

Tips on Achieving a Sharp Beard Shape

How to Trim a Beard with a Straight Razor

Jay Reed exemplifies impeccable beard-shaping practices, offering a brief yet insightful glimpse. Beyond the fundamental steps of applying lather and shaving along the cheeks, achieving a flawlessly lined beard with a straight razor involves the following meticulous steps:

  1. Prep your beard:

    Take a warm shower or use a moist hot towel on your face before trimming to reduce the risk of skin irritation, like razor bumps and razor burn.

  2. Create the hot lather:

    Whip shaving cream or soap using a shaving brush for a rich lather. Consider using an all-natural, organic soap like Naked Armor's Noah’s Organic Shaving Soap for skin nutrition and hydration.

  3. Start mapping the beard:

    Outline the desired beard shape with your fingers in the lather, whether short, boxed, or full beard style.

  4. Trim for a short boxed beard style:

    Gradually remove hair on the cheeks, contour cheek, and jaw lines, and define the neckline. Shave off any remaining hair around the neckline and finish by trimming the mustache and soul patch.

  5. Create a natural full beard style:

    Slightly trim sideburns for a fade between hair and beard following an imaginary line. Allow the hair on the cheeks, jaw, and chin to grow about 2 inches below the chin, then trim for a rounded and clean finish.

  6. Apply aftershave:

    Wash off lather with cold water, pat dry, and apply aftershave to disinfect microabrasions, moisturize, and prevent acne breakouts.

  7. Nourish with beard oil and balms:

    After using aftershave, apply beard oil and natural oils to restore moisture. Use beard balm for styling, and finish by cleaning your straight razor.

Don't forget to trim your beard first before trying to define your beard line. This step ensures that your razor showcases optimal performance.

Final Thoughts: Elyan by Naked Armor - A Must-Have Grooming Tool

Naked Armor Elyan Straight Razor 7/8" Natural Resin Japanese SteelThe Elyan Straight Razor gives any man a beautiful, balanced, and fantastic shave.

In his comprehensive review, Jay Reed sincerely appreciates the Naked Armor Elyan straight razor. Its design, sharpness, comfort, and versatility collectively contribute to a grooming experience that transcends the mundane, making it a better alternative to modern razors such as an electric beard trimmer.

Reed's appreciation for the Elyan extends beyond its functionality. He describes it as a "beautiful, balanced, fantastic shave" that encapsulates the essence of Naked Armor's commitment to quality grooming tools. It's not merely a razor; it's a crafted instrument that enhances your shaving ritual.

As the review concludes, it's evident that the Elyan has found a permanent place in Reed's grooming routine. The razor's ability to deliver a close, comfortable shave, with thoughtful design and post-shave care, positions it as a must-have for those seeking a premium grooming tool.

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