Straight Razor Kits

Give Dad the ultimate grooming experience he deserves! Our Straight Razor Kits are designed to provide him with unmatched precision and luxury, featuring a shave-ready straight razor, leather strop, sharpening paste, organic shaving soap, and a badger-friendly brush—all inside a handcrafted wooden gift box.

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Straight Razors

Dads deserve the best shave! Our precision-crafted straight razors are designed to deliver the closest, smoothest shave possible, making them ideal for taming beards or achieving a velvety-smooth clean-shaven face. Say goodbye to bad shaves and let Dad experience the luxury and precision he deserves.

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Shaving Accessories

Enhance Dad's grooming routine with our premium shaving accessories. Treat him to a collection of high-quality essentials, such as a shaving brush, a leather strop, a scuttle, and more. With these top-notch tools, you'll be gifting him a better, gentler, and more luxurious shaving experience.

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Make this Father's Day extra special by automatically getting a complimentary Savanna Scuttle for Dad when you place an order of $100 or more.


Experience the pleasure of a long-lasting warm lather with the Savanna Scuttle.


Enhance your lathering experience by combining our scuttle with our badger-friendly shaving brush and organic soap, ensuring the creation of the best lather possible.

Be a man!

"Super cool high quality nostalgic razors! I ordered four, one for every man in my family. Thor, Lancelot, Solomon, and King Arthur. Beautiful packaging, superb quality!"

~ Ryan T.

Manly awesomeness!!

"I bought the ceramic version. Comfortable grip, can put hot water (like coffee or tea hot) and keeps the shaving soap/cream nice and hot."

~ Pakalolo

Wow, just Wow!

"OMG what an amazing shave with no nicks! The shave soap that comes with the set lathers so amazingly in my Naked Armor scuttle for a rich hot lather as well."

~ John D.


"Wife got me a Solomon shave kit. Amazing!!!! My first time with a straight razor. Took me about an hour but couldn’t ask for a better way to make myself sexy for her!!"

~ Rob O.


"In the beginning I was skeptical, especially after I got the wrong razor when my order arrived. But the excellent customer service from Laura shined as always! I can tell you this, this razor is beautiful!"

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