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The Art Of Straight Razor Shaving

Looking Great Every Day

Looking great starts with a close shave and we know that shaving with a plastic stick is not a great start.

Throw away that plastic and move on to the ultimate straight razor shaving—not just a shave, an experience.

Straight razor shaving is a great way to start your day!

Imagine a face that is so soft to the touch that you becomes irresistible.

We all want that✌

Just Sweet

@Brian P

"Beautiful lines and a great handling weight make this my favorite in my choices of straight razors."

Why Naked Armor?

Looking great means that you take back your man's shaving experience!

This starts with high quality products produced by a company dedicated to supporting the journey of men.

Each razor is handmade in our studio by qualified crafts (people) men and women.

🔥 We use Japanese Steel HRC 61+

🔥 We use handmade biblical woods

🔥 We guarantee every product fo a lifetime

Customers Reviews

"My husband asked me to post this: The blade is awesome! Closest shave I've ever had, hands down."

~ Grace Cole

2 APR 2020, 12:21

"Still need some practice with using a sharp knife to shave around my huge beard but I enjoyed shaving without a disposable razor."

~ Brian

15 AUG 2020, 14:42

" I love the smooth feel this razor gives my face. I am thrilled with the anticipation and convinced that this is the right tool for the job."

~ Ron

15 JUN 2020, 14:42

Biblical Wood

This Solomon handle is handmade of algum wood, a wood of Biblical lineage. According to the Book of First Kings, algum was used, together with cedar and pine, in the construction of Solomon's Temple.

Strong & Well Balanced

It's strong, well-balanced wood and light to the touch. It feels good on your grip as you slide the blade through your morning lather to cut your facial hair. It's so good that you can also easily shave your melon with it.

Good For Your Wallet

The statistics show that in 4 years you'll save $1000 by switching to a straight razor. You'll also save lots of plastic going into landfills. Bonus!

Also available in a complete kit.

Solomon Complete Kit

Five Star Review - Impressed

@Jim at Pure Reviews

"I have been very impressed with this product, it well balanced . . . after using it for a few days I am really impressed with how smooth a shave it has given me."

Not ready yet—get our free straight razor guide.