Straight Razor Kits

Embrace the spirit of independence while treating yourself to the ultimate shaving experience, courtesy of our thoughtfully curated Straight Razor Kits, complete with everything you need to get a close, irritation-free shave.

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Straight Razors

A collection of artisan straight razors made with tough steel blades, exquisite scales, and precision craftsmanship to deliver the perfectly close and smooth shave to declare your independence from mediocre shaves.

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Shaving Accessories

Transform your home into a Fourth of July barbershop! Choose from our range of traditional wet shaving accessories, including shaving scuttles, organic soaps, badger-friendly brushes, and more for a close and smooth shave.

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Enjoy the liberating offer of a complimentary Cador Case (Black), automatically added to your cart when you spend a minimum of $100.


Made of durable and breathable synthetic leather with sturdy internal straps and pockets to keep your razor and other shaving gear clean and safe.


Provides protection and style for your razor and shaving accessories, making it a perfect addition to any bathroom counter or travel kit.

King Arthur Straight Razor Kit

"I am a novice when it comes to straight razors, but what I can say is the blade comes very sharp, the soap has a great smell and the brush applies a great lather."

~ Ian W.

A Beautiful Razor

"The Erec looks so unique; there aren't any straight razors I've come across with scales quite like this one. It was sharp out of the box and well oiled. This thing will last a lifetime."

~ John B.

Silver Fox Shave Scuttle

"This thing is fantastic. Keeps your lather nice and warm. The construction of it is solid. This isn't cheap or poorly made."

~ John G.

Earning his man card!

"My husband loves his new Shavette! I believe his exact words were, “I feel like a real man shaving with a straight razor, so… debonair.”"

~ Kristin Y.

Great strop!

"Been thoroughly enjoying using this new strop!"

~ Timothy L.