Straight Razor Kits

Embrace the spirit of labor as you indulge in the gratifying & close shaving experience that our complete Straight Razor Kits provide, making them the perfect gift for all hard-working individuals. Grab yours at 10% OFF this Labor Day, get a FREE SCUTTLE, and elevate your grooming regimen to new heights.

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Straight Razors

Celebrate Labor Day with a 10% DISCOUNT on our handcrafted collection of straight razors. Each razor boasts shave-ready steel blades and durable scales for flawlessly close and smooth shaves. To honor the spirit of labor and dedication, we're including a FREE SCUTTLE with every purchase over $50.

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Shaving Accessories

Round out your Labor Day shaving routine with carefully selected accessories for a relaxing shave. SAVE 10% on your favorite Naked Armor scuttle, shaving brush, or soap and receive a FREE SCUTTLE for orders over $50, making this Labor Day an opportunity to truly enjoy the art of shaving.

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Unlock a complimentary Savanna Scuttle, renowned for its ability to create a thick, barber-quality lather, with orders exceeding $50.


A double-chamber design for lather and warm water and a heat stopper ensure long-lasting lathers.


Featuring a ridged interior that gives your shave brush enough tension to create thick, smooth lathers every time.


"This is supeerrr nice! The blade is razor sharp. The set comes so nicely packaged. It is a statement kit. All the items included are very high quality and so nicely presented. This is surely a premium product."

~ Katielmo

The Lancelot

"I recently purchased the Lancelot straight razor from naked armor. My First impressions of it are very high. I love the save and the weight of it. It handles very nicely, and is easy to grip and maneuver. Definitely build with good quality. If you are a fan of straight razor shaving or are interested in taking it up. I would highly recommend a razor from naked armor."

~ Nic W.

Scuttle mug

"The Savanna Scuttle Mug is a must have tool for the straight razor shaving experience."

~ Braulio A.

Samson is AWESOME!

"I've wanted to try a straight razor for years, and took my barber's advice to go with the Samson shavette. Between the Nate's puck and Samson straight razor, shaving has become ENJOYABLE instead of a chore. I couldn't be happier with the products and my experience. Check out the Naked Armor tutorials too, and don't be scared to give this a try. I honestly have fewer nicks and irritation with my straight razor. My only regret is that I didn't embrace the classic wet shave sooner!"

~ Sean F.

Great shave and better savings

"Used to have to spend 20$ on razors every month. Smoothest shave I’ve ever had and I’ll never have to deal with crappy razors. 10/10 recommend for ladies."

~ AlexF