Straight Razor Kits

Navigate daily shaving effortlessly with our complete Straight Razor Kits. Precision-crafted straight razors and grooming essentials ensure your smoothest & closest shave.

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Straight Razors

Our straight razors are meticulously crafted with Japanese, stainless, and Damascus steel blades, ensuring precision and guiding you towards the closest shave possible.

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Shaving Accessories

Embark on a voyage to a smoother shaving experience with our traditional wet shaving accessories, including shaving scuttles, organic soaps, badger-friendly brushes, and more!

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Receive a complimentary Samson Shavette Straight Razor (Blue) in orders over $50.


Enjoy a straight razor shave without blade maintenance hassles.


Perfect for on-the-go grooming, ensuring you always have a smooth shave within reach.

First time str-razor shave

"I went with the Thor razor because of it’s aesthetic, but still managed to get in some good shaves/trims with no cuts."

~ Dominick B.

Great strop!

"Been thoroughly enjoying using this new strop!"

~ Timothy L.

It tightens up the shave den

"Thanks so much Naked Armour! The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and balance is fantastic!"

~ Gerald M.

Savanna scuttle

"This came very nicely packaged. So far I really like the way this keeps the lather fairly warm. Very nice looking also!"

~ Daniel M.


"Love this razor, convenient blade changing with a super close shave every time."

~ Joshua P.